The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 28.2

“OK, I’ll go have a look.” Chen Jiacheng put on his cap and walked into the inner room.

The grand marshal’s mansion is quite vast, with an inward-facing backyard and a courtyard where Jiang Shining lives. He strolled across the long corridor to Jiang Shining’s residence and pushed open the door.

He noticed Jiang Shining clutching the swaddled child, laying on her side with her hair free, and softly teasing the child as soon as he entered.

Chen Jiacheng was taken aback. Jiang Yiru’s temperament has changed dramatically since she transformed and dress herself a few years ago. Although her appearance was just regarded as clean, her every motion was now like that of a lady of the home, graceful and respectable.

Chen Jiacheng pondered for a while. How could such a person bully others?

Jiang Shining lifted her head, and her chuckle was still visible at the corner of his mouth.

“Dashuai has returned?” Jiang Shining dropped her head, held the kid once more, and smiled. “Look, Dad is back.”

Chen Jiacheng stepped up, sat in front of the bed, and took the child as his heart calmed down.

Thank you for your hard work,” he said.

Jiang Shining sighed gently as she leaned on the bed.

“I don’t work hard, but I’m afraid the child would suffer. Tanliang is fine. He’s a boy, so it won’t be bad. But she… is a girl.”

  “What happened to the girl? That’s also my Chen Jiacheng’s daughter.” Chen Jiacheng hummed, “Who dares to let my daughter suffer?”

“I had barely completed giving birth a few days earlier when your second concubine approached me, intending to cause problems. She also made a comment to my daughter.” Jiang Shining remarked light-heartedly, “Jiacheng, I know the two of them usually do their hardest to complain to you, but could you just ask them not to come to me in the future to find fault? Let’s see who gets it correctly and who gets it wrong. I didn’t care before, and I’d never let the two of them say anything bad about my child.”

Jiang Yiru had never talked badly about anyone in front of Chen Jiacheng, but the first and second concubines were not idle.

“I know I know.” He said, “You take good care of your body, and I will let them pay attention to their words and deeds. By the way, has the child named it?”

“It won’t wait for you to come back.”

Chen Jiacheng sat there for a long time, thinking about it.

“She’s called Chen Ruozhi.” After a while, he said, “Anyone who is called that name is a great writer and a great author. I hope she will study hard and have some culture in the future.”

Jiang Shining was stunned for a moment because of this. She had given up hope on Chen Jiacheng, but this bandit-like man had a level of consciousness that was beyond her expectations—yes, in her view, this attractive man was a bandit leader.

The following two years passed peacefully and quietly.

Chen Tanliang is also getting older. A small child, around five years old, is carefree, and everyone is coaxing him.

It is predicted that if Jiang Shining had not taken care of him, the slaves and subordinates in the yard would have had to become used to the young master’s temper.

She couldn’t help but think about Jing Yuan when she saw Chen Tanliang smiling. The harem lifestyle is extremely brutal. Even the children are precocious in that cannibalistic world.

The complexity of these two universes is just different. It is extremely difficult for the Ancient World to survive to the end, and this world has far too many forces for her to handle on her alone.

She could only find a method to persuade Chen Jiacheng not to forcefully marry the heroine, to avoid him being shot. There will be no discontent in Winter City if he does not die.

The other two guys who are involved with the heroine, one is a business tycoon and the other is the son of a large family.

This son may be left alone for the time being, but she must deal with this business bigwig male supporting actor, as well as another real male protagonist who also commands the army.

The important thing is to let the three of them conflict, as it can reduce the competitors.

However, the plot where the heroine appears has not yet arrived.

The two concubines adore Chen Jiacheng, but Jiang Shining doesn’t care if he returns home or not. She stayed in her yard every day.

The maid and nanny coaxed Chen Ruozhi, who was swaddled, and Jiang Shining asked people to put a table and two chairs under the tree in the yard to teach Chen Tanliang to read and write.

The maids were all astonished over time.

“Madam, why is your writing so good?”

  “I practiced in my spare time.”

Actually, she practiced it in the previous world.

Chen Tanliang was at a lively and active age. Except for the restraint in front of Jiang Shining, the teachers who had been invited him couldn’t keep him under control. Who would dare to criticize the marshal’s son? As a result, Jiang Shining had to follow every time he went to class.

However, what is gratifying is that although Chen Tanliang is naughty, he is also very smart. He just doesn’t enjoy reading books. He likes to play fighting games with soldiers. Jiang Shining was afraid that he would become a small bandit, so she looked a little closer.

One day, Jiang Shining did not follow Chen Tanliang when he was studying because she was ill. Unexpectedly, Chen Tanliang appeared to have changed and studied hard after returning from being absent from class.

Jiang Shining questioned him, but he said, “Sir said I could study hard so that I could educate my sister afterward.”

Jiang Shining sighed with relief.

Chen Ruozhi was the cutest when she was two years old. The little girl with huge eyes and a big nose, a natural optimist, always giggled, and the entire backyard enjoyed her. Even the second concubine thought she was cute and surreptitiously gave her items to play with.

Seven-year-old Chen Tanliang began to look like a young boy. He liked spending time with his sister every day, playing with her, protecting her, and teaching her to recognize words and objects seriously. He also taught Chen Ruozhi to be obedient, not to run around, and to fall easily.

The maids and Jiang Shining couldn’t help but giggle when they saw his solemn expression.

Also, this year, came the time when the heroine appeared.

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