The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 24.2

Jiang Shining had also arrived at her workplace.

The phone rang before she had entered the office. The guy in charge of the film crew was the one who called her.

“The script has been revised thirteen times by Mr. Zhang Sujin, boss. How should we proceed?”

“Allow him to adjust the little things. You may update a version of the main portions first and wait for the shooting to begin,” Jiang Shining explained. “Consult the director and writers.”

Aside from having fantastic sequences and good directors and performers, the most crucial element in a movie is the writing. Zhang Sujin has a lot of film experience and always fully knows the characters. Jiang Shining has a lot of faith in him. If Lin Qingqing requested the revision, she would probably consider it.

By the way, this appears to be the day when the key characters photograph their cosmetics.

She hadn’t seen Lin Qingqing in a long time. Jiang Shining decided to go to the studio after the morning meeting.

At the meeting, Jiang Shining received a lot of positive news. Many platforms wished to collaborate with her on variety shows, and some satellite TV invited Ninglu to be in charge of the show’s conception. Some people want to come here and invest in advertising. Some firms, she’s not sure what they were thinking, even asked Jiang Shining to film.

On the plus side, Ninglu Media and Xuan Yuan Video Co. agreed to a five-year collaboration agreement, and the fertilizer water did not run to strangers. In reality, with the complete backing of Jing Xuan and Xuan Yuan Video, she doesn’t need to work with any other firms right now.

Furthermore, 4-T, a group of four little fresh meat that debuted in the talent show variety program, is currently quite popular. It’s just been a few months since their debut, yet their signing plan for next year is already set. Ninglu Media received a portion and profited handsomely.

Jiang Shining couldn’t help but be taken aback. These four youngsters are nothing more than human-shaped gold suckers. Even if they stand there motionless, it appears that there will be many firm supporters who will give them money. It’s no surprise that today’s children aspire to be celebrities.

In a nutshell, Ninglu Media is prospering and growing on a daily basis.

Very excellent.

Jiang Shining drove to the studio in the afternoon. Because this is also owned by the company, it has not been hindered along the way. Jiang Shining came to the side of the studio and stood quietly in the darkness.

Lin Qingqing happened to be taking pictures. She was dressed in a snow-white off-the-shoulder gown, but the skirt’s tail gradually transformed into nine fluffy white tails. Her shoulders were likewise half-covered in snow-white fur. She is also charming, yet her expression is innocent, and she has talent without experience. The photographer gave her a random motion, and she performed it naturally as if she were a real white fox that had grown into an adult.

It’s very wonderful.

Jiang Shining couldn’t help but sigh. In her last life, Xiu Lingfei’s harem was filled with such beauties, but men, especially emperors, never learned to appreciate and adore them.

Zhang Sujin, who had not removed her ancient costume, approached her side and looked at it.

“How is this heroine doing?” Jiang Shining inquired.

“She is really young and inexperienced, yet she has her own aura when she is acting in her true colors. She is this character, and this character is her,” Zhang Sujin stated. “Boss Jiang, you have a good choice of people.”

Once Lin Qingqing had completed photographing, the crew stepped forward to collect her tail and put another coat on her. Lin Qingqing lifted her head, spotted Jiang Shining, and enthusiastically waved.


Jiang Shining raised her head and was hugged by Lin Qingqing again. Lin Qingqing pestered her in her last life, but she belonged to Jiang Shining’s team and was sheltered by Jiang Shining. Somehow, now that both of them are free, Lin Qingqing sticks to her even more.

“Jiejie? Which of you is older and who is younger?” Zhang Sujin inquired cautiously.

Of course, it was impossible to tell him that this was the name she had used to call her in her previous life.

Jiang Shining came to take Lin Qingqing out to dinner, and the crew will run out of time when they are busy.

They bid their goodbyes to Zhang Sujin, and Jiang Shining drove Lin Qingqing to a nearby hot pot restaurant.

Lin Qingqing’s eyes widened when Jiang Shining recounted the previous events, particularly Jing Yuan’s homecoming today.

“Has he actually returned? Then I won’t go to your house to seek you in the future,” Lin Qingqing said quietly.

Jiang Shining grinned helplessly as she noticed Lin Qingqing’s hesitant expression.

“What are you afraid of him for? You are even older than him.”

“Don’t bring it up the good son you nurtured. no one in the last life is not afraid of him.” Lin Qingqing reminisced and mumbled, “Since I became a concubine, I’ve tried to appear as little as possible. I’m scared that one day he’ll be in a bad mood and catch us to follow you.”

“Did he do things cruelly for others after he became emperor?” Jiang Shining wondered.

This should not normally be the case. Because the task was completed, it showed that Jing Yuan was qualified to be a good emperor. If he used intimidation to coerce everyone, there would be no peace in the world.

“He is merciless to the enemy while being extremely kind to his own people.” Lin Qingqing sighed, “However, no matter how talented he is, simply seeing his face makes us afraid. Fortunately, there is still a prince who can cope with it and make the situation more bearable.”

“It seems that you value Jing Xuan.” Jiang Shining was overjoyed when her son was complimented.

“All appreciate, all appreciate, all are talents.” Lin Qingqing’s desire to survive was tempered by her years of experience in the harem, making her add.

Lin Qingqing could tell that this family was a large devil, whether it was Jing Yuan, Jing Xuan, or Jiang Shining, and none of them could afford to anger them. Lin Qingqing smiled reassuringly as she saw Jiang Shining’s cheerful face and prepared to resume eating hot pot.

“In this new world, there are too few old friends.” Jiang Shining said. “I’ll let them come over. We’ll have a good meal, and we’ll look after one other in the future.”

Lin Qingqing’s hand shook.

Who wants to sit at the same table as the emperor for dinner? She might as well be killed.

“Well, I just remembered I had things to do—” Lin Qingqing was about to complete her sentence when she felt cold on the back of her neck.

She stiffened her back and noticed Jing Xuan and Jing Yuan, who hadn’t seen her in a long time, standing together.

“Are you having guests around for supper today, Mom?” Jing Yuan said. He lowered his head and seeing Lin Qingqing made him raise his eyebrows in surprise, “Concubine Lin?”

“No… I don’t dare to act, I don’t dare to act,” she says. Lin Qingqing hurriedly changed her position and carried her bag. Jiang Shining’s side was the safest since she couldn’t flee.

“Don’t call me that outside.” Jiang Shining lifted her chin and beckoned for the two of them to sit opposite each other. She cast a peek at Lin Qingqing, who was attempting to smile alongside her but was clearly trembling. “You scared her. Can you be better?” She felt helpless.

Jing Xuan chuckled as well when he heard this. After all, Jing Yuan terrified a lot of his employees all the way today, but Jing Xuan couldn’t tell him since Jing Yuan is his elder brother. Finally, Jiang Shining came to preside over justice.

Jing Yuan gave Lin Qingqing a serene glance before softly smiling.

“Concubine Lin.” He smiled and said slowly, “How do you feel now?”

Lin Qingqing trembled as she accidentally encountered Jing Yuan’s abysmal black gaze, and she instantly realized that her fate was sealed. It’s all over.

The author has something to say:

The indifferent face of the big brother, who is frightened by everyone all day.

In his last life, the big boss Jing Yuan was unsmiling. When he smiled, someone would be unlucky, so he would scare people no matter what.

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