The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 31.1

There is a feast 1 in the world, and Xu Qiu is very clear about it. Even if she can stay in this place forever, these cubs will grow up slowly, and ultimately leave this small kindergarten, like eagles flying to the sky, to have their own broader world.

But she didn’t expect to be parted so quickly.

She feels like she’s only had contact with these cubs yesterday, and it’s been a month since she counted them all.

Xu Qiu shook her head, attempting to shake the sadness from her mind.

She has to meet that person first, no matter what. And she needs to observe for a bit as well. It is impossible to allow the other party to take Lily away suddenly.

After all, the other party is now carrying a scandal. This young and beautiful little girl could not resolve her own problems, and she rashly wanted to take Lily with her. If she was photographed by those nefarious paparazzi, it might cause more harm to the little fox and many negative effects.

She took a deep breath. She looked at the review plan in her hand and drew long traces on the paper.

The other party cannot stay on this barren star for very long. If Lily wishes to go, she must first prepare a farewell party.

Xu Qiu began making arrangements at lunchtime. If she intends to entertain the people tomorrow, she should at the very least make a good lunch.

The food provided by the system exists in the other stars, and she can purchase it through the Star Network as long as she has money.

It is impossible for Jin Yingzi to know the current operation of the kindergarten. Xu Qiu has now obtained the management rights of the kindergarten, and the source of the food can be explained well .

Of course, there was no need for her to explain anything to the other party because Xu Qiu would not allow the other party to visit important areas like food storage.

[Leave these things to me]

The sharp blade cut Xu Qiu’s finger because she was distracted, and a bright red blood bead the size of a bean swiftly leaked from the fair finger.

“Thank you.”

The job of dealing with kitchen knives was handed over to the robot.

Xu Qiu also has duck eggs besides chicken eggs.

The ranch’s first level comprises chickens, the second is ducks, the third is sheep, the fourth is pigs, and the fifth is cattle.

These creatures have different varieties in the system mall, the prices of different types are different, and the growth cycle is also quite different.

When she reaches level 5, the quest to access the fish pond will be activated.

The pasture has only been upgraded to level 4, and the breeding capacity is limited to 12.

Chickens and ducks have a capacity of one. Starting with sheep, the capacity gradually increases, and each one must fill two capacity places.

The upper limit of the ranch level is 12. From the perspective of the system grid, she can even raise camels when the level of the ranch is full. Xu Qiu raised 3 chickens, 3 ducks, 2 sheep, and 1 pig in the system ranch. The goat are mainly used to produce goat’s milk.

There are now 5 levels of farmland, a total of 12 plots, 2 of which are planted with grass, and the others are planted with rice, corn, potatoes, and other high-yield crops.

The growth cycle of these plants is similar to reality, but the land is magical. After Xu Qiu sows the seeds, those fields will automatically become small squares adapted to these seeds.

Because the reclaimed soil in the kindergarten had no such effect, Xu Qiu cultivated very good cabbage on it.

Chickens and ducks grow very quickly, and Xu Qiu has poisoned two fat chickens and ducks.

However, slaughtering chickens and ducks are done entirely by robots. If Xu Qiu was really called to do it, she would still be at a loss.

Xu Qiu took a jar from the shelf and dug out about six to seven black duck eggs with a spoon.

In kindergartens, eggs are a common dish. They are excellent for making tomato egg soup or seaweed egg soup. She can also stir-fry onions, chives, and steamed egg custard before combining them with shredded pork noodles to make poached eggs, fried eggs, and marinated eggs. Everything was delicious.

However, the taste of duck eggs will be much weaker, and they are not suitable for soups. However, duck eggs have a very wonderful way to eat them, and that is as salted duck eggs.

This duck’s egg has been marinating for nearly a month. The mud was dug from the yard. Xu Qiu has sealed it in this jar and never moved it.

She chose one to rinse, and the rest was done by the robot assistant.

“Don’t let your wound get wet. I’ll take this thing.”

In fact, it was just a small incision. The blood would have stopped long ago, but Xu Qiu still gave the thing to the enthusiastic housework robot.

It is also very hard to be a capable principal all the time. Occasionally, like this, a fragile patient is taken care of by a gentle robot assistant.

“Clean the mud on the top, gently brush it with a small brush, don’t smash the outer skin, take out the No. 6 small pot, put the water at the lowest level, put the duck eggs in, turn the fire to medium, wait 10 minutes, and take it out.”

Xu Qiu numbered most of the objects in the kitchen to give instructions to the robot assistant so that when she requested, the robot could accurately take out what she wanted.

The salted duck egg was ready in no time. The robot assistant wore waterproof gloves, took the hot salted duck egg from the water, and cleaned it in clean water. The salted egg was then properly cut in two with a knife and served to Xu Qiu on a small plate.

“Thank you.”

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  1. It was like a place where people meet and have to leave.

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