Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 16


“Flight Of The Bumblebee” is completely incomparable in front of the super-technical etude “Demon Fire”.

She clearly knew Mu Weiwei well. How could she be so foolish as to challenge such a formidable opponent?

Isn’t this murdering yourself and placing your face in the hands of someone else to be beaten?

When the music teacher, Ye Mei and the principal noticed Zhou Linna’s inability to leave the stage, they were so anxious that a phone call came in.

“Is this the Imperial Capital Radio Station?” Ye Mei answered the phone loudly. “I’m sorry, Linna has been delayed a bit. We’ll leave now. We’ll be there in about an hour…”

It’s an urgent matter.

Ye Mei said hesitantly to the interviewer after answering the phone.

“I’m sorry, Linna still has a radio station interview. Is it too late, or will the video shooting end here?”

Zhou Linna can avoid it for this reasonable reason.

The reporter who was interviewing Zhou Linna smiled and said, “The content should be enough. If Linna has other interviews, we will not bother you.”

Mu Weiwei’s piano skills are indeed excellent and could crush Zhou Linna as champion, but now it is Zhou Linna who is favored by Yingcheng High School.

Furthermore, Zhou Linna’s aunt, Zhou Meiqin, the wife of Longsheng Group’s president, approached their newspaper office a long time ago.

She also has a cousin named Li Xiner, who has recently gained popularity in the entertainment industry.

She, as a small reporter, should not offend Yingcheng High School or the wife of Longsheng Group’s president because of a Mu Weiwei.

Although Zhou Linna was not reconciled, she also understood that if she stayed here, she would be unable to play the piece “Demon Fire.”

Because Teacher Ye and the others were helping her, she stood up and said.

“Mu Weiwei, I’m off to the radio station immediately for an interview. I don’t have the time to compare myself to you. I’ll talk about it next time if I have a chance.”

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian gazed at Zhou Linna, who brazenly stated that she was leaving in a hurry.

“If you can’t play, you can’t play. What’s your excuse?”

“When it comes to piano skills, one is in the sky and the other is underground. Where did she get the face to be interviewed everywhere and brag about being a genius pianist?”

Gu Weiwei was very calm compared to the two of them and just asked one question.

“What about my things?”

Although they are not valuable items, Mu Weiwei’s mother and grandfather left behind relics that she must retrieve.

“Oh, I’ve returned it to the Li family home. Go home and fetch it if you want.” [efn note] The Li family is Mu Weiwei’s first family. [/efn note]

Zhou Linna confidently lifted her feet and walked away once she finished speaking.

Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth. She knew that Zhou Linna deliberately sent things to the Li family house.

She was thinking about how to get things back from Li family’s house when two girls suddenly rushed out of the road and blocked her way.

A girl with a ball hairstyle screamed excitedly.

“Dad, I’ve caught up with you.”


Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched. Who the hell is your father?

“You were my dad since you played “Demon Fire” and smashed Zhou Linna.”

“Who wants a daughter as big as you, don’t be silly,” Luo Qianqian who has short hair, silently glared at Ji Cheng, who was calling Mu Weiwei dad.

“Is there something wrong?”

Gu Weiwei asked after seeing that the two of them were not malicious.

The short-haired Luo Qianqian reached out to her. “Senior Year First Class Luo Qianqian, here to make a friend.”

“And me too, Ji Cheng.” Ji Cheng’s eyes were full of admiration.

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