The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 31.2

If it was Qin Qian, Jing Xuan, and Jing Yuan, would be assured.

Jing Yuan was a little jealous. Both clearly handled their employees well in their previous lives, but because Jing Xuan is gentle, Qin Qian is willing to continue to help him. However, Jing Yuan’s subordinates both admired and feared him. From his childhood to the present, his subordinates have been people who don’t get along in this world, and there are no close subordinates.

If he had known this, he should have pretended to get along better.

Qin Qian arrived to pick up Guoguo but was temporarily ordered to purchase a private plane. As soon as he wanted to leave, he felt that his back was watched by a pair of eyes. Qin Qian turned his head and met with Jing Yuan’s black eyes.

They exchanged stares, and Jing Yuan gradually smiled.

“Not bad. You did a good job.” He said.

Qin Qian:….

At that moment, Qin Qian’s back began to sweat.

He considered whether he had ever upset Jing Yuan or done something wrong in his past life.

Jing Xuan sighed as he looked at them.

“It’s all right, you should go.”

Qin Qian exhaled a sigh of relief and dashed out the door.

Jing Xuan looked at Jing Yuan and couldn’t help but wonder, “Why are you scaring him?”

Jing Yuan:……

Isn’t it true that this scary persona of his can’t be removed?

Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan were busy arranging their work to be assured while on vacation because they are planning to go for three days.

Jiang Shining sometimes felt a little helpless before going to work when she saw Jing Yuan sitting on the sofa by himself, like an abandoned child.

“Do you want to be a bum all the time? Hurry and get yourself a job in any industry.”

…… It feels like he was disliked by his own mother?

Because he couldn’t go back to his old job, Jing Yuan relied on Jing Xuan to work for him again. Not only that, but he also requested that Jing Xuan pay him four thousand yuan per month, as all the cleaning aunts at Jing Xuan’s company receive.

“…… you, a person who has enough money to buy a small island, still need me to give you a salary?” Jing Xuan was helpless, then said, “Fine, I’ll pay you the city’s minimum wage. A month of one thousand seven hundred yuan is enough for you to live.”

Really stingy.

Jing Xuan’s office is quite large. Jing Yuan sat on the sofa playing games, while Jing Xuan worked behind the desk. He noticed a black wallet as soon as he opened the drawer.

“Does this look like your wallet?”

Jing Yuan didn’t bother looking up and instead delivered a hmm.

Jing Xuan took out his wallet, which happened to include a card.

Jing Yuan was playing a game when he noticed Jing Xuan beaming brightly.

“What’s the matter?” Jing Yuan inquired warily.

“You’re 26 this year, and your birthday is in July?” The corner of Jing Xuan’s mouth was slightly hooked.

Jing Yuan nodded hesitantly. When he looked at Jing Xuan again, his cheerfulness radiated to every part of the room.

“Last month was my 27th birthday. Shouldn’t you call me big brother?” Jing Xuan smiled and asked,

Jing Yuan:….

The author has something to say about it:

Jing Xuan: What a cheerful duck!!!

Jing Yuan: Where’s my knife????

Jing Yuan experienced Waterloo as the eldest son.

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  1. sa

    Does it mean the older they were in previous live, the younger they would be in present life? Their mom is younger than them

    1. littleboattranslation12 Post author

      Not necessarily. If you notice the brother and sister in Republic China age, they gap age is quite large in this life if compared to the previous life. But the brother still older than his younger sister.


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