The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 33.2

She raised her wrist, photographed the kindergarten’s text, and searched the Star Net database for the name above: “The First Kindergarten in the Universe?”

“This name is pretty interesting,” the man said with a smile.

Jin Xingxing’s flame-like eyes were burning fiercely. Her eyes did not blink, and only the small paw print on the placard was printed in her pupils.

This female star, who is quite excellent at hiding her emotions, is feeling incredibly vulnerable right now. The floodgates that control her emotions are broken, and something flowed out after breaking through the floodgates. She stood on tiptoe and extended her hand.

Her hands are exquisite. They are very well preserved due to her occupation. Her fingers are as delicate as perfectly created works of art.

However, as it approached the sign, the hand changed into a furry fox paw.

Jin Xingxing softly brushed her fox paws across the signboard’s small, delicate, extremely childish, fiery red fox paw print.

The woman raised her delicate chin, blinked, and eventually exhaled deeply.

The sign is still new, and the child seems to be well looked after.

This place had appeared many times in her dreams. Except for the door and signboard, it looks exactly like the scene from the dream three years later.

“It’s here, ring the doorbell.”

She reverted to her previous uncommunicative appearance after expressing this. The woman pressed the large brim of her hat down.

She was timid when she was young, and she had previously made all preparations to come here, but after standing in front of this door, she appeared to revert to the weak and defenseless person she had been three years before.

She is not the high-spirited female celebrity, Jin Yingzi, but the timid and weak Jin Xingxing.

The manager, who didn’t have the same serious psychological weight as she did, rang the doorbell neatly.

He raised his voice and shouted a few phrases, since he was afraid no one could hear him.

“Is there anyone here? Is there anyone here? The parents are coming!”

“Ding dong, you have a new visitor,” the door said, making a really adorable sound.

The original iron gate did not have a doorbell function, but the system’s new door does.

You Yu’s voice was used as the doorbell. After all, the little mermaid’s voice is the most superior among the cubs.

What the two visitors at the entrance didn’t realize was that the door also had a defense mechanism, and that whoever made an attack would be attacked by the system.

If Jin Xingxing’s paw was not softly covering the paw prints at the moment but was instead attempting to engrave or dig out the patterns on them, the gate would trigger the passive-aggressive device and electrocute her into a fried fox.

At the same time, she will be greeted by 12 small groups of robots.

At that moment, there will be six attacking robots in front and six defense robots in the back, forming a perfect phalanx, and they will directly grab Jin Xingxing, and any who accompany her will be considered accomplices even if they surrender with their hands high.

The message was delivered to Xu Qiu, the kindergarten’s new principal as soon as the new guests arrived at the door.

She assigned the cubs homework to recite the text before turning around and entering her room-plus-office.

When the doorbell rang, she did not open it, nor did she want to go right away, and welcomed the two people in.

What do you think as a mother when you hand over your child to this type of lab?

She had to come over eventually, but she did it suddenly when she was racked with scandals and ruined her reputation.

It is said that the child is to be taken away, at a high price.

What is her purpose? For the mother-daughter reunion? To make amends for the child? Do you want the cub to join her as she grows up, or do you want to use the young fox to clean up your reputation?

If Lily really wants to be with her mother all the time, she’ll figure out a way to fulfill her dream.

However, the idea is that after Lily leaves kindergarten, she would be able to live a better life.

Xu Qiu pretended not to hear and proceeded to teach the cubs as usual.

A literature class was scheduled for the morning. She discovered a chance to review the monitoring after teaching a text.

The manager who had been following Jin Xingxing became agitated and walked around the kindergarten’s gate.

During this time, Jin Xingxing’s gaze was fixed on the young fox’s paw prints, and her demeanor appeared gentle in the surveillance footage given by the system.

Xu Qiu eventually stood up after the 10 cubs took turns reciting the passage that Xu Qiu had chosen for today.

Jin Xingxing still appeared patient after she dried the other party for more than an hour outside. She felt that she must at least give people a chance to come in and talk.

She tried to maintain her customary light and natural tone: “Everyone’s performance was excellent. There are special circumstances today, and I have some things to deal with. The class will end first. Everyone can go back to the dormitory, don’t come out casually.”

These days, Xu Qiu took the time to make up for the TV series that the other party had acted in before. The young girl has good acting abilities and can play both an extremely vicious and evil woman and an innocent and delicate little white blossom.

Xu Qiu didn’t have the ability to read minds, and there was no way to detect if the other person was lying to her, so she used this little method to put the other party to the test.

If only she could read people’s minds.

Wait a second!

When Xu Qiu saw the two young bats, his eyes brightened up. “Ding Ding and Dong Dong, you two stay here. I have something I need your help with.”

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