The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 28.3

On this day, Chen Jiacheng returned from dinner and cheerfully approached Jiang Shining, saying he wanted to discuss something. Jiang Shining already had a gut feeling.

Chen Jiacheng may be stronger than Chu Haoli. But after years of getting along with him, Jiang unintentionally guided Chen Jiacheng to like her intentionally. Now that he wanted to accept the heroine, he even came back in advance to discuss it with her.

Jiang Shining sighed gently as she sat at the table.

“Miss Luan sounds like a dragon and a phoenix among people. You shouldn’t get into trouble because of her.”

“You don’t have to be concerned about it. Who would try to rob me of someone I like?” Chen Jiacheng snorted.

“Does Miss Luan agree?” Jiang Shining asked.

Chen Jiacheng was silent.

After some time, he said, “… She doesn’t want to, but I will!”

Jiang Shining sighed once more.

” If you insist on marrying her, then divorce me.”

She considered two options. If she can’t stop the two from contacting one another, she should divorce and go out on her own. This era is no longer ancient, and women can also become bosses. At that time, she will get close to the other male protagonists and supporting roles in-person to continue her task.

“What did you say?” Chen Jiacheng was stunned.

“Miss Luan is so young and talented, so naturally she will never become a concubine. Even if you married her forcibly, you have to show sincerity, right?” Jiang Shining responded softly and calmly, “I’m not interested in being a concubine. In this case, I am willing to divorce you to fulfill your wish.”

Chen Jia became confused. If this subject had been brought up 10 years ago, he would have divorced Jiang Yiru without saying anything, but why is it so difficult to choose now?

“Then… What about your room?” Chen Jiacheng racked his wits. In the opposite room, there are two main wives.

Jiang Shining’s heart was disgusted, and she couldn’t help but expose her expression a little on the surface.

“Chen Jiacheng, are you insulting me?” she asked.

No one dares call him by his name anymore, but after Jiang Yiru said that, he still has a guilty conscience.

A few days of peace. Chen Jiacheng thought about it and felt that he why he was being managed by a woman! Divorce? That’s impossible. Does he want others to laugh at him? Forced marriage, no matter what the woman thinks. Can’t he just do his own thing?

Jiang Yiru is also the mother of his eldest son, which always impacts the father-son relationship.

Chen Jiacheng had no idea what he was worried about. One day, he invited Luan Heli to the Grand Marshal’s Mansion, where all three wives were present.

There are too many shrewd people in the first and second concubine. Seeing that this girl is young and beautiful, and has an aristocratic temperament, they naturally know that Chen Jiacheng is testing them.

The darkness fell when the people left.

The first concubine, Xu Lingxin, has a son, and the second concubine, Sun Qinling, has nothing. She has no children, and her power has been robbed by Jiang Shining. That kind of fear makes her unable to sleep peacefully.

“What the heck are you doing, Sun Qinling?” The second concubine caused havoc all night, and Chen Jiacheng couldn’t take it anymore.

Sun Qinling was kneeling, but when she heard this and jumped up swiftly.

“I, I just want a child! Xiao Xu and Madam have their own children, but I don’t have…” She pleaded, “Will you let Madam give Ruozhi to me so that I can raise her? We all live together, it’s just a change of room, I just want to raise a child… I really like her. You let me raise her, and I won’t make trouble in the future.”

Chen Jiacheng’s temples were throbbing. After some thought, what Sun Qinling stated made sense. The main room and the side room were only a hallway apart, and it didn’t matter where the kids lived.

If this could keep Sun Qinling from making a fuss and deter Jiang Yiru, while letting her be honest, wouldn’t this kill two birds with one stone? At that time, he said irritably, “Okay, okay, don’t make trouble. You can raise Ruozhi tomorrow.”

When Jiang Shining awoke the next morning, she noticed something was wrong. The yard was too quiet. In the past, the maid should have watched the brothers and sisters walk in the yard. Why is there no sound today?

She changed her clothing, stepped out the door, and into the lobby. When she walked into the room, her face became cold.

Chen Jiacheng sat in the center seat, leaving the opposite side unoccupied. Chen Tanliang stood at the entryway, and the first and second concubines sat off to the side, with the second concubine, Sun Qinling, holding the oblivious and innocent Chen Ruozhi? The youngster is just two years old and understands nothing. She blinks her eyes and looks around.

“What does this mean?” Jiang Shining said coldly.

Chen Jiacheng grinned as he set the teacup down. The man was initially attractive, with sharp edges and corners, but what he said was incredibly hateful.

“It’s not a… Lingling is a bit too lonely to live alone. You both have children, but she doesn’t. So, the two of you are looking after them together. You can let her take care of them during this time and rest.”

Jiang Shining felt a rush of blood going straight to the top of her head, and she got angry. But when she was furious, she didn’t make a fuss.

She only glanced at them coldly, and she heard the second concubine persuade Chen Ruozhi.

“Ruozhi, will you continue to live with your tiny mother, okay?”

After hearing what she said, the child suddenly slumped and started to cry.

“No! I want mom, mom!”

“Hey, don’t move, don’t move…” Chen Ruozhi struggled, and Sun Qinling almost couldn’t hold her.

In the midst of the child’s cries, Chen Tanliang shouted, “Don’t bully my mother, don’t bully my sister!”

He dashed over to his sister, who was in the hands of Sun Qinling, and the two escaped through the door behind Jiang Shining.

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