The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 25.1

It was a warm scene of a mother and her filial sons enjoying a hot pot lunch, but it was undeniably torturous for Lin Qingqing. Obviously, they’ve all been reborn and their standing is now equal, but Lin Qingqing’s fear of Jing Yuan will not go away overnight.

The most crucial thing is that you can overcome your fears. Lin Qingqing then calmed herself, behaved more naturally to clip the meat in the hot pot, and prayed inwardly that the three ancestors would forget about her existence.

However, the more you fear, the more you get.

“Qingqing.” Lin Qingqing overheard Jiang Shining address herself. She felt a dreadful sensation in her heart, and sure enough, Jiang Shining said, “I died young in my previous life, and they took on a large duty at such a young age…. In your opinion, can what they did later qualify?”

When Jiang Shining’s voice arrived, Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan laid down their chopsticks and stared at Lin Qingqing, clearly waiting for her evaluation. Lin Qingqing’s sweat came pouring down as the two of them watched her.

“G-Good…… superb! Great! They are both the best of the best, and they are really attentive to all concerns. The world will be at peace with these two!” Lin Qingqing complimented with all her might before frantically saying, “Come, come, come, eat fast.”

The tension had finally subsided. Jing Yuan spoke little throughout the lunch, Jing Xuan softly directed the conversation, while Jiang Shining spoke. Lin Qingqing was no longer as tense.

Jing Yuan grabbed up a bottle of wine and dumped it next to them after five portions of meals. He lifted his glass to Lin Qingqing as well.

“Lin……” he paused briefly, as though unsure how to call her.

“Just address me by my given name!” Lin Qingqing spoke quickly. She was scared he’d give her an ‘aunt’ or anything similar.

“Ms. Lin. Everything in the past has been locked in the past because we are all reborn.” Jing Yuan said, “I wish you fruitful cooperation. I’ll give you a toast.”

He drank the wine in the glass all at once after the words.

Lin Qingqing froze. Was he concerned that her fear of him would harm her friendship with Jiang Shining?

This wine toast was serious, but Lin Qingqing was at a loss for words.

“Jing Yuan, you’re confused. Toasting is no longer popular in this world.” Jing Xuan took the bottle and filled it up again for Jing Yuan before laughing, “You should have said cheers.”

“My bad.” Jing Yuan hooked the corner of his mouth.

The four of them drank a toast and declared the dinner to be over.

Lin Qingqing hastily left a ‘see you at work’ look and vanished. Jiang Shining couldn’t help but sigh as she gazed behind her.

She originally thought that Lin Qingqing was the only friend she trusted around her. If others she knew gathered for a dinner, they would be regarded as her own family. But she didn’t expect it to frighten Lin Qingqing so much.

She will not bring Jing Yuan to the next meeting.

Jiang Shining’s mind was drifting with this notion, while Jing Yuan, who had returned from paying the bill with Jing Xuan, peered over to observe her.

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking about not taking me next time, Mom.”

“I didn’t.” Jiang Shining’s face did not change. “And, do not call me that outside.”

“Ms. Jiang, do you want to go home?” Jing Yuan said, shrugging his shoulders.

The three of them got into the limo to go home. Jing Xuan’s car was parked at the company, while Jiang Shining’s car was not. Jing Xuan drove, Jing Yuan was on the co-pilot, and Jiang Shining sat in the back.

Jing Yuan had to turn around to talk to her from such a distance.

Jiang Shining seemed a bit dazed. Jing Yuan’s burden was too great in his previous life, and he didn’t smile at a young age, and later, when he had a good relationship with her, he only relaxed like a child when no one was present. Later, with Jing Xuan, Jing Yuan felt more mature, like an elder brother.

Jing Yuan’s life is arguably the most comfortable and free right now. In his last life, he was a little cheeky and naughty in front of her, and now that he was no longer burdened, it looked more obvious.

Jing Xuan is gentle and honest. He has been with Jiang Shining for a long time in the modern era, yet he still casually refers to her as “mother.” Hearing him constantly yell Mother Consort or mom makes her feel uncomfortable on the inside. On the other hand, Jing Yuan listed all the names he might use to address Jiang Shining on this day.

Jing Yuan had never been like this before in his life. This is probably a strange way to be coquettish? Jiang Shining has not yet adapted to Jing Yuan’s “coquetry.”

When Jing Yuan turned his head for the millionth time, Jiang Shining reached out and put her hand against his forehead.

“Turn around, and don’t interrupt your brother while he’s driving.”

Only then did Jing Yuan stop in a well-behaved manner.

Jiang Shining can now ponder peacefully.

There is currently nothing wrong with the current situation. The handling of Xiu Lingfei is in Jing Yuan’s hands; hence, he will most likely leave P City this week.

Ninglu Media’s idol and movie are also doing well, and resources for the four youngsters are becoming increasingly available, and even a little oversupplied…… Perhaps it’s time to sign a few more people.

However, it takes a long time to train trainees from scratch, but she can simply phone Zhang Sujin and ask him to help pay closer attention to the movement of those superstars or actors in the circle, as it is ideal to fish these stars over when their contracts expire.

Now it seems that all these are trivial matters.

Jiang Shining reflected on what had not happened. For example, two out of five of her children in other worlds have appeared.

Her remaining children are expected to come shortly with the gradual merging of this combined world. She just doesn’t know if those original novels’ scum guys will make an appearance.

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