The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 31.2

The salted duck egg was ready in no time. The robot assistant wore waterproof gloves, took the hot salted duck egg from the water, and cleaned it in clean water. The salted egg was then properly cut in two with a knife and served to Xu Qiu on a small plate.

“Thank you.”

The slightly blue duck eggshell complements the egg whites perfectly. This salted duck egg white is far superior to the vacuum-packed duck eggs.

Xu Qiu used chopsticks to pick up a small amount of egg white. It was soft but stretchy, and the salty flavor wasn’t heavy. It is possible to say that the amount was just correct.

The egg yolk in the middle of the egg white surprised Xu Qiu, because, in just over half a month, the salted egg yolk had already released oil, showing an exquisite golden color.

She had already eaten breakfast, and it was still early. Since it wasn’t long before lunch, she slammed a handful of noodles down to make herself a meal in order to eat this salted duck egg.

When you are in a good mood, celebrate with a big meal. When you are in a bad mood, eat something that makes you happy. No matter what the trouble, it seems to be swept away.

On weekdays, everyone eats around twelve o’clock, but on weekends, breakfast and dinner are an hour later.

Xu Qiu requested the little robot assistant to summon the cubs to eat in the pavilion outside the kindergarten at around one o’clock in the afternoon.


When the cubs spotted the plate on the table, they exclaimed.

Typically, what they eat is relatively simple. In general, it comprises a green vegetable, a meat dish, a small bowl of soup, and either a steamed egg or dessert.

The dishes are rotated once a week, with occasional extra meals provided in exceptional circumstances.

However, glancing at the table today gives them the impression that the meals are very rich.

The little fox likes chicken the most, and the smell is still unbearable. Her watery fox eyes look green and full of desire for food: “It smells so good.”

The most eye-catching among them is a golden roast duck. The duck’s head and buttocks have been removed, and the discs are stacked on the dinner plate in a very attractive shape.

The skin of the roasted duck is incredibly crispy, appears oily, and has an incredible scent.

Yuan Jiu, who had always liked vegetables, felt greedy, and his saliva flowed out uncontrollably. Zhu Niang, who was standing next to him, handed him a handkerchief and said, “Seeing as you are greedy, quickly wipe your mouth.”

Despite his desire to eat, Yuan Jiu, as the class monitor, had a little heart: “The principal hasn’t come over yet, so no one is permitted to eat.”

He was not greedy, but yesterday he ate too many melon seeds and couldn’t close his mouth.

It’s really gratifying that these kinds of words can come out of Yuan Jiu’s mouth.

Xu Qiu pulled out the chair and sat in the main seat after being busy: “Have you washed your hands?”

“Washed!” said the cubs all at once.

“All right, let’s eat.”

Even though it is a dinner party, they nevertheless use a divided meal system. Xu Qiu picked up some of each dish for the cub with public chopsticks.

Mu Zhi prefers a single serving due to her physique, and Xu Qiu will oblige her.

She has some slightly dangerous powder on her legs. If she takes the food, she will poison the other cubs.

This hearty dish made every cub’s stomach swell.

The little fox burped: “Principal, do we have that much to eat every time we have a holiday?”

The last time they ate a lot was during Bai Sa’s birthday, which was over a month ago, and the last time they ate at the pavilion was over 20 days ago.

If only she could take a day off every day.

Xu Qiu shook her head.

“What happened?”

Her answer arouses the curiosity of the cubs.

Xu Qiu reclined back in his chair and made a comfortable motion.

She didn’t want to confront the cubs or teach them a lesson.

She said, in a chatty tone: “Because the principal is homesick. Every time I have a holiday, my parents will cook a lot of my favorite dishes.”

The cubs chattered and then became 100,000 whys.

“Where is the principal’s home?”

“What do the principal’s parents look like?”

Xu Qiu was mysterious, looking very weak, but powerful. Not only did Xu Qiu want to know about the cub, but the cubs also wanted to get to know her too.

Xu Qiu answered some questions and sketched a beautiful family scene.

Finally, she stated, “This holiday has one more homework assignment, and you have to write a composition of no less than 200 words. Just write about the person who impressed you the most. The title of the article is based on my xx. For example, my mother, my father, and old memories of the past can be written.”

“You can write at the beginning. I recall it was a cloudy day, the weather was gloomy, or in my memory, the weather was really good that day. The sun was like a poached egg, and it was my mother’s poached egg…” said Xu Qiu.

“Can I write about the principal?” Mu Zhi asked timidly.

She did not know who her parents were, so how could she write two hundred words about them?

Xu Qiu was surprised for a while before exhaling a breath of relief and said, “Of course.”

To be honest, she had no idea she’d be written into the composition by the cubs, and it was quite a sense of accomplishment for her to become the person who impressed the cubs the most.

She just isn’t sure what kind of image Mu Zhi will have of her.

She had no idea that when she went to pick up her homework, ten of the ten essays were: My principal.

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