The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 29

One year ago…

Chen Tanliang came into the M Army’s base unit and was greeted by a brown-haired, blue-eyed soldier as soon as he entered the corridor.

“The colonel is looking for you, Mr. Kelly.”

Chen Tanliang nodded and then proceeded to the colonel’s office. The door to Colonel Michael’s office was open at the end of the second floor, and he was sorting through the papers on his desk with his back to the door.


Michael turned his head, looked at Chen Tanliang, and smiled.

 “Kelly.” He said, “I saw your application. You want to leave the army and transfer to the rear?”

Chen Tanliang walked in and nodded quietly.

“I have three years until I can be discharged if I don’t continue to get promoted.”

“You’re an outstanding officer.” Colonel Michael expressed his apologies, saying, “Will you consider it? You will undoubtedly rise further if you achieve more military achievements while receiving my help.”

The corner of Chen Tanliang’s mouth was slightly hooked.

“I could not gain military achievements due to the peaceful times.” He stated, “I joined the army because I couldn’t do anything else, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy fighting. I suppose you don’t need a war-weary officer like me, either.”

Michael sighed as he reached out and gave a document to Chen Tanliang.

“I helped you obtain this opportunity. Previously, an officer of your level could not be discharged with such ease, but…… A covert operations department requires a leader,” Michael said, referring to the document. “If you are willing to transfer to this department to complete tasks for one year, you can retire according to your wishes next year.”

Chen Tanliang furrowed his brow as he read the document.

“I thought the Investigation Bureau was in charge of this.”

“They have already sent people over, and you will be the supervisor of those people.” Michael said, “This department has a wide range of interests, and you will represent the military as well as collaborate with the other two departments. What do you think about that? Would you like it?”

“I don’t want to do anything impure.” Chen Tanliang stated this.

 “I don’t want to do something unclean.” Chen Tanliang said.

“I guarantee you that all the mission’s targets are evil people who deserve to die.”


Chen Tanliang then left the M army to join this secret department, comprised three departments.

The members of the organization were pretty skeptical. In their hearts, the military was old-fashioned, stubborn, arrogant guys; why should they parachute in straight to be their boss?

They were persuaded after the first mission.

Chen Tanliang is a man with good character, good skills, and rigid laws. He is extremely brilliant and admirable, regardless of whether he is performing work in person or arranging troops.

It is also true, as Michael stated, that the role of this secret group is to track down the evil guys. However, because the other side is powerful, it is always necessary for the entire group to cooperate, sneak, and disguise in order to accomplish the goal.

Chen Tanliang does not belong to this country or even the entire world. Therefore, he accepted this assignment for the simple reason that he will be able to be released after one year, and it will also be seen as doing something good for ordinary people.

A year had passed, and Chen Tanliang and his team were prepared to embark on their final expedition.

 Their target was a smuggler of arms named Evan Fitzgerald. According to the Intelligence Bureau’s data, this person is believed to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Because this person is very cunning and scheming; it is difficult to track him down. All they know is that he recently hung out in several remote towns near the border.

“I remember …. there’s a guy in one of the cities on our target list. He might know something.” A subordinate said.

This man, whose nickname was ‘J’, could be considered the local snake, and even several gangs didn’t dare to mess with him.

They needed to send someone to hide their identity and claim they were going to buy information from him. But this J was incredibly smart and difficult; letting him see the hints may have been disastrous.

 “I’ll go.” Chen Tanliang said.

“Then we’ll be outside, ready to help you.”

Chen Tanliang made a shaky motion with his head. “Because this man is so smart, you people will expose me instead. Let me go alone.”

Finally, the group agreed to send two more people in disguise to blend in with the city and help Chen Tanliang if there were any surprises.

Chen Tanliang gazed down at the file in his palm, a photo of a sneak peek angle of a dark-haired man’s side face wedged between it.

The following day, a group of people arrived at this border city. Chen Tanliang pretended to be a wealthy businessman. Chen Tanliang proceeded into the inner city alone under the escort of the guards, eventually stopping in front of a two-story building after first handing the other party a substantial sum of money for the meeting and being introduced by his minions.

“The boss is on the second floor; you go up there.” With no expression on his face, the man leading the way said.

The guards in front moved to the flanks, and Chen Tanliang entered.

Chen Tanliang only saw that the layout of the entire second floor was exceedingly chaotic when he climbed up to the second floor. Colorful blankets from many small nations and unique customs were displayed on one side of the wall, while modern revolvers and two vintage hunting wooden rifles were displayed on the other. The most recent laptop was placed on a Brazilian-style bench, while the mahogany bench in the center is of Chinese antique design.

A young and attractive man leaned against the bench. He had the same black hair and black eyes as Chen Tanliang. Only his eyes were unfathomable, and despite sitting in a relaxed position, he projected an unnerving eeriness.

“Hi.” Chen Tanliang showed a warm smile and said, “You are the legendary J?”

“Are you the wealthy businessman who gave the large sum of money?” J – that is, Chou Jing Yuan said indifferently, “Say, what do you want.”

“I’m looking for someone. Can you find it for me?” Chen Tanliang said.

Jing Yuan gave a mocking smile.

“There is no one who can escape my gaze in these few border cities. Tell me about it,” he replied.

“I’m looking for a man, Evan Fitzgerald.”

Chen Tanliang watched Chou Jing Yuan’s expression after he finished speaking. Sure enough, Chou Jing Yuan played with the lighter in his hand a little casually at first, and when he heard him speak this name, Jing Yuan raised his head.

“How come you’re looking for him?”

“Naturally, it’s to buy weapons.”

“This man is troublesome. If you want to buy one, I have other channels to give you.”

“No, I just want to see him.” Chen Tanliang mocked, “Don’t you know where this person is?”

As he stood up, Jing Yuan’s eyes gradually narrowed.

“I know the whereabouts of everyone in this area, but you won’t necessarily meet him.”


“I’ll give you one chance to reveal your true identity. Which country and which department are you linked with?” Jing Yuan asked ominously.

“I run a business.” Chen Tanliang pretended to be enraged and said, “You investigated me before meeting me, and now you suspect my identity?”

 Jing Yuan stopped talking, and in the next second, Chen Tanliang felt a strong wind coming at him, but he couldn’t resist. An ordinary rich man couldn’t have such a fast reaction.

Bang…! Jing Yuan knocked Chen Tanliang down on the long coffee table, and the glass-topped coffee table shattered instantly.

“J, what exactly do you mean by this?” During the wreckage, Chen Tanliang raised his head and asked coldly, “You hit people before every business?”

“Are you still playing with me? Your eyes have betrayed you,” Jing Yuan stated coldly, switching to Chinese.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” Chen Tanliang’s stare progressively condensed as he realized he had been exposed.

Jing Yuan’s mouth was slightly hooked, and he smiled coldly.

He gripped Chen Tanliang’s chin with his hand, causing him to raise his head.

“Fight me.” He said softly, “If you win, I’ll tell you.”

The author has something to say:

It must be a special destiny ~ now we are a family ~~~

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