Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Fu Shiqin stared blankly at Ming Zongyuan before turning to face Meng Ruya.

“Wasn’t it Ruya who finally convinced Ming Lao?”

What does this have to do with Mu Weiwei, that stupid, ugly woman?

“I’ve been near Ming’s house all the time, and I haven’t seen Weiwei,” Meng Ruya said, puzzled.

Besides, if she couldn’t do it, how could that brain-dead idiot do it?

When Fu Shiqin heard this, he asked Ming Zongyuan in a funny way.

“Are you talking about Mu Girl or Meng Girl, Ming Lao?”

He should not have made a slip of the tongue if he was talking about Meng Ruya.

“I’m referring to Mu Weiwei. Who is this Meng girl? I’m not familiar with her.” Ming Zong looked at him blankly.

Meng Ruya’s expression changed somewhat, but she maintained her smile.

“It was you, Ming Lao, who told me yesterday that you could sell a painting.”

Ming Zongyuan recalled and stated.

“Yesterday, Weiwei left after speaking with me, and I asked you to pass the word.”

Fu Shiqin was still skeptical and proceeded to ask.

“Is the Mu Weiwei you named the one you saw in our house, Ming Lao?”

“Aside from her, is there another?”

Meng Ruya’s face was flushed with embarrassment, as if she had been slapped twice invisibly.

D*mn, it’s Mu Weiwei again.

She had previously stated that the painting she purchased were fakes, which had caused her to lose face.

Today, the good feelings she had finally built in front of Fu Hanzheng were broken.

Ming Zongyuan: “You take the things back, can you answer my question?”

Fu Hanzheng’s dark eyes were deep. “What question?”

Ming Zongyuan asked seriously while looking at Fu Hanzheng and Fu Shiqin.

“Mu girl has nothing to do with the two of you?”

“What exactly do you mean?” Fu Shiqin was a little confused.

“Can I ask whether she’s your girlfriend?”

“No, absolutely not. Who would want to be in a relationship with her? They’d have nightmares about it.”

Fu Shiqin shook his head in denial when he thought of Mu Weiwei.

If it’s related, it’s because his brother had a one-night stand with her.

Ming Zongyuan nodded in approval after hearing his response.

“That’s great, that’s great. I’m worried about my grandson not finding a partner, but she’s attractive and educated, so he must like her…”

“Is your grandson your own grandchild, Ming Lao? How could you have cheated him in such a way?”

When Fu Shiqin learned that Ming Zongyuan was going to introduce Mu Weiwei to his grandson as his girlfriend, he burst out laughing.

Where does Mu Weiwei’s ghostly appearance have anything to do with beauty?

Ming Lao completely harmed other people when he wanted to introduce her to his grandson.

Fu Hanzheng was uncommitted. He got in his car and drove away.

Leaving Meng Ruya alone, she hated Mu Weiwei so much that she gritted her teeth.

Jinxiu Apartment.

Gu Weiwei put down the freshly prepared noodles to watch the popular young idol drama on TV.

The female lead is Li Xiner, a little famous actress in China recently. She is also Mu Weiwei’s half-sister, but with a different mother.

Li Xiner’s mother, Zhou Meiqin, was a poor student in a distant mountainous area.

She arrived at the imperial capital to study since she was sponsored by the Mu family, and she happened to be at the same school as Mu Weiwei’s mother, Mu Yao, and the two quickly became good friends.

The Mu family granted Zhou Meiqin the opportunity to attend college and subsequently sent her abroad to study. She joined Longsheng Group as an executive after studying abroad.

However, Zhou Meiqin was not thankful and shortly began dating Mu Yao’s new husband, Li Jiacheng.

They’ve been secretly dating for over ten years, and they both have two children.

Mu Yao, who was kept in the dark, even made Zhou Meiqin her daughter’s godmother.

Mu Yao discovered their relationship a year earlier and was involved in a car accident as she went with Mu Weiwei.

Mu Yao died on the spot, while Mu Weiwei was severely injured and remained in a coma for several months.

When she awoke, Zhou Meiqin had already brought her two illegitimate daughters, Li Xiner and Li Xiangxiang, to live in Mu’s house.

But she, the Mu family’s real daughter, was kicked out of the house and had nowhere to live.

She now lives for Mu Weiwei, and she intends to reclaim everything that belongs to the Mu family.

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