The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 30.2

“What’s your price?” Chen Tanliang asked coldly.

Chu Jing Yuan extended his hand and took those tickets.

“I can give you a ticket, but you owe me one more favor. Sir, take your pick?” he said.

Chen Tanliang clenched his teeth.

“It’s fine if I owe you a favor. But I’d want to make a request.” Chen Tanliang said, “One can’t hurt heaven and earth, can’t hurt civilians. Two, you can’t force others, and three, you can’t-“

“I regret it.” Jing Yuan interrupted him with a blank expression, “One hundred million yuan. Ask your boss to bring the money.”

Tanliang Chen:…

Sure enough, they couldn’t talk about the same thing at all.

He eventually received three tickets, and Chu Jing Yuan also got a lot of goodies in the negotiation, so he left happily.

“Should we just let him leave like this, team leader?” several team members said, hesitantly.

What else are we able to do? Chu Jing Yuan was able to obtain five or more of these types of tickets, and it was extremely simple for him to locate their whereabouts…

“It isn’t an issue for us to let him go.” Chen Tanliang stated unconcernedly. “We’re in someone’s cobwebs,” he said.

This man was too dangerous.

But no matter what, they got the tickets, and it was much easier for them to make plans than before.

On the third day, a group of people went to the banquet as planned.

The group of three effortlessly entered the banquet with tickets and a very comprehensive fake identity background.

Chen Tanliang scanned the entire banquet, hoping to understand the enemy’s tactics, but he suddenly noticed the man again, this time close to a cake tower!

Chen Tanliang approached, holding the wine glass.


“Don’t get too worked up, sir.” Jing Yuan also took up the glass and lightly touched him. “I’m here to seek revenge too. This old guy, Evan, someone paid a lot of money for me to kill him.”

Only then did Chen Tanliang realize that Jingyuan had taken a ride with them at the start of their relationship; no wonder they worked so well together.

“Did you come in person as the leader?” Chen Tanliang murmured.

“Are you not the same?”

They both communicated in Chinese to avoid being overheard by others.

Chen Tanliang grew skeptical after conversing for so long.

“How come you grew up here and speak Chinese so fluently?”

“With your position being so important, how do you speak Chinese so fluently?” Chu Jing Yuan asked rhetorically.

Both were silent.

There was a strong odor of gunpowder in the air as he spoke. If it weren’t for the scene restrictions, the two of them might end up chatting and fighting again.

“You have a higher chance of winning if you collaborate,” Chen Tanliang said after a while.

“I can skip this order. Do you won’t complete the task?” Jing Yuan said casually.

Chen Tanliang looked at the floor.

“What exactly do you want?”

“You owe me a favor. I’ll consider it later.” Jing Yuan said.

Chen Tanliang was about to say something, but the mission target showed up at the banquet.

A few hours later, the two broke through the siege – not only did they eliminate the boss, but with the help of Chen Tanliang’s team members, they eventually took away all the weapons that these guys were preparing to trade and detained them, flawlessly accomplishing the task.

Even though Chen Tanliang was familiar with the terrain in advance, he was still not as familiar as Chu Jing Yuan.

Chu Jing Yuan rode his own modified motorcycle, carrying Chen Tanliang, and shuttled between traffic and the house trail like the wind and lightning, and quickly left the pursuers without a trace.

Chu Jing Yuan continued to walk till he reached the mountain behind the city. The two stepped off the motorcycle, and the town looked small beneath their feet.

“This time, I owe you a favor. If you ask for help within the normal range in the future, I will help you,” After a while, Chen Tanliang said

Chu Jing Yuan snorted softly, without taking it personally.

Chen Tanliang gave him a look.

“Aren’t you afraid that your actions will offend people?”

“I’ve never had a fear of anything.” Chu Jing Yuan said lightheartedly, “Even if I offend them, I can send them one by one to the west. Furthermore, if I change my identity and location, no one will recognize me, so why am I worried about offending people?”

Chen Tanliang was taken aback when he saw Chu Jing Yuan resemble him. Neither both of them felt a strong sense of belonging to their respective countries. But he can understand himself. Why is Chu Jing Yuan similar to him?

When the mission is over, the two are at a loss for words.

Their personalities are very different. Although Jing Yuan’s younger brother is different from him, he and Jing Xuan complement each other, whereas he and Chen Tanliang are more like magnets with opposite poles. They are born to resist each other, and there is no way to get along with the other side.

“Goodbye, may fate bring us together.” Chen Tanliang added it after a while. “The benefits promised to you earlier would be fulfilled for you one after the other.”

Chu Jing Yuan gave a nod.

“Goodbye, may fate bring us together.”

In reality, when the two parted ways, they both had the same thought: they would never see each other again, and one day, they would leave the country and their current job.

What about fate? No, they’re like two parallel lines that will never cross again.

Jing Yuan’s head kept sliding downward, and after a pause, he woke up.

For some reason, he dreamt of this ‘customer,’ whom he had only met once a year before.

 Well, that fight was pretty cool.

However, their personalities are really mutually exclusive.

For some reason, Chu Jingyuan had a nightmare just now—he dreamed in horror that this Chen Tanliang was also Jiang Shining’s child.

Ahaha, that’s horrible.

Fortunately, it was all a nightmare…

Jing Yuan exhaled a sigh of relief and then fell asleep peacefully.

The author has something to say:

Wake up ah, two eldest sons! There are two moths left!

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