The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 33.1

The private spaceship came to a halt at the planned landing place for the asteroid known as Black Star.

The man who opened the spaceship for Jin Xingxing was a very thin man. Jin Xingxing, her agent, and the owner of the spaceship sat in the small space of the spaceship.

Aside from the necessary food, the only thing packed in the back of this sleek-looking personal spaceship is the power supply for the spaceship.

Today’s weather is perfect. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and every grain of sand is bone dry. There was a puff of dust as the spaceship landed.

When the spacecraft has been stabilized, the pilot activates the cleaning function to remove sand and dust from the spacecraft’s important areas.

This is his favorite ship. When he saw the harsh environment, he couldn’t help but scowl and complain: “This location is too far away. The bases where the spacecraft is docked are in such disrepair that I can’t even find a charging station.”

Although Black Star can search for asteroids on the star network, is no public route here because it is relatively barren and has no potential for growth.

When researchers came and went more frequently, the location where the ship was parked was kept maintained by special people, but that old equipment had long been buried in the yellow sand, and trying to find an extra location to provide energy to the spacecraft was basically a dream.

The astute-looking agent stated: “It’s nothing but yellow sand. At the very least, the air radiation here will not affect the human body. Your company is not losing money.”

It is not a loss; it is simply a large sum of money. Jin Xingxing already explain the harsh environment on the barren star when she was looking for someone who owned a spaceship. In the worst-case scenario, her cost was prohibitively expensive.

The price she paid for it was enough to buy a quarter of a spaceship. From the planet where the kindergarten is located to this location and back.

The generous remuneration is enough to make the driver shut up because preparations have been made in advance. Even if there is no charging location, there is enough energy on the spacecraft. Regardless of how bad the conditions of the barren star are, it is enough to support a small protective cover for seven days.

The barren star now only has sandstorms, and the atmospheric radiation level is still relatively low, allowing the money for the protective cover to be saved.

“In any case, we decided on a seven-day period. If it exceeds this amount, you will have to pay more money.”

If this continues and the two people do not return, he will be forced to depart first.

Anyway, Jin Xingxing mortgaged some goods with him, so if there was an accident, he would only lose some labor money.

The female star, who had been deafeningly quiet on the trip here, put on her hat. She took the wallet with the worn edges in her hands and sat silently in the rear seat of the vehicle.

The agent who has followed her for many years placed some food, self-defense weapons, enough money, and gifts in the trunk of the car. He patted his artist on the shoulder, sat in the driver’s seat, and turned on the automatic navigation.

The car is still driven by an intelligent system, which means that if something goes wrong, it would send some warning.

After about fifty minutes, the napping man abruptly raised his head and awoke. “Xingxing, look, are we here?” he asked, turning his head and patting the young woman in the rear seat with his palm.

They drove away from where the spaceship had landed, and the environment did not change along the way. It was all yellow sand when looking left and right, horizontal and vertical. If the distance between the map and the navigation objective had been shorter, the man would have thought he was going around in one place.

Jin Xingxing raised her head and saw the sight she had seen countless times in her sleep.

The blazing sun above them was covered by a dense cloud of pale grey.

This very thick and wide grey cloud separated the sky where they stood and the location of the structure into two distinct worlds.

The beautiful and dazzling lady raised her white and exquisite wrist. “It’s here,” she said after squinting her eyes and seeing into the distance for the first time since the trip.

The car came to a halt in front of the kindergarten.

She followed her agent and peered at the lettering above, but he couldn’t understand it.

However, he counted the words: “This does not appear to be the kindergarten you mentioned. We didn’t end up in the wrong place, did we?”

Just for such a trip, Jin Xingxing has emptied the family saving that she has struggled with for many years. If she goes wrong, then she really has the heart to jump off the building.

She raised her wrist, photographed the kindergarten’s text, and searched the Star Net database for the name above: “The First Kindergarten in the Universe?”

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