The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 30.1

Everyone was taken aback when Chen Tanliang returned to the group’s rented hotel room.

Chen Tanliang’s clothes appeared to have been tidied up ahead of time, with no evidence of dust, but Chen Tanliang’s face had a long, thin wound from the corner of his left brow to his cheek, which was no longer bleeding.

“You, Kelly—”

“I received the guy’s details.” Chen Tanliang stated unemotionally.

The group didn’t let him go off-topic, and someone brought the medkit.

“Who was it that you had a run-in with?”

“J..” Chen Tanliang explained, “fought to a draw, then he informed me about Evan Fetzgerald. We’ll get started on the action plan right now.”

On the other side, a group member was verifying the information on the computer when he scowled and stated, “J didn’t charge you anything for the information? How is this even possible?”

What type of weird behavior is this, J providing information but not accepting payment and battling with the client?

That’s not professional.

These team members came from special departments and used to analyze a lot, and they suspected that Jing Yuan’s acts were part of a conspiracy at this point.

“Don’t think about it.” Chen Tanliang said indifferently, “That man is a madman.”

He’s lived two lives, but this is the first time he’s met someone like Jing Yuan, who likes to fight people and then laugh about it like its nothing. He didn’t even ask about his background before revealing Evan Fitzgerald’s information in great detail.

This type of man, who does not play cards according to common sense and instead concentrates on his own preferences, should be approached with caution – you never know when he’ll be in the mood or decide to do something.

Too difficult to control.

Chen Tanliang has always been a highly moral guy, even as a young marshal, and he dislikes people like Chou Jing Yuan.

According to the information, the big man who was holding a weapon of destruction will attend a local banquet in three days, which will invite some guests who are interested in the item, which will be sold to various grey and dark forces “

“This feast is only known to those in the underground world and is closely guarded, so getting near to it is difficult. But if we miss this moment, this big fish might just vanish into thin air again,” one of the group members stated.

Chen Tanliang pondered it for a while and then replied, “Let’s go. Find a way to blend in with the staff in the back kitchen.”

They worked hard to plan countermeasures and contacted logistical…… Two days went by rather quickly.

The following night, the group was working in the house when they heard a knock on the guest room door. Everyone reacted quickly and drew their guns. Chen Tanliang used hand gestures to warn them to be on the lookout while slowly leaning forward with a wooden barrel shotgun.

“Who is it?” He said in a deep voice.

No one answered outside.

Chen Tanliang pointed his gun’s mouth towards the door panel. The bullet was powerful enough to pass through the door panel and injure those outsides. The door was slowly opened after that.

Chen Tanliang’s eyes widened when he noticed the guy outside the door.

“How did you know we were here?”

It was none other than Jing Yuan in the corridor.

Jing Yuan was dressed in an open suit, and the buttons on his shirt inside were unbuttoned, leaving the V-shaped collar open. He slid his hands into his pockets and grinned softly.

“I warned you, Mr. Kelly.” Jing Yuan’s deadly gaze met Chen Tanliang’s, his brows slightly arched. “I know where everyone in this area is.”

Chen Tanliang grabbed Jing Yuan’s collar and dragged him into the room because he was afraid of being noticed while conversing in the corridor. The door slammed. Chen Tanliang shoved him against the wall, and the mouth of the cold barrel shotgun was aimed at his heart.

“What exactly do you want to do?” Chen Tanliang stated gloomily, “Do you realize you’re asking for trouble?”

Jing Yuan swept into the room unhurriedly, as if he wasn’t under threat. When he saw a room full of computers and drawings, he smiled contemptuously.

“You’re all exuding an air of officialdom.” Jing Yuan turned to face Chen Tanliang. “You really are from the military.”

“Didn’t you hear what I was saying?” Chen Tanliang’s eyebrows furrowed, and his fingers on his collar tightened.

Of course, Jing Yuan knew that. When this kind of official squad was on a mission, it was to set itself aside from the M official state. If they were caught, they could all say it was a personal act. It made sense that they could even discard their own identities and settle for a local snake that came to their door.

How interesting.

He’d never met such interesting people in all his time in this area.

“Don’t you want to go to the banquet?” Jing Yuan spoke lazily.

He ignored the fact that Chen Tanliang was aiming a barrel shotgun at him and shook a few tickets from his pocket. Chen Tanliang took a glance; it was the banquet admittance ticket. He let go of Jing Yuan’s collar and was ready to grab them when Jing Yuan’s hand dodged, not letting him touch them.

 “It’s okay to give you, but I have a request.” Jing Yuan spoke carelessly.

Chen Tanliang’s brows were tightly creased. “J, do you not want to live? Even if we kill you directly, we can then take the entrance ticket.”

Chou Jing Yuan gave a gentle smile.

“You guys are welcome to come and give it a shot. Sir, you only have one chance to pick whether you want to make a move with me or negotiate with me,” he stated gently to Chen Tanliang.

Chen Tanliang lowered his lashes and moved his pupils. He made his decision in a matter of seconds. A powerful dragon will not be able to crush a local snake. Jing Yuan’s influence in the local area exceeds their imagination and data.

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