The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 30.1

1, 2, 3…30 days.

On the homemade simple calendar, Xu Qiu drew a small red circle. She’d been here for thirty days before she realized it.

She had been educating the cubs for 30 days, according to the date she set at the start.

It was originally a Friday on the electronic version of the calendar provided by the system, and it was also a working day, but because she needed enough time to make a monthly summary, Xu Qiu temporarily gave herself and her children an extra day off.

It’s a pity she thought she could sleep in late, but the biological clock woke her up at six o’clock sharp.

Xu Qiu tossed and turned on the bed for a few minutes before getting up early in the morning. She sat in front of the desk, biting her pen while she reviewed the plan.

The table was once empty, but it is now full.

A cup of water, a tiny pot of tea, numerous piled notebooks, the ruler and compass she instructed the robot to build in the drawer, and the bucket of drawing supplies at her feet.

In short, Xu Qiu would never buy something that could be created with the materials he had on hand.

On the side of the table, there is a small pot of tea that is quite simple to use. She also prepared a large pot on the metal bedside table that is the size of a milk powder can and was filled with dried flowers, specifically sun-dried jasmine tea.

The mysterious flowers that were given by the system grew into beautiful jasmine, some of which were transplanted by Xu Qiu into the dormitory area and the small yard.

When the jasmine matures, it will quietly bloom into beautiful white flowers that are fragrant and make people feel good when they smell it.

The remaining plants are planted in the system space’s agriculture.

Xu Qiu applied fertilizer to the first batch of jasmine plants, and they bloomed quickly. The picture book lit up once she harvested the flower, and she received fresh jasmine flowers with a lot of jasmine seeds.

Xu Qiu was selling most of the matured flowers to the system mall in exchange for a tiny gain in gold coins.

Xu Qiu continued to use fertilizer to speed the growth of the second set of flowers, but this time when they were still buds. Xu Qiu picked them up ahead of time and then dry them in the outdoor pavilion.

She brewed a cup of jasmine tea in the morning, and the scent of jasmine filled her tongue.

Even though theophylline may have had minimal influence on the cubs, Xu Qiu consumed it alone on the scented tea with confidence.

“Knock, knock, knock, Principal, are you awake?”

A knock came on the door of Xu Qiu’s room.

“Already get up, Thank you,” Xu Qiu said as she buttoned her pajamas and opened the door to take the “takeaway.”

The task of creating the robot is simply the most ideal of all.

They do the majority of the cooking chores. Xu Qiu would delegate simple tasks to the robots, such as cooking with rice cookers or earthenware pots.

To be able to be lazy, Xu Qiu would soak the rice and prepare the other ingredients the night before.

The small assistant awoke early in the morning and added the materials she had prepared to the big ceramic pot. According to the time set by Xu Qiu, they glanced at the small fire. They closed the pot and turned off the heat after two hours. They completed all the breakfast work for today after preparing the cauldron, bowls, and chopsticks for the cubs to eat.

Although Xu Qiu usually has to think about the dishes, she still feels indescribable joy when she can eat takeout without leaving the room.

[No, thank you; this is our job.]

The robot assistant’s expression changed once again to “^-^”.

“Is the food for the cubs ready?”

[10, 11, 12 have delivered breakfast to the cubs’ dorms and have supervised them, brushing their teeth before eating breakfast.]

“It’s a lot of work.”

[It’s not difficult]

After saying this, robot assistant No. 8 carefully closed the door for Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu set the notebook aside, brought the small monitor from the kindergarten room to the table, connected to the Star Network, selected the meal video, and slowly drank the porridge while entertaining.

The Star Network is comparable to the second world. It contains a wide range of strange content. In the Star Network, you can learn about anything, conduct virtual learning, and even fight, which is equivalent to experiencing the joy of holographic games.

The Star Network’s design is inspired by the mysterious H star. The people in the illustrated book have standard tentacles, and because they have incredibly high mental power, they can construct a powerful Star Network.

Watching free entertainment videos and searching for free resources is similar to using the computer network that Xu Qiu had previously used. She can watch and search on the screen with no effect on her.

However, if she wishes to study in school, go shopping, play virtual games, or fight in the arena on the Star Network, she must wear a helmet to connect her brain, which will use a significant amount of mental energy.

A weak Blue Star human, such as Xu Qiu, can spend no more than a half-hour on the Star Network. If the time limit is exceeded, she will feel dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and other negative effects.

Not only that, but studying in school requires paying a very expensive cost of learning for one’s information, so even though she discovered that she could connect to the Star Network, Xu Qiu just used it for entertainment and search purposes.

She doesn’t even think about battling in the arena. She is self-aware, and she has no habit of being abused.

She drank the porridge leisurely while watching the film. Before she knew it, half an hour had passed, and Xu Qiu had also seen a new episode of the TV series after a bowl of porridge.

The Star Network still has television and movie-like entertainment three thousand years later.

However, due to a lifestyle change, the very popular short videos of her era have fallen significantly.

Not only that, but offline theatres have vanished from those more evolved worlds, and instead there is Star Network virtual cinema, where people can completely immerse themselves and watch movies.

She would not be able to appreciate this amazing entertainment during this period until Xu Qiu improved her mental strength.

[In the future, if the host’s character level continues to improve, your spiritual power will be able to support a one-day trip to Star Network!]

008 is an expert at drawing cakes for Xu Qiu.

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