The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 29.3

When the system unlocks the pasture, the system mall unlocks the items available at the corresponding level.

One of them is the bristle toothbrush, which has very soft bristles that are manufactured systematically so that they do not smell bad, do not harm gums, and do not wear teeth, making it an excellent product for cubs.

Xu Qiu looked at her remaining gold coins.

The system awarded her with 1000 gold coins for completing the birthday celebration, and the mission level was subsequently raised. Xu Qiu’s experience and gold coins would grow with each level rise.

This prize is substantial, providing a total of 10,000 gold coins.

She ended up with 10,385 gold coins after buying a few things here and there.

A bristle toothbrush costs 100 gold, whereas ten cubs cost 1000 gold.

Upgrading the ranch again requires 8888 gold coins.

If she purchases these items, she will not have many jobs to complete soon, and the channels for obtaining gold coins are also relatively restricted.

And Xu Qiu really wanted to acquire the system’s cub photographs.

Xu Qiu placed the order after a brief hesitation.

Those photos can be bought eventually, not in a hurry.

Furthermore, she will lose money if she goes through time and space and the system resets her data to zero.

Otherwise, use these gold coins for real. At the very least, the cubs could enjoy it.

Whatever the future holds, these poor young cubs are now the ones in a boat connected to her.

If she wants to carry forward this kindergarten, she cannot do it without the help of the cubs.

They’ve seen and done so much in their short lives. A fool like Bai Sa is willing to leave her the most precious things. Why can’t she treat them better?

Xu Qiu stuffed Bai Sa with a small cup that had a toothbrush.

“From now on, clean your teeth like today, after you wake up every morning, eat at noon every day, and before you go to bed at night, you know?”

Bai Sa, as a kitten, dislikes brushing his teeth, yet he still listens to Xu Qiu’s words and nods cutely.

Bai Sa’s round head was warmly caressed by Xu Qiu.

“Okay, go back to sleep.”

At this point, the drink Bai Sa had previously consumed began to work.

After all, he was a cub who had never been exposed to alcohol, and as he walked back, his head sagged and he appeared drowsy.

Xu Qiu worriedly followed him, watching Bai Sa almost walk the wrong way and tumble into You Yu’s pool, who was in second place.

She was about to extend her hand when she noticed Bai Sa’s small feet dangling on the edge of the pool, turned around and returned to his nest.

Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh of relief as she took a step forward, proceeded to Bai Sa’s dormitory area, and placed the present box that the kitten had gotten into the corner of his dormitory space.

After all, it was too late. Considering the privacy of the cubs, Xu Qiu adjusted her permissions.

The cubs are allowed to come out for activities, but they are not permitted to visit other people’s dorms.

If you wish to pass, you can notify her ahead of time, and she will make modifications if there are valid reasons.

There are no rules or squares, and she can’t be too generous with the cubs.

Bai Sa, who had fallen into his own nest, slept extremely soundly, perhaps because he had consumed alcohol, and his round belly was up and down, making him appear full.

“Come out and fetch the toiletries, everyone. You should brush your teeth after eating the cake.”

Xu Qiu gave the cubs toothbrushes the same size as the cubs.

She bought everything, and now she will formally put the cubs’ dental health on the agenda.

Because a few cubs were too small, Xu Qiu simply divided a huge toothbrush in half.

Of course, the toothbrush handle is quite hard, so she gave it to the robot assistant to polish it.

The sequence with the cubs learning to wash their teeth is more raucous.

The two aquatic cubs learnt quickly, while the young fox’s claws were extremely flexible and quick to learn.

The two bat brothers love their teeth very much, and they are the most active cubs.

Most of the cubs in kindergarten are carnivores. After hearing Xu Qiu’s popular science on tooth decay, they honestly learned how to brush their teeth for several minutes, although brushing their teeth was a bit difficult – there was no toothpaste, and the salt used to replace toothpaste was a bit salty.

Hua Lan was distraught, so he raised the vine and stated, “Principal, I don’t have any teeth.”

“Principal, I only have two teeth,” stated the small spider, Mu Zhi.

They can’t be like the principal, who can brush the top and bottom, the outside and the inside, and back and forth from left to right.

“I, I, I, only have two teeth,” the little green snake said, instantly following the trend.

“Then brush your two teeth, brush it well, and clean,” Xu Qiu said to Mu Zhi and Qing Sha first.

“Which vine do you normally eat with?” she asked Hua Lan.

Hua Lan grabs a few short vines from the ground and waves them in front of Xu Qiu, saying, “I use this.”

When Hua Lan eats, he absorbs the water in the food, and the food he “eats” becomes dry powder.

With so many cubs around, he was the only one who had no teeth.

But he also wants to have his own toothbrush, like Xu Qiu and the other cubs, so he can brush his teeth with everyone.

When Xu Qiu looked at it, the vine was coated in dirt.

“That’s it. You can wash your own vines with water. Don’t add salt or other things, just wash it clean.”

Xu Qiu gave the cubs considerable time to clean their teeth because it was the first time for these cubs to brush their teeth, and she needed to monitor and assist them.

The toothbrush is larger than the head of the small green snake, so Qing Sha twisted and twisted in front of it before rubbing it with his sharp teeth.

Mu Zhi has the appearance of a black briquette and can only see huge watery eyes.

Normally, she’d put her limbs, no, eight legs, away.

Because it was pitch black, it didn’t look offensive at all.

Mu Zhi’s race has been adequately concealed with passaging time.

When she sought prey, she would be completely vicious, equal to those of her seniors in the picture book who had a golden frame and lethality.

She gently extended her two feet in front of her while cleaning her teeth this time.

Mu Zhi’s teeth, unlike those of other cubs, are developed on chelicera, sometimes known as pincer-like claws.

Even though she only had two teeth, she took her brushing quite seriously, rubbing back and forth numerous times.

When the time was nearly up, Xu Qiu whistled, reciting the oral command each time.

“Place the toothbrush away.”

“Place the cup.”

“Place the toothbrush in the cup.”

The cubs followed suit in order, each cub reacting differently, and the movements were clumsy.

But everyone is a weak cub, and Xu Qiu isn’t a bad iron-blooded teacher.

“Excellent work!”

Xu Qiu cheered, and the cubs all smiled, either shyly or proudly.

She finally blew the whistle: “Put down the cup, turn left, return to the room, go back to sleep!”

Whatever the path ahead, it will be a whole new day when the moon sets and the sun rises.

These cubs’ future is as bright as the rising sun, and it will certainly shine brilliantly.

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