The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 34.1

“What the hell is going on at this kindergarten? There won’t be anyone there, right?”

Besides running with Jin Xingxing at first and suffering greatly, the agent has been begged and held high by others in many places over the last two years.

How can he eat this kind of suffering, being obstructed by others, and basking in the sun outside the door?

This dilapidated kindergarten does not even have a place to cover him outside!

He removed his hat off his head and fanned his face constantly.

The heat was scorching, yet he remained outside and refused to return to his car to use the air conditioner.

Because the energy in the car is limited, he may have to drag the car back if he continues to drive.

When they arrived, there was still a black cloud above their heads, but now that it had cleared, the sand beneath their feet was hot.

Jin Xingxing feels nothing. She was born in a remote iceberg snowfield. She is not scared of cold or heat, yet he suffers!

He wouldn’t insist on accompanying her if he didn’t fear that she would be cheated of all her property by others.

The door creaked and was opened from the inside while the agent grumbled.

Oh my goodness! This battle that came out is really a good guy.

He noticed a few robots walking in front of him with clean steps, and a human female standing in the center, looking petite and small. She is delicate and beautiful, with extremely white skin, gentle brows and eyes, a small face, and a little baby fat, but she should be very appealing to the audience when she is on camera, and the public will like her appearance.

Unlike Jin Xingxing, she is dazzling and gorgeous, but she is very aggressive. People who like her love her to death and can dig their hearts out for her. People who despise her would call her a shameless vixen.

The agent instinctively glanced at the girl in front of him with his own eyes.

The clothes on the other side were rather plain and simple, and he could tell she was an ordinary girl from a rural place at first glance.

What didn’t match her gentle and harmless appearance was the accessories on the girl. Her ears were adorned with two little bat earrings.

The carving of the dark and shiny little bat is delicate. Perhaps this is a girl who has a gentle appearance and a wild heart.

The man with divergent thinking commented on Xu Qiu in his heart. The next second, the other party said, “I’m the current head of this kindergarten. What’s the matter with the two of you?”

Jin Xingxing, who had not said anything, removed her hat. She was quite polite and took a big bow to Xu Qiu: “I emailed before I came, I’m No. 4 ex… The mother of the child, Jin Lily, I came here to pick her up and leave.”

She really couldn’t say the word “experiment”.

Of course, this is hardly a place where a child can be taken away with just one mouth. Jin Xing instantly took the documents she had prepared from her bag to confirm her identity.

Jin Xingxing held the certificate in both hands and delivered it to Xu Qiu because she attached great importance to this matter.

She used to have a particularly strong appearance, and she has acted in so many dramas over the years. She has a highly unique star temperament when compared to ordinary people.

But, at the moment, Jin Xingxing is very reserved, standing in front of Xu Qiu, and she appears to be part of a pitiful, vulnerable group: ” Look, this is my relevant proof. The kindergarten’s database should also have the information I left behind. You can also look for my details on Star Net.”

When she noticed that Xu Qiu was silent, she took a well-preserved photograph from her wallet.

The woman carefully handed it to Xu Qiu.

“Look, this is the photo I took with her at that time.”

Xu Qiu glanced at the photo, which shows the woman who was holding a bright red small fox.

She realized something and said calmly, “Our kindergarten’s No. 4 youngster is not named Jin Lily.”

Jin Xingxing’s face suddenly turned pale, like a latex-painted wall.

Xu Qiu went on to say, “We don’t have a child named Jin Lily in our kindergarten.”

Jin Xingxing felt an unsettling feeling before Xu Qiu uttered what she said before. As soon as she stated this, the woman’s long legs, which fans lauded as super-powerful, suddenly lost consciousness. Her legs went weak, and she almost fainted.

The agent noticed that her face was off, so he swiftly supported her so that Jin Xing did not fall.

Jin Xingxing grasped the agent’s sleeve. Her lips were white, her steps wobbling, her tongue shaking, and her usual clever mouth unable to speak a complete sentence: “She… I…”

She should have recognized that Xu Qiu is not the same person she saw in charge a few years ago. Now that this place looks like a real kindergarten, her children may not be here long ago!

“However, our kindergarten’s student No.1 is a small fox named Lily,” Xu Qiu said.

“That had to be Lily, my daughter!”

The woman’s grey eyes widened in surprise. She unconsciously wanted to grab Xu Qiu’s hand, but the cold robot stopped her.

Jin Xingxing stepped back and begged: “I know we signed a contract, but it’s been three years. She shouldn’t be much use to you, right? I’ll give you more money than you had previously given. Please let me see her.”

“That’s right, the mother wants to meet her daughter. Could you give me her a chance?”

The agent felt so neglected that he was about to say something hurtful when he noticed these robots surrounding the young girl. They must be better at playing emotional cards.

Xu Qiu’s tone was gentle and polite but did not bring any warmth: “Lily’s serial number was changed to No. 1 two years ago.”

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