The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 34.2

What exactly does this mean? It shows that Jin Xing was unconcerned about his daughter.

If you lose your child at this place, you will be without him or her for two or three years while you continue to work hard.

At this time, she suddenly ran out and made an affectionate gesture. Her tone was very emotional and touching, but it didn’t sound right.

In her era, even those left behind children would have to travel over mountains and rivers for the New Year to see their parents.

As long as she pays more attention, she can also understand the progress of some things.

Xu Qiu now wants to kick Jin Xingxing out, but Xu Qiu still remembers what Lily normally said. This small fox has always missed his mother and wants to go back to being a comfortable day.

Jin Xingxing’s pale face vanished. She defended herself and said, “It’s not like that. I have been thinking about her, but I haven’t saved any money.”

“Then have you saved money now??”

Xu Qiu sighed: “No. 1, you broadcast to this Ms. Jin.”

Robot No. 1 stood in front of Jin Xingxing, its expression disappeared, and it turned into a square screen.

On the screen, there is news about her overwhelming scandals.

“Every year, Ms. Jin sends a large sum of money to her hometown. I don’t think you lack a child that you have abandoned.”

Xu Qiu still comes from the era where the information explosion occurs. Maybe it was just to let the child in front to donate a kidney and bone marrow to the one they raised later.

Jin Xingxing defended herself, saying, “No, I just had Lily and no more children.”

Her lips were bitten and bleeding because of the stress: “I didn’t lie at all. This is where I come from. The trip is incredibly expensive, and I have been saving money. I’m not sure about these things. I had been planning to come here earlier.”

That kind of little spaceship would take several days to drive from where she originated, and the compensation for that drama had been paid long after the filming had finished. After that, she was prepared for today’s events, and she pushed off her work for a half-year period.

This unexpected news made her appear to have ulterior motives, but Jin Xingxing swore it was all a coincidence.

She was nervous and eager to explain, which came out as incoherent.

“It appears like someone is blackening our Xingxing, but don’t worry, we will have a press conference to explain there, and let the child reveal her face. It will be no problem,” the agent on the side added.

“I won’t let Lily expose her face,” Jin Xingxing says abruptly to the agent.

It was because she was sorry for this child that it was too late to protect her. How could this child appear in the public eye?

The agent choked: “Don’t show her face, don’t show her face, you are the mother.”

The two little bats on Xu Qiu’s ears made low voices, and the system translated their two special languages ​​for her.

[What she said is true]

[She didn’t lie]

Xu Qiu’s complexion has improved.

“Who is he?”

Xu Qiu turned to face the man standing next to Jin Xingxing. She usually only watches dramas and is unconcerned about the celebrity’s entourage.

“Hello, the person in charge. I’m Jin Xingxing’s agent.”

Xu Qiu returned with a cold face: “The kindergarten does not welcome irrelevant people. If there is nothing to do, just wait outside.”

This time, none of the cubs came out to help, but she had nothing to worry about with the twelve robots guarding her.

This person doesn’t speak well, and he complains a lot. He doesn’t have a door in his mouth. Xu Qiu is concerned that he would cause harm to the children.

The agent’s face immediately turned into a bitter gourd shape: “Hey, it’s really hot outside. You are kind-hearted. I promise not to go anywhere, just stay by the door. “

The environment inside and outside is very different just by looking at the window.

He wasn’t sure how long he could stay, given the circumstances.

“Third brother, you can drive back first, and I will contact you when I finish the transaction,” Jin Xingxing said calmly.

She turned her head and thought of the things in the car: “I also brought a lot of food.”

With eager eyes, Jin Xingxing asked Xu Qiu, “Can the goods stay? If they’re left outside, they’ll spoil.”

She bought a lot of snacks, which are really popular these days, and the little fox cubs will absolutely love it.    

Xu Qiu wanted to emphasize that there was plenty of food in the kindergarten. But she agreed to her request after considering the scarcity of supplies: “11, 12, help them place the snacks in the pavilion and send them back.”

The cubs wouldn’t like an adult with a slick and ugly head.

She took Jin Xingxing to the classroom. In this kindergarten, Xu Qiu had 008, the largest security bodyguard, as well as the robot that followed her every step on the way, so she wasn’t concerned about his safety.

“No. 2, you go and call Lily over and let her come alone,” Xu Qiu told the robot that Lily built herself.

Xu Qiu felt that she should decide who Lily wanted to live with.

Of course, before Lily officially left, Xu Qiu would investigate Jin Xingxing’s specific situation for Lily.

She would never allow Jin Xingxing to take the small fox away if she was simply a disguised love.

The arrival of Little Helper No.2 caused a small commotion among the cubs.

The other cubs were unhappy when they learned that Xu Qiu only called Lily.

“Lily, remember to leave some for me if the principal gives you something to eat.”

“If it’s just a little, I’m not going to leave it to you.” The small fox dashed out, rushing into the classroom like a burst of wind.


As soon as the voice fell, the little fox slammed into a soft embrace, but the smell was very unfamiliar. It was not Xu Qiu.

“I’m sorry!”

The little fox was about to jump down immediately but was hugged by someone. Her conditioning reflex was to brighten her paws, but something wet fell on her hair.

Lily raised her face and was stunned on the spot.

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