The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 30.2

This TV show is very well done. Xu Qiu didn’t get up to wash the dishes after she finished eating; instead, she sat in front of the table and watched the latest episode without moving her legs.

Every era has its own aesthetic. The title of this recently popular TV series, “Blaze,” is very literary.

“Blaze” is a miniature sweet cookie that depicts the romantic drama of a brave heroine and a tyrannical researcher hero. A very typical thoughtless mix, but the tone is quite calm and joyful.

The protagonist is a little girl who has the ability to set fires. She acts rashly and foolishly, but she has a loving and brave heart.

The male protagonist’s setting is somewhat faulty. It stands to reason that the general domineering is the president with a cold personality, while the male protagonist here is a researcher, most likely due to the researcher’s relatively high standing in this era.

White hair is the actor’s setting. His face is often as cold as ice, and he possesses a brilliant mind and a deadly tongue.

The heroine starts the fire, and the hero is in charge of putting it out. It’s merely a small, delicious cookie script, and the plot has few connotations. Overall, don’t use your brains while watching it; instead, eat sweets gladly.

The heroine has that coquettish b*tch look, but her eyes are crystal clear.

Xu Qiu was still unhappy after viewing the current episode and turned her head to look for similar topics on Weibo.

As a result, a burning desire to find out more leaped into her eyes.

The illegitimate daughter of “Fire’s” heroine is revealed! Then there’s a crimson and black explosion.

Eating melons is human nature. Xu Qiu was uncontrollable and opened the hot search.

The information on the heroine has been tidied up.

This little girl named Jin Yingzi, who had originally left her identity on social media, turned out to be completely fictional. She was born iceberg snowfield.

The iceberg snowfield appears to be a harsh environment. In reality, among the stars, this location is notoriously hard and poor.

In the company’s setting for Jin Yingzi, she is a very inspirational young girl. Despite being an orphan, she worked very hard and was accepted into a well-known film and television school.

After working, she gave most of the money she earned back to her hometown, sending a lot of money back every year.

Jin Yingzi’s real name is Jin Xingxing. Her character in the TV show is clean and pure, and she is a small girl who does not taint the world.

Jin Xingxing, on the other hand, is an ignorant and incompetent tomboy. Aside from her rowdiness, her educational background is dependent on the company’s relationship. This is due to the power of money rather than her own strength.

More importantly, she was pregnant and gave birth to a child while she was still in her teenage years.

In this era, childbirth can be accomplished by using high technology. You can have children as long as you submit the relevant information and do not marry. Logically, whether you have children has nothing to do with the public.

However, humans are born with a desire for all good things; sweet love, a joyful marriage, and variety shows on similar topics will be warmly embraced by Interstellar people.

Actors sell beautiful dreams and lives to the public, which means they will be held to higher standards in terms of morality and other things.

For such a young and beautiful female star, her career was on the rise three years after her debut, and the news of having a child in a hidden marriage was a huge blow to Jin Yingzi’s career.

Furthermore, the previous statement was suspected of being false, stating that Jin Xingxing’s daughter was placed in her hometown, and the money sent to the people was not given to those poor children, nor was it used to support any local education, but was used to support her daughter’s child support.

These materials were gathered previously since the big explosion of the TV series filmed by Jin Yingzi was only recently uncovered by individuals who were interested in it, causing the event to ferment on the Star Network.

There are people in the entertainment sector, and when Xu Qiu eats melons, she doesn’t condemn anyone.

She sighed, feeling as if she had lost another drama that she might watch.

However, at this moment, the kindergarten’s external account received an email.

Xu Qiu’s expression was stunned as she clicked on the relevant page.

The sender is none other than Jin Yingzi, the stunning female celebrity on the rise.

The other party used his real name when sending the message: Jin Xingxing.

The letter’s substance was incoherent, loosely stating: she misses her daughter, regrets it now, and wishes to take her over and raise her by her side.

She knew well that the kindergarten wielded considerable authority. She also signed a release agreement at the time. She accepted a huge sum of money as well, but she worked hard all these years, lived frugally, and saved all of it. This money can be used to pay liquidated damages.

Wait a minute!

Xu Qiu returned to the information that Jin Yingzi had been exposed to. The iceberg snowfield, the fox prototype, the unmarried delivery, the three-year premiere…

Lily’s mother is this unlucky female star.

Jin Xing’s daughter is not in her hometown, but was sent to this kindergarten in Barren Star by this young mother, according to the reports on the Internet.

She now wishes to reclaim Lily.

Xu Qiu quickly rose from her chair and paced back and forth in the room, a bit nervously.

From Bai Sa’s mouth, she could tell that this kindergarten was definitely not a good place.

And in three years, they haven’t seen their family except for those cold-hearted staff.

Bai Sa’s mother had died, and his father’s identity was unknown. Xu Qiu accepted that he had died.

She assumed these children were orphans without parents, but suddenly a Lily’s mother had come.

If the other person truly adores their children, they will not be able to stop looking at them for three years.

But if the letter was true, Xu Qiu knew Lily would be better off staying with her mother, who loved her.

Xu Qiu read the email to the end, and the other party stated that he will visit the kindergarten in the coming days.

And she hasn’t looked into her account in a few days, although the email was sent three days ago. If all goes as planned, the kindergarten will welcome the student’s first parent tomorrow.

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