The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 27.2

She hadn’t done anything today, yet she was exhausted.

Jiang Shining could not help but sigh… Some thoughts were jumbled in her head.

When she was alone, she missed Jing Yuan very much. Later, while she was with Jing Xuan and Guoguo, she was worried about when Jing Yuan would appear.

Now that both brothers have appeared as she wished, she misses other children… isn’t that going too far?

During these days, Jiang Shining could sense the two brothers’ dependency and monopoly on her, but they remained silent regarding Jiang Shining’s other worlds and offspring. She knew they cared, but she couldn’t help but worry about and miss everyone…

She would rather reincarnate five times and compensate them in their world if she could. Is this the best for everyone?


Jiang Shining was afraid that everyone wouldn’t get along, and then worried about the children who hadn’t arrived yet, and she slept off unconsciously while her head was in chaos.

The actors on stage in Winter City’s Pear Garden had just completed singing the final note delicately.

Chen Jiacheng sat in the right position. His eyes were like eagles, and a pair of sword eyebrows stared straight at the performers on stage.

His thin lips slightly hooked after half a sound.

The subordinates close to him winked, and he quickly cheered when he saw the gorgeous smile.

“Okay! This play is well sung!” Wang Er, his subordinate, said with a flattering smile, “Master, do you want to reward them?”


Chen Jiacheng took the military cap from the table. After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked out of the theater, leaving the actor leaning over to thank him in the background.

He strolled along the street, and the subordinate next to him surrounded him.

“Do you want to travel to Chunhua Pavilion, Master?” Wang Er stated this with a smile. “According to the old man, he has a new batch of girls this week.”

Chen Jiacheng is very popular with the ladies at Chunhua Pavilion. In this chaotic world, most people at the bottom of society, such as them, are tragically bullied. And Chen Jiacheng, the warden of Winter City, looks great with hefty soldiers in his hands. They would rather be a concubine for this handsome man than being entangled with the middle-aged man.

Chen Jiacheng paused for a moment before responding, “I’m not in the mood to go, and I don’t want to go. Return to the mansion!”

They sent Chen Jiacheng to the mansion mightily.

“Oh, handsome, you’ve returned!” Sun Qinling, the second concubine, instantly welcomed him with a handkerchief in her hand. The woman was dressed in a dark purple cheongsam that outline her slim physique and snow-white complexion.

Chen Jiacheng grinned, wrapped his arms around his concubine, and proceeded to the mansion.

His first concubine had already poured the tea and was waiting for him to sip it inside the mansion.

Chen Jiacheng was drinking tea while the surrounding beauties were coquettish, and he was happy because there was a message behind him. It took him a few moments to respond.

“Where’s Jiang Yiru? Why did she not come to visit me?”

On his way back, he was dissatisfied with the dullness and oldness of his main wife. He had clearly not treated her terribly, but she was constantly dressed down and didn’t know how to satisfy others. The two concubines were preoccupied with each other, and she would only bother him when he least needed it, saying that she had made pastries for him–

All of which made him sick to think about it.

“I’m not sure. The eldest lady doesn’t talk to us every day, and we don’t know what she does on her own.” The third concubine said coquettishly, “Did the two of us do something wrong to make the lady dislike us so much?”

The two reprimanded the main wife in a coquettish way, adding fuel to the fire by claiming she bullied them. Chen Jiacheng was on fire as soon as he heard it.

“It’s none of your business. I’ll go look.”

Before entering the courtyard, Chen Jiacheng removed his military uniform and tossed it to his concubine.

Jiang Yiru’s maid, Chunmei, greeted him as he approached the courtyard of the main house where Jiang Yiru lived.

“Where has Jiang Yiru gone?”

“In the house, but Madam said not to be disturbed…”

Chen Jiacheng smirked. He hadn’t avoided Jiang Yiru yet, but Jiang Yiru didn’t want to see him.

Who gave her the courage?

He pushed the maid aside, slammed the door open, and stepped in.

“Jiang Yiru, your face is getting bigger and bigger. Not only did you bully Lingling and the others, but now you’re avoiding me? You—”

He scolded as he stepped inside, but he hesitated when he paused in the rear room.

Jiang Yiru has never been able to accept modern fashion, and even after so many years, she still wears the old-fashioned outfits she wore more than 10 years ago. But now, Jiang Yiru was sitting in front of the dresser with his back to him. She was dressed in a silver-gray cheongsam that outlined her slim waist.

In the mirror, she is doing her hair. She used to prefer having her hair carefully and neatly braided, but now she does her own hair. Chen Jiacheng had only seen that sort of hairstyle as the latest fashion at the previous parties…

Chen Jiacheng was taken aback by this fusion.

“Jiang…Jiang Yiru!” He grumbled.

Jiang Yiru lowered her arms, turned slightly sideways, and cast a glance at Chen Jiacheng.

“I heard it, Dashuai,” she said softly.


He does not know how she becomes graceful and delicate in her overall vibe. Jiang Yiru’s age has dropped by many years because of her new cheongsam, hairstyle, and light makeup.

It’s…it’s weird.

Jiang Yiru inexplicably controlled the atmosphere in the room while Chen Jiacheng gazed at her blankly for a long time before saying stiffly and sitting on the bed.

“You… what’s wrong with you?” Chen Jiacheng’s voice has softened significantly.

Jiang Yiru glanced at him calmly for a moment, then gently smiled, like a short-lived flower budding.

“I’m looking for a fresh start.”

Jiang Shining snorted somewhat in Jiang Yiru’s spiritual world.

She can survive in the palace fighting world, which can cause death. What is so scary about an overseer of visual animals?

She already won after fighting dozens of concubines. Whining against two concubines is just a piece of cake.

She doesn’t know how high the heroine’s rank is.

So Jiang Shining, who had some experience in transmigrating books, quickly formulated a plan.

The author has something to say about it:

Brothers and sisters will appear in the next chapter~

Yes, they will appear, but in the modern era, we still have to go through some plots and have to wait.

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  1. dàshuài (Qing
    dynasty) title for a governor-general (provincial military governor)

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