The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 32.1

During the day, Xu Qiu collected the assignments. She drew the light string of the small desk lamp and took a red pen to mark the composition after the afternoon lesson and after dinner.

The lamp tube of the little table lamp is made of special material extracted from the robot, and when turned on, it emits a milky white light.

Xu Qiu modified the design of the lampshade, but she also put a wall lamp in her room.

Unlike the simple style table lamp, the outer cover of the wall lamp is a work of art in its own right. This lovely hanging light, like the master of the maker, is from the hand of the little mermaid, who is obsessed with painting.

The entire body is a sea-blue color.

The edge is a light blue that has been smudged all the way around, and the blue gradually deepens. At first glance, it seems that people are standing on the sand pond.

The water is clear, the sand is white, and the sea breeze is salty and wet.

White seagulls flew by, and the birds’ chirping was pleasant and melodious.

She could see another scene when she lay in bed at night and turned on the wall lamp.

When she opens her eyes and looks at the wall lamp, she could imagine herself in the deep sea, surrounded by colorful fish. There are pink peach jellyfish, and translucent arctic jellyfish agitating the body.

It’s obviously a static image, but the marine life above appears to move when she looks at it.

The sea is full of raging waves, yet You Yu’s hand-painted deep sea is far too peaceful. Since Xu Qiu has a small wall lamp, she has never lost sleep.

But this isn’t the time to look at the little wall lamp. She hurriedly averted her gaze after admiring the student’s work, which she couldn’t get enough of.

Because the students had written “My Principal,” Xu Qiu decided to read the cubs’ essays by dormitory number.

She had already prepared in her heart, but just like the primary school students who did their homework, they stood up without opening the page just after putting the text in.

Xu Qiu drew the curtains down to make the room appear brighter.

Well, there’s enough light to avoid becoming myopic.

Xu Qiu was very satisfied. She turned to the first page of the book and noticed that her voice was a little too dry.

She unscrewed the cup and drank two sips of water strategically.

Because the clear water was insufficient, Xu Qiu unscrewed the little jar of jasmine and placed a handful of jasmine into it.

The sun-dried jasmine flower is somewhat yellowish, and it softly blooms in the heated tea water, emitting a soothing perfume in a short time.

Xu Qiu finally forced herself to take back all her thoughts and put them in the workbook in front of her.

“My Principal” – Lily.

Xu Qiu expected this little fox to write about her mother, but it turned out that she, like Mu Zhi, wrote about the principal of my kindergarten. She has no idea if these cubs communicated beforehand.

The characters Lily wrote with her claws were crooked, and if she could not write in some places, she used the pinyin taught by Xu Qiu.

It’s not a pretty word, but it looks cute.

At the beginning of the composition, she used Xu Qiu’s example.

Lily wrote:

[I remember it was a hot sunny day, and the sun was hanging like a big pancake in the sky.

I haven’t eaten in days. I’m dizzy from the pancake sun, my stomach is shriveled, and I can’t cry any longer.

It’s difficult to be hungry, but Lily is very smart. I discovered that after a few hours of sleep, the stomach does not growl.

I prefer sunny days to cloudy days.

Although the sun makes people dizzy, the hot sun can make the fur on the stomach a little fluffy, so I am still a beautiful little fox, rather than a dirty fox with hair sticking to my stomach.]

Xu Qiu wiped her wet eyes with the back of her hand when she noticed this.

The small fox then wrote: [The sun went down, and there was a fierce wind in the night, sob, sob, sob.]

There are several words and gestures, but Lily cannot write them, so she uses pinyin.

[At this point, a human entered the room; yep, this frail human being is our new childcare worker, which is what I wrote today, my principal, a person I greatly admire.

When the principal arrived, she was still screaming and making unusual noises in the kindergarten.]

Because the system did not translate for Xu Qiu at the time, the cubs could not understand the language she spoke.

[The principal is like this. At times, she appears to be extremely smart, but at other times she appears to be quite stupid.]

Xu Qiu’s expression changed to: =A=.

She marked it with a red pen: [There is a spelling error, it should be another here, and the principal is not stupid at all, so I propose changing it to be always smart.]

Lily ruthlessly betrayed the other cubs in her little composition as well.

[Yuan Jiu said, the new childcare worker is very small and appears to have only a few bits of flesh on her body, which is insufficient for everyone to eat.]

Xu Qiu broke out in a cold sweat. She had to break the cubs’ bad habit of thinking about eating indiscriminately all the time!

She took up a pen and wrote: [The principal’s meat is not at all delicious!]

[But Yuan Jiu is dumber than the principal. After he deceives others and oneself [efn note] to deceive others and oneself (idiom) = to believe one’s own falsehoods or Refers to deceiving people with something you don’t even believe in yourself [/efn note] and rushed out, he was electrified and yelled zhiwa zhiwa]

[Here should be to believe oneself infallible [efn note] to believe oneself infallible (idiom) / to be opinionated [/efn note], you are using the wrong idiom,] Xu Qiu modified the text expressionlessly.

The next thing Lily did was start praising Xu Qiu’s cooking. Xu Qiu later cooked a lot of tasty food, but on the first day, she fed the cubs goat’s milk and tomato soup, which left a lasting memory on her.

The second part of the piece is devoted entirely to Lily’s appreciation of the meal.

Finally, Lily ended it with.

[Because the principal is such an impressive person, she can prepare a wide range of impressive foods. Naturally, it would be ideal if the principal could raise more chickens. Lily prefers the food known as chicken the most. Roast chicken is preferable to stew chicken; even if there are ten more, Lily can eat them all!]

In red pen, Xu Qiu scribbled a summary: [The article is full of childlike curiosity; for example, the food description can be shortened, and 10 chicks are impossible. Score:  95 points]

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