The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 32.2

A perfect score of 100 is possible if the cubs do not make any mistakes; otherwise, the minimum is 95. If it’s well written, Xu Qiu will never begrudge full marks and will not be afraid of the cubs’ pride.

The content of the cubs is similar to the title, because it is my principal.

You Yu, on the other hand, is more focused on art classes than Lily.

You Yu’s words are more beautiful than Lily’s, and this child is really an artist.

Not only is her color ink is excellent, but her singing is also lovely, and her characters are developed fast and professionally.

Xu Qiu took another look at You Yu’s book before closing it again. She had a feeling the word was familiar.

She also brought out her small book and compared it.

You Yu’s words are beautiful, and they look like Xu Qiu’s.

Xu Qiu took notes in a small notebook about this child’s incredible ability to imitate.

[Required items: printer, copybooks]

On Star Net, there are electronic versions of ancient fonts, and 008 also has a large font library. She might be able to print them out and teach the children calligraphy.

Although her calligraphy is not terrible, it is too different from that of other calligraphers.

Xu Qiu knew she couldn’t let this child’s ability go to waste.

[One of the things that most impressed me about the principal was that my painting was chosen as an excellent work and displayed on the wall.]

You Yu talked about what Xu Qiu taught her to paint and later aspects of painting are also discussed frequently, such as the design of the little red flower and the lampshade.

He appreciated Xu Qiu’s design on the robot face and stated that his wall lamp was not as appealing as Xu Qiu’s simple style little table lamp.

Cubs don’t usually lie, and their clumsy compliments are especially genuine.

Xu Qiu’s face flushed with embarrassment.

Xu Qiu’s comments on You Yu’s composition are as follows: [This is a sincere composition, with beautiful handwriting and words, and You Yu, you are highly good in artistic creation. The principal likes it very much. I can see the real sea thanks to a little wall lamp. You must believe in yourself; you will undoubtedly become an excellent artist in the future. Score: 100 points]

When it was time for the third composition, Xu Qiu sat up straighter.

What would the picture of Bai Sa’s “My Principal” be like?

When Xu Qiu opened it, he saw that Bai Sa had written in a very dominating font: [My principal is a very amazing idiot, always believing that the fur of her secret rub on me will not be discovered. Every time she strokes my fur, a peculiar light appears in her eyes, and each time it appears to be a little frightening.]

Xu Qiu retorted fiercely, 

[I don’t secretly rub. I’m upright grooming!]

Fortunately, the next thing is praise.

[However, she still has a skill. The dried small fish is delicious, and the fish soup is also very good. Roast duck is also delicious.]

Bai Sa wrote a lot of meow meow meow meow, perhaps because there weren’t enough words, and his attitude was quite perfunctory.

Xu Qiu drew a circle with a red pen on this piece of Meow Meow and gave a serious comment: [Attitude is perfunctory, score: 90 points! Subtract a little dried fish!]

Originally, she thought the minimum score was 95 points, but she couldn’t help but notice it here.

Xu Qiu was irritated and wanted to close the book, but when she turned the pages, she discovered that there appeared to be handwriting behind several blank pages, indistinct and not very clear.

When she looked closely, she discovered that each one was a blank book. What did the child write behind the page?

Xu Qiu turned it over again, opening the pages one by one, and sure enough, there were two sticky pages hidden behind them.

She ate bibimbap with a delicious chili sauce at midday today, along with green bean sprouts, refreshing cucumber shreds, and red shredded carrots.

The bean sprouts are fried, but the flavor remains crisp and raw. The carrot shreds are raw, and the carrots created by the system are sweet and zesty, mildly salted, and drizzled with sesame oil.

She separates the shredded carrots and when the rice is ready, everyone scoops a spoon.

Besides the vegetarian options, each person receives a poached egg fried in oil. Xu Qiu crafted a small grinder from metal with a very high ignition point, tossed it into a pot, and easily fried an egg into an exquisite heart shape.

Chicken breast and fried pork shreds are two other meat options.

Bibimbap is served with a spicy cabbage sauce marinated by Xu Qiu.

The most common item in her stock is cabbage. It would also be inconvenient to eat every day. Part of it is used by Xu Qiu to make spicy cabbage, which has become a particularly refreshing dish.

The soul of today’s bibimbap rice is in the two pages of paper stuck together.

Because the rice is not white, it is slightly orange yellow. Although the kitten’s claws flattened the small rice grains, the hot sauce dyed the paper to orange-yellow color.

Xu Qiu carefully ripped the sticky paper along the edge.

Xu Qiu stated that she needs at least 200 words in her writing. Bai Sa carefully wrote 78 words at the front and meow meow meow meow in the back.

And there are more than 100 small characters with the same handwriting lying gently on this sheet of paper.

[The director’s love for fur is really impressive. She not only likes my fur but also likes little foxes and premature birds like Yuan Jiu]

When Xu Qiu realized it was too early and was surprised for a minute. She read the consonant for a long and then assumed the kitten was talking loudly.

The two words “noisy” are obviously too difficult for the cubs, and the self-proclaimed smart kitten also made a typo. 1

The characters on this side are small, but they are written seriously.

Bai Sa wrote, stroke by stroke: [After all, she doesn’t have beautiful fur, so she can only touch other people’s fur; but when I die, my mother’s fur will be kept by the principal. In exchange, my fur will be left to the principal, so that she doesn’t have to be pitiful xīxī on other people’s fur.]

The very difficult word is actually written correctly, that is, miserable written as pitiful Xixi 2

while Xu Qiu corrected it herself with a red marker, sensing the bitterness in his eyes.

The compositions of the small cubs are really, really good; each one makes her want to cry even more, and she feels like her sleeves are all wet tonight.

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  1. He wants to write noisy but instead write premature.
  2. the word Bai Sa want to use is 可怜兮兮 kěliánxīxī which mean miserable or wretched but he wrote 可怜 西西 kělián xīxī = to have pity on cubic centimeter the pronunciation is same but it becomes two different words.

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