The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 26.2

Jing Xuan was also a bit moved. How long had it been since the two brothers had sat together without worry?

He took a bite of the food, which didn’t taste particularly delicious or terrible. But he kept smiling. “Your handicraft is naturally good.”

The two ate and drank in quiet, but both felt a tinge of bitterness in their hearts. They are reminiscing about the past, but everything has changed. There is no such thing as starting all over again in this world.

Even if they rejoin with their mother, she is no longer solely theirs.

They don’t have a choice as a child. What more could they want other than to be reunited with their loved ones?

Jing Yuan was a bit hesitant to accept this thing right now. If he had been younger, he may have had a temper with Jiang Shining or lost his anger with her. But, as he has gotten older, he has faced even more tough challenges, and he is no longer the young emperor he once was.

In the end, those feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration were reduced to a sigh and a glass of wine.

He drank it all, set the glass down, and muttered in a low voice, “Jiu’er…”

Jing Xuan saw Jing Yuan’s sadness and grinned as he refilled the two with wine.

“Seventh brother. Remember, we have nothing to do with Chu Haoli or his successors right now. After tonight, I won’t call you seventh brother. We are mother’s children. I’ll name you Dege from now on,” he stated softly. 1

“What is the point of naming these?” Jing Yuan groaned and said, “Forget it, it’s nice to be reunited… Nothing in this world is flawless. If we are so uneasy, other people will not be much better. Thinking about it this way, it seems reasonable.”

Jing Xuan gave a helpless grin.

When the two arrived at Jiang Shining’s villa the next day, Jiang Shining was giving Guoguo candy.

They noticed the woman holding the candy jar, and the small kid hopped up and down alongside her, eager to take it. Jiang Shining, on the other hand, lifted her arm.

“You can’t eat too many sweets or you’ll get tooth decay.” She stated, “So I’ll give one to Guoguo today. If Guoguo performs well, it will be available on weekends, okay?”

The little Loli nodded again, and Jiang Shining handed her a piece of fruit candy.

Jiang Shining sat down and tied Guoguo’s hair while her cheeks bulged out and she was munching candies. She couldn’t stop giggling when she saw her two eldest brothers standing in front of the door.

“Guoguo, your big brother has returned.”

Guoguo looked up and said happily, “He’s so handsome!”

Even Jing Yuan couldn’t help but smile. His mood wasn’t as horrible as it had been the night before.

Guoguo rushed over after Jiang Shining finished the braids, and she gazed at them with interest.

“He’s Jing Xuan. Who are you?”

“My name is Jing Yuan.” Jing Yuan knelt and calmly explained, “I’m your brother’s brother. You are free to tell me if he bullies you.”

Guoguo looked to the left and right, and the two attractive brothers made her extremely pleased.

Jiang Shining couldn’t help but be concerned. This child was raised in such an atmosphere, and having a boyfriend in the future would be difficult. Because she has so many siblings, it is estimated that her boyfriend’s vision will be very high.

“Guoguo, at home, you can call me Jing Xuan, but what should you say when you meet an outsider?” Jing Xuan inquired gently.

“Wang Muze,” the young girl responded crisply, after a few moments of consideration.

Jing Xuan nodded and returned her gaze to Jing Yuan.

“So, what do you call him while he’s outside?”

“Call me Wang Musen,” Jing Yuan murmured.

Jing Xuan was taken aback when he heard what he said and turned his head away, as if he was a little thin-skinned.

Jiang Shining looked at them and knew that the name must have been given by Jing Xuan. It is assumed that they spoke to each other last night. Jing Yuan was good and coaxed two of them.

“All right, those who need to work go to work, and those who need to go to school go to school. As for the unemployed, just figure it out yourself,” Jiang Shining added.

“I’ll go to work with President Wang.” Jing Yuan said with a smile, “I just got a job as a cleaner from him yesterday.”

“Please do not come here. If you come for another week, everyone in my company will be scared away by you,” Jing Xuan stated.

After thinking about it, Jing Yuan is always doing things too unexpectedly. He was afraid of doing earth-shattering things when he let him out. In desperation, Jing Xuan said, “You should still be a cleaner with me.”

“Actually, you don’t need to be concerned. I won’t do anything on my own.” Jing Yuan secretly grinned and asked, “Do you know which acquaintance I found before?”


“Zhang Qingning. “

After Jing Yuan ascended to the throne in his previous life, Zhang Qingning became the top eunuch. He remained faithful and committed to Jing Yuan till his death.

It’s just…

“If he sees you, he will undoubtedly be frightened.” Jing Xuan imagined the scene and felt terrible. “You should let him leave and let him live on his own.”

“That’s why I didn’t visit.” Jing Yuan said.

The tiny girl reached out her hand as the two were conversing.

“Brother hug.”

Jing Xuan knelt and hugged her.

Jing Yuan reached out and scratched his nose, “Why don’t you let me hug you?”

“Because Guoguo is not familiar with you,” Guoguo smiled as she put her arms around Jing Xuan’s neck.

So cute.

Jing Yuan stretched out his hand and gently stroked her hair.

At that moment, he suddenly thought, if the mother’s other children are daughters… all of them must be lovable.

If that’s the case… just think about it and be happy.

The author has something to say:

Jing·I want to be so beautiful·Yuan←_←

When Guoguo grows up, it is predicted that she will have a tough time finding a boyfriend.

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  1. Dege means eldest brother or big brother.

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