The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 27.1

As promised, Xiu Lingfei’s Longteng Group left the city where Jiang Shining lives. The media understandably covered such a significant change, but Longteng provided no explanation. After another week, the news stated that the entire company had changed its location and moved to another city’s business center.    

Their company has not withdrawn from the entertainment industry, but they are finally willing to develop slowly and honestly.

Sure enough, his former son is the only one who can control him.

Jiang Shining doesn’t have time to worry about him. She now has three children and can’t wait to spend time with them every day, so she doesn’t have the heart to be concerned about Xiu Lingfei’s dynamics.

The film she’s investing in and managing has officially begun filming and will be completed in three months. Following a cycle of new recruits and expansions, the film and television departments may now operate independently, without her supervision.

Jiang Shining could finally take a rest after accepting candidates for Ninglu Media for half a year.

So, when the weather was nice, she took Guoguo shopping and accompanied Guoguo to play in parks and playgrounds.

Guoguo now prefers to play at the amusement park’s ‘bouncy castle,’ where a group of children drill around the slide, their giggles and loud laughter piercing the roof. She noticed the children jumping in the inflatable castle as a row of adults sat outside looking bored.

Children’s energy can make them play all day. Parents are afraid to leave, so they can only sit outside. Some people hang their heads and fiddle with their cell phones, while others stay for an extended period, making their eyes dull. There are also a few people who are watching.

Jiang Shining considers this boring period to be highly intriguing. It’s not too tiring to just sit here, and watching the passers-by on the street is also enjoyable.

An older sister sat next to her was reading a pirated version of a book. The text was quite thick, with densely packed fonts. There were a few books beside the elder sister’s feet. Jiang Shining gazed at it and was taken aback.

“Hi, may I borrow this book?” Jiang Shining pointed to a book at the elder sister’s feet.

After a brief gaze, the elder sister nodded her head.

“Feel free to have a look at it. I see you’ve just arrived. You might have to spend the day here.”

Jiang Shining thanked her and took the book.

The characters on the book cover were done in a very ancient early calligraphy style, with large red letters – “The Love is Young in the Republic of China.” This book was at least half the thickness of the one in the elder sister’s hand. Jiang Shining clutched it in her hands as if it weighed a thousand pounds.

Who would have guessed that this type of dog blood book exists? She couldn’t help but think that maybe the book in the elder sister’s hand, in another dimension of the universe, also has a book transmigrator struggling.

She took a deep breath and then flipped through the pages.

‘Spring rain fell and splattered on the glass pane. Luan Heli pushed open the window, and the drizzle wrapped in the spring breeze blew into the house ……’

Luan Heli is the heroine of the original novel. In the novel, she was sought by four of the best guys in different industries. One of these guys is the Grand Marshal – Chen Jiacheng, the governor of Winter City.

Chen Jiacheng’s setting is to rise from a petty army ruffian to the post of local supervisor throughout wartime. He also possesses considerable power, which should not be overlooked. The author also gave him a handsome and resolute face to make him worthy of seeking the heroine’s identity as one of the male mates.

Unfortunately, he is only cannon fodder for the heroine.

Chen Jiacheng fell in love with Luan Heli at a banquet, like a classic scene from a romance book. He eventually forced the heroine to marry him. However, his home already had the main wife and two concubines, so he was prepared to fix the people in his house in order to please Luan Heli, making her his main wife.

The proud heroine is naturally unwilling to agree.

Chen Jiacheng took the heroine to a banquet after experiencing a bunch of romance cliche plots and how he was willing to give up the world to make the heroine smile. At the banquet, the heroine met two other male matches, one of whom is a wealthy businessman, and the other is the son of a powerful family. The three were caught in the never-ending back-and-forth drama.

Finally, the true male protagonist emerged, led the army to victory against Chen Jiacheng’s men, and then shot him dead. The two protagonists then lived happily ever after.

Although these tales appear to the readers to be highly thrilling, especially when four men from diverse backgrounds compete for the heroine and are prepared to give up all for her, which is a fantastic narrative. However, if the narrative is followed, the world will eventually end in calamity.

As a result, the Book Transmigration Bureau dispatched Jiang Shining to repair this world.

Her role is the main wife of the great marshal, Chen Jiacheng.

Several of the characters in the five worlds she passed through are extremely attractive, highlighting the heroine’s beauty as of higher quality. And this novel is similar to the background of the Republic of China. Out of Chen Jiacheng’s three wives, his main wife is also the first one he officially married. She supported him in his fight to the top for a decade until now, but this wife had no background. She was just an ordinary woman, and she wasn’t particularly beautiful.

On the other hand, of the two concubines, one is coquettish and attractive, while the other is eye-catching. Naturally, compared to the female protagonist, who is out of the mud but not dyed, the beauty of the two of them is just to reflect how vulgar they are.

This appears to be her ordinary-looking life. She was still regarded as pretty and lovely when she was young. But then the heroine’s plot came and her main wife character was already in her thirties. Of course, she could not compare with someone young.

And this lady, who is destined to remain obedient and incapable of making her own decisions, has no authority at home. Even before the heroine arrived, she had been bullied by the two concubines.

The most significant thing is that she was bullied to the point of being unable to protect her own children. The first concubine was childless, and she felt intimidated by the heroine’s beauty. After crying, making trouble, and hanging herself, she pleaded with Chen Jiacheng to let the main house’s child be adopted by her. How ridiculous is this?

This novel is also imperfectly set, even though all of the males in the book adore the heroine to the death and all of the ladies want to murder her. But, among all these people, the lady in the main room is the most foolish. She even wants to murder someone and give the heroine a drink.     

Jiang Shining was ordered to become this character.

She couldn’t help but sigh as she looked at this book.

Absurd world.

It was dark in the evening when Jiang Shining carried Guoguo home.

She saw Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan were cooking in the kitchen as soon as the door was opened. The two of them cut vegetables and stir-fry the other, which is quite a tacit understanding.

“You’re back?” Jing Xuan laughed, “How was your day?”

Guoguo and Jing Xuan were the closest to each other. She took off her shoes and ran over to see what they were up to. Jing Xuan was washing the vegetables, and she also helped him roll up his sleeves.

The four of them had a good evening meal. Jiang Shining said that she needed to go upstairs after eating since she still had official work to do. However, when entering the room, she did not switch on the computer and instead laid on her back on the bed.

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