Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 13


“If you can’t play it, just admit defeat. It seems that she could play so well if she was given the score.” Zhu Xiaoqin mocked mercilessly at Mu Weiwei.

That’s right, some people are just so self-sufficient.”

“What kinds of bad awards do kids get in elementary school? The awards that Linna won are the most valuable professional awards in China.”

After hearing the performance, Zhou Linna’s supporters laughed at Gu Weiwei, who still had to read the score.

“Because this is Linna’s famous performance, she is more familiar with it. It’s only right to allow Mu Weiwei to read the score.” The host suggested.

The music teacher asked the students to find the score of “Flight of the Bumblebee,” and she did not forget to comfort her before handing the score over.

“You don’t need to be so stressed. Just do your best.”

Anyway, letting her come is just a foil for Linna.

“Thank you.”

Gu Weiwei sat down with the music score and immersed herself in it.

Mu Weiwei hasn’t played the piano in a long time, and while she knows how to, she hasn’t played Flight of the Bumblebee too often. Listening to Zhou Linna play it swiftly isn’t enough to help her remember the tone.

Fortunately, she has always had an incredible memory, and she can recall exactly what she has seen only once or twice.

The students outside of the classroom watched her for a long time without playing as she flipped through the music score, and they all prepared to leave.

“Forget it, Zhou Linna’s brilliant performance just now cannot be compared to the music student here. She’s never played before, so how can she compare?”

“Can the primary and secondary school levels be compared?”

However, as soon as they reached the stairs, the tune of “Flight of the Bumblebee” was played from the piano classroom, and it was no less impressive than Zhou Linna’s performance just now.

So they returned with interest to see the girl with the peaked cap playing intently, and she set the sheet score aside without reading it at all.

A boy with a baby face in the audience was holding his phone and shooting a video of the girl who was playing the piano in the classroom. While taking the video, he was mumbling.

“Young Master Lu, this piece was just played by Zhou Linna and your crush, Mu Weiwei played it flawlessly. Is she some kind of monster? She said she couldn’t play just now, but after listening to and reading the score twice, she began nailing it right away. It’s insane.”

On the other side of the cell phone video, a young man’s clear voice asked, “Can you shut up?”

Even students passing by saw that Gu Weiwei’s playing was clearly superior to Zhou Linna’s, who knew the piece in advance.

The teacher and the host were both stunned to the point of collapsing.

The girl’s back was stiff, and her ten slender fingers tapped the keys quickly. Their naked eye could almost only see the mirage of the fingers.

If Zhou Linna’s play was near to perfect just now, Mu Weiwei’s play is flawless right now.

With Gu Weiwei’s playing, Zhou Linna’s smile faded little by little, until only anger and coldness remained on her delicate face.

Gu Weiwei raised her head and exhaled a sigh of relaxation after finishing the last note.

A few girls who were studying piano with Zhou Linna cheered in awe. They usually only become Zhou Linna’s training companions because the teacher prefers her.

Someone eventually stepped up and crushed her, and they were overjoyed to see it happen.

“That’s what they call great abilities. What type of performance did she just give?”

“I kept track of the time. She played at a rate of sixteen notes per second. How does she do it, ah?

“Haha, who claimed Zhou Linna’s super-magical performance could beat up a lot of contestants?”

“Tsk tsk, someone tried but failed to play her legendary performance to increase her popularity.”

“Don’t you think her performance is excellent?” A gorgeous girl with short hair smiled and said.

“Mu Weiwei played Zhou Linna’s tune, but can Zhou Linna play Mu Weiwei’s tune for a while?”

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