The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 26.1

Jing Xuan wrapped his arms around his chest and raised his head high.

Jing Xuan tensed as he saw that Jing Yuan would not obey his command to make him the noodles. Instead, he advanced towards him step by step.

“Why aren’t you going?” he asked while clearing his throat.

In fact, he felt some tension inside. The term elder brother is like his father is not false. If Jing Yuan did not listen to him, he really could do nothing.

Jing Yuan narrowed his eyes and approached him carefully, as if he were a deadly cheetah. Then he pounced, grabbing Jing Xuan and tickling his waist.

“- I’m wrong, I’m wrong, brother, brother, I’m wrong…”Jing Xuan had no option but to admit defeat, and Jing Yuan only then let him go.

“Why are you staring at me like that again?” Jing Yuan gently ruffled Jing Xuan’s hair.

“Stop teasing me like that. I’ve grown into a man. Don’t play with me like I’m a child…”

If Jing Xuan’s subordinates witnessed this scenario, they would never believe that the man whining to his brother in front of them was the gracious president Wang.

Jing Yuan just removed his fingers and grinned as he looked at the irritated Jing Xuan.

“Do you really want to eat? Or are you in a bad mood?”

Jing Yuan knew him too well, so he bowed his head and fiddled with his hair quietly. A look of unresigned childishness appeared.

When his younger sibling remained silent, Jing Yuan sighed deeply as he leaned back on the sofa.

“Not saying? Then I’ll make a guess. Didn’t you spend enough time alone with mother, so you had a tantrum?” he asked.

Jing Xuan lowered his hand as he heard this, feeling powerless. How many years have passed, and Jing Yuan still speaks to him as if he were a small child?

“I’m already running three. How can I be so childish? It’s only that…… there’s something that mother wants to tell you, and she’s scared you won’t accept it, so she asked me to comfort and console you,” Jing Xuan stated hopelessly.

“What exactly is it? She has a man?” Jing Yuan furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s even worse than that.” Jing Xuan said.

Following that, he patiently described the problem to Jing Yuan. For example, their world turned out to be a book, Jiang Shining’s previous occupation, and that she had also traversed other worlds, implying that she would have additional children.

When he was finished, he looked up again, and Jing Yuan’s face was black.

“If you don’t accept it, there’s nothing you can do. Just think of us as a reorganized family,” Jing Xuan sighed.

“…… It’s absurd! She has so many children. Won’t they steal a lot of her attention?” Jing Yuan scowled.

Jing Xuan remained silent. He also felt quite comforted. In the past, Jiang Shining had always prioritized Jing Yuan, and now he was allowing him to experience what he felt as well.

“Is that how you console me?” Jing Yuan said, looking at Jing Xuan.

 “Or what? Oh, yes, there is good news.” Jing Xuan laughed, “There is a very cute little sister. Her name is Jiang Guoguo.”

“Why does she use our mother’s surname?” Jing Yuan was stunned.

“She was rescued from an orphanage by mother. So it’s normal to take the mother’s surname.” Jing Xuan explained.

Jing Yuan’s expression fell into thought as he heard this. Jing Xuan lifted his brows as if he were contemplating something.

After a half-second pause, Jing Yuan stated, “I grew up abroad and never had a Chinese name. Otherwise, I also would take my mother’s surname.”

Jing Xuan:….

   Jing Xuan: “No way.”

“Why?” Jing Yuan was puzzled. “I know, President Wang can’t change his surname, so he’s not pleased in his heart,” he smiled, seeing Jing Xuan’s face full of displeasure,.

“Brothers will advance and retreat together.” Jing Xuan’s expression remained unchanged. “In that case, you should stick with my surname Wang. Wang Muze is my name. Wang Musen is a name you can use. The combination of water and forest is also poetic. “

“You think.”

Jing Xuan and Jing Yuan argued for half a day, and Jing Xuan stated he was hungry again, making Jing Yuan sigh hopelessly.

“Wait, brother will cook it for you.”

Jing Yuan was very obedient, yet it made Jing Xuan uncomfortable.

Jing Yuan extended his hand and softly touched Jing Xuan’s brow.

“In fact, in my previous life, I have only tried my best to survive, so I indeed wronged you as a brother. Now that we’re both free, I’ll prepare you a midnight snack. You haven’t eaten my food yet,” Jing Yuan sighed.

Jing Xuan remained silent. His feelings for Jing Yuan were conflicted. He was resentful and jealous of his elder brother’s affection from his mother throughout those brief seventeen years, but Jing Yuan was also extremely nice to him. He loved and adore his older brother.

He can only be himself in front of Jing Yuan.

Jing Yuan thought the noodles were too plain. He cooked two plates of veggies, took a bottle of wine, and placed it on the table.

“Jiu’er, try it.” Jing Yuan made a gentle call. 1

Jing Xuan was ninth in line among the imperial sons in his previous life, so Jing Yuan addressed him in this way.

Jing Xuan was also a bit moved. How long had it been since the two brothers had sat together without worry?

He took a bite of the food, which didn’t taste particularly delicious or terrible. But he kept smiling. “Your handicraft is naturally good.”

The two ate and drank in quiet, but both felt a tinge of bitterness in their hearts. They are reminiscing about the past, but everything has changed. There is no such thing as starting all over again in this world.

Even if they rejoin with their mother, she is no longer solely theirs.

They don’t have a choice as a child. What more could they want other than to be reunited with their loved ones?

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  1. Jiu- meant nine, er- meant child.

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