The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 32.3

She turned back to the previous position and wrote +10 points after the 90 rating, one hundred points!

[The writer’s attitude is incorrect, and the dried fish must still be deducted. The principal, on the other hand, was moved by your gift and decided to deduct two pieces from my food for you the next time. Next time, you should take your essay seriously and avoid being full of tricks.]

Hua Lan’s character is actually the most flamboyant that Xu Qiu has seen.

Hua Lan No. 4 small book also highlighted the various soups provided by Xu Qiu, but most of the writing mentioned was another person.

[The principal’s most awesome thing is that the plants she has changed are ones I have never seen before. The day I was most impressed was Hua Qing. I have never seen such a strange plant. I asked what its name was, but it didn’t know, and the principal asked me to give it a name…]

After blablabla talked a lot, Hua Lan also mentioned other plants in the kindergarten, such as the jasmine planted by Xu Qiu, and two small saplings that were not blooming.

The first is an apple tree, and the second is an orange tree.

Hua Lan’s composition also contains the most words. He comments on these plants in a variety of ways, much like a sea-king in the plant world.

Of course, he didn’t leave out his own flowers.

Xu Qiu’s comment was: [You will undoubtedly get your wish and have a stunning flower, although the composition is a little off-topic. Score: 95 points]

This should be referred to as my bamboo brother rather than my principal.

The most profound thing about Zhu Niang is that it has something to do with the kitchen.

His character is actually quite shy; Xu Qiu was the one who encouraged him, and today this boy is a lot more generous.

[When the principal told me I needed to wake up early to prepare the meals in the kitchen, I wanted to hide in the clamshell and not come out, but with her encouragement, I pulled myself together and got the strength to get up.

On my first day in the kitchen, the principal prepared the tastiest meatball in the world for me. Of course, the potato pancake was great as well.]

 Zhu Niang’s praise in the article was for the small stove that Xu Qiu opened for him, even though he was saying good things about Xu Qiu from the beginning to the end, he also decided that this article could never be exhibited as an excellent work.


[Zhu Niang’s calligraphy needs more practice, you can learn with You Yu. Your work is done very well. You have to believe in yourself. As long as you are brave, you are much better than you think. Score: 98 points]

Then there’s the small cub who has the guts to ask if she can write about the principal. The writing, like the small spider, is quite shy.

Her writing is the most delicate of the cubs, yet unlike You Yu, the little spider has her own unique style.

[I have a secret. I have a special ability to make others see an image that they particularly like. But then I found out that, in the eyes of the principal, I was the little grey spider, Mu Zhi. I know that I am not good-looking at all, but I am so happy that in the eyes of the principal, I am just Mu Zhi, not the others in her mind.]

Xu Qiu kept wiping her eyes with her sleeves.

 [The principal is a powerful person. She knows a lot of things, she can cook delicious food, she can draw, she can write, and she is more literate than Hua Lan. Even though Hua Lan is the oldest of us, I think he is still goofy. I hope that I can become a useful and powerful person like the principal.]

Xu Qiu affirmed Mu Zhi in the comments and then encouraged her: [You must be able to become a person who is more powerful than the principal in the future. Score: 99 points] 

One more point is room for improvement.

The little green snake’s characters are the same as his own, and the writing is incredibly small since it is written by the tail, which is a bit completely like an earthworm.

Qing Sha didn’t mention it much, mainly to praise Xu Qiu.

Like: [The principal is beautiful, the principal is cute, and the principal’s arms are incredibly comfy.]

They’re all blowing rainbow farts, and the composition is pretty generic.

The only thing that distinguishes it is that it sheds its skin.

[After I shed my skin, my skin will be left to the principal! She will love it!]

Although she was in a good mood, Xu Qiu, as a responsible teacher, still gave him a score of 95 points.

[The article’s structure is relatively loose; keep working hard so that next time you may write better; thank you for the gift you prepared for me; I will be very happy.]

As for the most mischievous Yuan Jiu, his paper is fairly excellent. It can be seen that he is really listening intently, and he wrote it in the composition format that Xu Qiu mentioned.

Beginning, narrative, ending.

He rewrote his favorite seeds, told the story of the great battle between Donald and Jasper, depicted his heroic image, criticized Xu Qiu’s stinginess by the way, and finally made another twist, saying awkwardly.

[Although the principal has many flaws, she is, in general, the best kindergarten teacher and kindergarten principal thus far. The name of the universe’s first kindergarten is excellent; it sounds extremely good to match me].

This cunning bird also snipped a feather in this workbook.

The feathers are carefully combed by the claws and look beautiful.

Xu Qiu accepted the gift and subsequently assigned a score of 98 to Yuan Jiu’s composition.

[This name is really awesome. I hope Yuan Jiu can become an awesome adult!] 

What Xu Qiu did not expect was that she would give two unprecedented low marks to the two small bat brothers.

The two wrote exactly the same thing because the small bat plagiarised!

Xu Qiu left a serious message below.

[Your composition totals 100 points, but each individual can only obtain 50 points and fails because even the two brothers differ. The principal hopes you remember this.]

Because it was the first time the cubs wrote a composition, Xu Qiu’s original aim was to choose good works to read, but she chose to give up at this point.

These compositions are sent to the cubs individually, and they serve as a means of communication between her and the cubs.

As for the little Bat’s composition, she will interview the two brothers separately and give them the opportunity to rewrite.

After all, they are still young, and it is alright for them to make mistakes the first time and to redo them again.

But these things have to wait until tomorrow to make arrangements.

In the early morning of the second day of kindergarten, the first glimmer of light, the kindergarten welcomed a new guest – Lily’s biological mother.

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