The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 31.1

Jiang Shining’s company in various departments has been progressing well.    

Despite Ninglu Media’s current popularity, it has always been a small, transparent company in the entertainment industry. First and second tier stars will not choose Jiang Shining’s company, but there are several third and fourth tier semi-popular stars who have taken the initiative to climb the olive branch and have the desire to sign with Ninglu.

Even the riches of the four-member group 4T, led by Ninglu, are enough to make other newcomers envious. Although it’s still not enough to attract the attention of big stars, they are still hot for others.

Jiang Shining accepts people not just for their professionalism and appearance, but also for their character. She wants Ninglu Media to be the gold standard in the entertainment industry, so whether it’s a variety show, investing in films, or signing musicians, the most important thing is that the quality is excellent.

It makes no difference whether or not the individual signing is well known. Jiang Shining has progressively discovered how the entertainment industry pushes people up. Even a mediocre entertainer may be able to propel an entire network. So, after personally verifying with Jiang Shining, the talent agency department eventually signed two new third-tier stars and a fourth-tier actor.

The other side of film and television direction is also moving along nicely. All the actors have completed their scenes, and the rest is in post-production.

The official teasers of the film “Snow White Fox” released the final photos a month ago, which were shared by Ninglu media’s official microblog.

Because this was the company’s debut film, which is produced and invested in with its own money, it rapidly became a smash hit. However, aside from Zhang Sujin’s fans who are excited about it, many netizens, and even some of Zhang Sujin’s fans, are not enthusiastic about this film.

—Zhang Sujin’s Fan #1: Why should we allow our brother to play a character that isn’t right for him? I believe it’s a pill. 1

-Fan No. 2: Pill, Pill. What exactly is this ancient setting? My brother was crowned movie emperor. What if your first project after being named a movie star is a flop?

There are also other internet users: I’ve never seen this heroine before.

Netizen N: …… I’ve always thought the Ninglu company was a little unstable. Can’t we just do a good variety show?

Jiang Shining was unconcerned. Once they eventually saw the quality, the judgment would soon be reversed.

Of course, some people have questioned why Zhang Sujin, a freshly promoted movie star, would work with Ninglu, and others recall images of him and Jiang Shining at the award ceremony and wonder if the two are related.

Such comments vanished in a flood of comments after two unfathomable dark powers spent money deleting all comments and news on Jiang Shining’s CP.

Jiang Shining’s company is on track, and she is not as busy as she was at the start. She would occasionally bring Guoguo to the company and didn’t generally hide it. Many people in the industry who had a good relationship with Jiang Shining were aware that she had adopted a child. Jiang Shining can also be a slacker, staying at home for a few days and infrequently answering phone calls.

The weather steadily became cooler as the seasons changed.

Jiang Shining slept in and awoke at 10 a.m. today. She had intended to go to the company in the afternoon, but Jing Yuan’s gaze followed her wherever she went.

“Why are you staring at me?”

Jing Yuan was resting against the wall when he noticed her sitting at the table, so he followed her over and sat opposite her.

“I think it’s unfair for you to do that.” Jing Yuan said, “You can’t always take Guoguo to the amusement park, work, or see your friends. Shouldn’t you be concerned about your son every now and then?”

Jiang Shining set her glass of water down and looked at the older boy, who was already taller than her and was a little silent.

“Would you like me to take you to an amusement park?” She couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s not impossible.”

Chou Jing Yuan leaned on the table, supporting his head and blinking at Jiang Shining.

This young man, nicknamed “Killer,” “Devil,” “Messenger of Hell,” and “Ruthless,” now appears to be like a great German shepherd, extremely harmless.

“Your sons are also very vulnerable and require mother’s affection.” Jing Yuan said eagerly, “You’re no longer as close to the two of us as you once were. I even thought that your daughter is biological and that we sons were adopted from somewhere.”

“Aren’t you the one I picked up?” Jiang Shining said with a wry smile.

“Mom! I don’t care. If you accompany Guoguo, you have to accompany me, or I’ll be sad!” Jing Yuan said.

He looked like he was about to cry.

“Why do you act younger than your sister?” Jiang Shining was a little helpless.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to go out with the two brothers. The point is that she’s now a half-working person. Jing Yuan is merely a vagrant, but when others see Jing Xuan with them, she is at a loss as to how to arrange him.

  Jing Yuan knew her very well. Jiang Shining’s frown told him just what she was thinking.

“I’ve got an idea.” He said, “It’s almost winter. Why don’t we spend the summer on the other side of the world? I recently purchased a tropical island. Let’s fly there by private plane, so no one knows.”

Jiang Shining believed it was possible. Guoguo would like it, and Jing Xuan could also relax a little.

“You two will talk about it when Jing Xuan returns in the evening.”

Jing Yuan told Jing Xuan about it in the evening, and Jing Xuan was also very happy.

He’d been tangle for too long by the modern world and his boss status, and even Jing Yuan couldn’t have as much fun as he used to, so it was only natural for them to travel somewhere where no one would bother them and relax for a while.

The family got along well, but Jiang Shining didn’t have a private jet, and Jing Xuan didn’t either. Instead, he likes to collect great paintings and isn’t interested in cars, aircraft, or other such things. As a result, Jing Xuan directed his subordinate, Qin Qian, to purchase a private plane.

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  1. The term ” pill” was coined by Chinese netizens as a humorous, parodic pronunciation that means “destined to fail sooner or later.” 

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