The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 28.1

Four years after following the plot, Jiang Shining gave birth to a daughter.

Chen Jiacheng was fighting outside the battlefield at the time of delivery and did not return for three months. Jiang Shining is also happy to be free, and there is no need to act.

Jiang Shining opened her eyes after a nice night’s sleep to find something pushed firmly on the corner of her foot. When she dropped her head, she noticed a little ball curled up in the corner, sleeping on its own.

It was Chen Tanliang, her oldest son in this life, only a little more than three years old this year.

It is said that a poor man’s children are the early masters of the house, but although Chen Tanliang was the son of a marshal, he wasn’t arrogant at all.

Even though he is just a few years old, he knows that he could not disturb his mother. He thought about it for a long time before crawling into the bed and sleeping in the corner.

Jiang Shining’s gaze softened somewhat. She had a normal birth, and the newborn girl was small and delicate.

Her delivery did not cause her any pain, although her body is still sore and soft. She would have carried Chen Tanliang over to sleep if she had the strength.

“Tanliang ……,” she called softly.

A child can sleep well anywhere. Chen Tanliang lifted his head in a trance when he heard someone calling him.

He unconsciously shouted out, ‘mommy,’ crept over, and cuddled into her arms. The little boy fell asleep again as soon as he was placed in Jiang Shining’s arms.

Jiang Shining silently watched her sleeping son’s eyes and couldn’t help but put out her fingers to softly scratch his long eyelashes and squeeze his cheeks. Finally, the mother and the boy fell asleep again.

The second time they awoke was due to commotion outside the home.

“…… First Mistress, the Madam has only just finished giving delivery and is still resting, you……,” the maid, Chunmei, stopped her.

“Oh my, the Madam’s maids are so powerful today. Dare you stop this lady? I came to visit the Madam,” Sun Qinling mocked, “What sort of creature are you, looking at you like this? Do you want to be a concubine of the first marshal to dare to dictate to me like this?”

“I, I did not……” the maid is young. Sun Qinling had only said a few words, but Chunmei’s voice was already sobbing.

Jiang Shining slowly opened her eyes, her gaze icy and disinterested as Chen Tanliang stirred in her arms.

“Chunmei.” Outside the room, the tangled duo heard a faint voice, “Since the first mistress has arrived, please allow her in.”

Sun Qinling hummed as she pushed the maid aside, swayed her waist, and strolled inside the room.

She meant to mock and annoy Jiang Yiru. A lady who has recently given birth must be in a terrible state and lacking in strength.

But as soon as she came in, she noticed Jiang Yiru half-leaning on the bed, staring sternly at her. There was no frail appearance, as she had expected. Sun Qinling felt a slight chill at her back because of this sort of stare.

“You-” Her voice was naturally quite shrill, and she was about to utter a phrase when she noticed Jiang Yiru raise her hand and stop her.

“Keep your voice down, don’t wake up my son.” Jiang Shining said coldly.

Sun Qinling bit her lower lip. She was initially unconvinced and, somehow, a little afraid. But she’d appear cowardly if she didn’t say something. So she dropped her voice and mockingly replied, “Wasn’t it a waste of time and effort to have a girl? I believe the marshal would be unhappy to learn this – he wanted two sons before.”

“What’s the matter with a girl?” Jiang Shining stated unconcernedly, “Aren’t you a girl?”

“Don’t make excuses Jiang Yiru. You’re giving birth to someone else’s daughter-in-law, and you’re not joyful in your own heart, so don’t be tough-mouthed.” Sun Qinling said with a venomous mouth, “Girls are useless!”

Jiang Shining burst out laughing.

“You’re the one who can’t accomplish anything. Don’t think that all girls are useless. Don’t bother worrying about my child and don’t worry. I will educate her properly. At least she could understand self-respect and self-love. She will not go to be someone else’s concubine,” she replied coldly.


Sun Qinling was furious, but Jiang Shining just waved her hand away.

“Go, go out and stop that temper. Don’t rave in my house.”

Sun Qinling stormed out. Putting this subject aside for a while, she couldn’t believe the obsequious woman dared to speak to her in that manner a few years back.

She quickly went to join the first concubine, Xu Lingxin, and the two of them muttered that they were going to wait for Chen Jiacheng to return so they could make a good complaint to him.

After three days, there was a loud noise outside the Marshal’s mansion, showing that Chen Jiacheng had returned to the city following the war.

Sun Qinling and Xu Lingxin sat in the inner courtyard for half a day, waiting for Chen Jiacheng to enter. At first glance, he appeared to be in good shape, and it seemed like he had won a big victory.

The two shushed each other and greeted Chen Jiacheng after he sat down and took a breather for a little while.

“Where has Madam gone?” He inquired.

The two women had been waiting for this moment.

“Ah, my lord, you don’t realize how tough it has been for the two of us since you handed the Madam complete control in the home……”

“Yes, seeing that the madam had just given birth to a baby girl, we politely attempted to help, but we didn’t know what we had done wrong that made the madam upset. She reprimanded us for a time. Here, look, I was even smashed at ……”

Chen Jiacheng really does not like to care about things between women, but he still has feelings for the two concubines.

Furthermore, Jiang Yiru has changed over the years, and bullying appears to be something she is capable of……

After all, the first and second concubines are all voicing their displeasure with Jiang Yiru. If Jiang Yiru has no problems, how can she be sued twice in a row?

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