The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 28.4

 “Chen Tanliang!” Chen Jiacheng said angrily.

However, Jiang Shining soon drew his attention, because Chen Jiacheng simply felt that her eyes were slashed like a dagger.

 “I used to be easy to bully, and I didn’t bother to care about you.” She said coldly, “But the children are my bottom line. Who dares to touch them, I-“

“What are you going to do?” Chen Jiacheng shouted, “Are you going to go against the sky?”

 Jiang Shining suddenly attacked. She took the guns from the waists of the soldiers guarding the door and aimed them at them.

The concubines all screamed, “Crazy, Jiang Yiru is crazy!”

The soldiers were also blinded, and Chen Jiacheng slammed the table, saying, “Jiang Yiru, who are you scaring, just because—” Just because of this, she would shoot him?!

Before the sentence could be completed, there was a loud bang. The vase on the small table between the first and second concubines was shattered. The two women were so terrified that they yelled and reflexively avoided them. They were both dressed in high heels, making them tumble to the ground because they were in a hurry.

The scene fell into silence. Everyone was stunned, and only the child was still crying. The water trickled down the table, trickling onto the sloppy floor.

Chen Jiacheng was also stupid.

He gazed at Jiang Yiru blankly until she slammed the gun on the table.

“I’ll say it again. The child is my bottom line.” She averted her gaze to the two concubines, and asked coldly, “Understood?”

She raised her gaze to Chen Jiacheng, whose eyes widened slightly as he waited for her to continue. But Jiang Shining remained silent, turned her head, and walked away with her son and daughter.

Chen Jiacheng hadn’t recovered when his two concubines crept over to him, sobbing and pleading for justice.

…he must be insane.

Otherwise, why would he think Jiang Yiru was so attractive while wielding a gun?

This is, of course, the ultimate meaning of the universe: the essence of men is big pig trotters. They like the uncontrollable stimulation.

Jiang Shining returned to her room with her two children. She managed to coax her little daughter. The frightened Chen Ruozhi still had tears on her face and fell asleep aggrieved.

When she looked up, she noticed Chen Tanliang was standing beside the bed. The small child stared at the two of them, pursed his lips, and said nothing, but a stream of tears spilled from his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Shining gently put down Chen Ruozhi, took him to the outhouse, bent down, and wiped his tears. “Did I scare you?”

Chen Tanliang’s tears continued to flow, but he fiercely pursed his lips, wiped his tears randomly, and then shook his head.

“I don’t want to study anymore,” he said quietly.

“What?” Jiang Shining couldn’t understand what was being said.

“I don’t want to study anymore.” Chen Tanliang raised his head to look at her with red eyes. “Those who are reasonable will be bullied. I want to learn to shoot guns and become a soldier! This way, no one will bully us anymore!”

Jiang Shining breathes softly.

“Do you want to be like your father?”

Chen Tanliang shook his head without hesitation.

“If you have a culture, you will be called a leader that has the family, country, and the world in your heart.” Jiang Shining said gently, “Without culture, a person with a narrow mind can only be regarded as a bandit with military power.”

She stretched out and touched the top of Chen Tanliang’s head softly.

“You can only surpass your father and become a person worthy of respect if you study hard and grow up with integrity.”

“Tanliang, make me a promise. You must always be a good person, no matter where you are or what you are doing.”

The maple leaves fluttered in the wind as Chen Tanliang stood quietly under the tree.

The foreigners passing through Nation M couldn’t help but stare at him. Despite his black hair and yellow skin, Chen Tanliang wears the M country’s military uniform and holds a high position.

Chen Tanliang closed his eyes, and the scenes from his previous life appeared in front of him. He and his sister, Chen Ruozhi had reincarnated, but he never forgot the events of his last life. However, the world is different. His home and country in his previous life seemed to have disappeared.

They are both foreigners who were born in the nation of M. This country of all blond hair and blue eyes is obviously not their last life’s country, but they can only find a similar country, not the original one. M country is where the two brothers and sisters were born and raised.

The situation of the two of them is special because their original parents were very violent. They were rescued by social workers when they were very young, and they grew up in circles. But for reborn people like them, those hardships are nothing at all.

When he grew up, her younger sister, Chen Ruozhi, lived up to her literary status. She read the book again and became a student on the top campus.

Chen Tanliang did not have her own pursuit of diplomas. In his previous life, he was a young officer who rose through the ranks to become commander in chief.

He seemed to know nothing but how to lead men into battle. He was used to the military lifestyle. So, he went into the army of the M country.

He made it all the way to the top and even earned a decent spot.

It’s just… when his sister graduates, he plans to be retired from the army.

Outside the campus, Chen Tanliang was waiting for his sister. He wore a military outfit and stood up straight. He was attractive and had deep eyes. The women passing by couldn’t help but stare at him.


A voice spoke up at this point.

Chen Tanliang lifted his head when he noticed Chen Ruozhi running over while waving her hand, full of youthful energy. He couldn’t stop himself from twitching the corners of his mouth. In this life, the two of them are eight years apart in age, but this is unimportant to him.

The older he is, the better he could take care of the smaller one.

The two siblings were walking along the street. Chen Ruozhi had previously told him about her daily life, but she had not mentioned her academics. There was no other explanation. In her study, Chen Ruozhi was just the reincarnation of a great devil.

The two walked for a while before Chen Ruozhi realized, “Why did you come to pick me up today?”

“Can’t I say I miss you?” Chen Tanliang gave a little smile.

Chen Ruozhi was taken aback.

Chen Tanliang exhaled softly, his eyes dimming slightly.

“Today is mother’s death day. Let’s go buy incense.”

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