Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 15


Zhou Linna’s entire face turned ugly as the mocking voices of Luo Qianqian and Ji Cheng reached her ears.

She believed she could beat Mu Weiwei because she knew she hadn’t played the piano for several years.

As a result, Mu Weiwei performed the super-technical etude “Demon Fire.”

Instead, it was she who couldn’t recall a single sound Mu Weiwei made.

Gu Weiwei was admiring Zhou Linna’s collapsed state and proposed something politely.

“Why don’t you just play while you read the score?”

Her piano tutors since childhood have all been world-renowned pianists.

Zhou Linna’s current level is comparable to Gu Weiwei’s when she was eight years old.

Mu Weiwei also excelled at the piano as a child and won a lot of awards at music competitions when she was a child.

It’s only when Mu Weiwei started middle school that she gradually stopped playing the piano. Mu Weiwei couldn’t have the best teacher like Gu’s family, and she could not learn what she wanted to learn as she wanted.

“This piece is rare, and I shouldn’t be able to get the score for a while. Why don’t you change to another piece?” asked the music teacher while looking at Zhou Linna’s appearance.

She knows all too well what Zhou Linna’s current level is as her teacher.

Not to mention Zhou Linna, even she herself can’t play it at all.

Luo Qianqian, who was standing near her, pulled a collection of piano scores from her bag and joyfully sent it.

“I have the piano score for this composition, Mrs. Ye.”

Ji Cheng waited for Luo Qianqian to return and then asked quietly, “Qianqian, why did you help her?”

“Don’t worry, even if I give her the score, she won’t be able to play it,” Luo Qianqian sneered coldly.

She’ll be able to make an excuse not to play if she doesn’t have a score.

Now that the score has been given to her, let’s see how she gets off the stage if she can’t play it.

Zhou Linna clenched her teeth, bit her lip, and flipped open the score. After seeing the densely packed notes, her scalp tingled, and her hands trembled even more.

“Champion Linna, you’ve been given the score. Why haven’t you started playing yet?”

Ji Cheng was overjoyed to watch Zhou Linna’s face grow pale from fear after reading the score.

Because of her, none of them are qualified to enter the competition.

Since she won the championship, the classroom has been used to shoot pictures of her every day, and the school radio has been broadcasting the melodies she plays every day, which makes their heads hurt.

A group of small fans of Zhu Xiaoqin and Zhou Linna waited anxiously and whispered.

“Believe Linna, she will absolutely be able to play it.”

“Linna has indeed won the championship. If Mu Weiwei can do it, she will undoubtedly be able to.”


“Hey, isn’t Mu Weiwei a champion as well?” Ji Cheng mumbled and took out her phone, ready to check out what awards Mu Weiwei had previously received.

When the search results page appeared, her gaze was fixed on the text.


“What is the name of the competition?”

“I discovered Mu Weiwei’s elementary school award.” Ji Cheng handed the phone to a few others and said, “It’s the ‘Liszt International Music Festival,’ to honor the music festival hosted by Liszt, for the king of pianos, in Austria, and Mu Weiwei got first place in the children’s group.”

Luo Qianqian looked at Zhu Xiaoqin who was speechless when she heard that.

“In the fifth grade of primary school, she earned an international award. At this age, how can one develop a sense of superiority to win a small domestic award?”

Ji Cheng hurriedly saved a photograph of Mu Weiwei’s medal. “Your father is always going to be your father. If you refuse, you will be hanged and beaten. From now on I will worship Mu Weiwei as my Dad.”

A couple of them were arguing about Gu Weiwei’s performance “Demon Fire,” while Zhou Linna was sweating coldly while gazing at the score, attempting to memorize it, but the more she read it, the more headaches and dazzling her eyes she got.

The music instructor and principal were about to break out in a cold sweat because they were so nervous. Zhou Linna won the competition and was reported as a “genius pianist.”

Not only would she be ashamed if this news spread, but their school would also be affected by her.

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