Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 17


Gu Weiwei remembered that the two of them seemed to study in the piano class with Zhou Linna.

When she heard what they were saying, she realized she had smacked Zhou Linna in the face, so they came to her.

She stretched out her hand and shook their hands. “Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Ji Cheng not only didn’t let go, but she seized her hand with both hands and couldn’t stop herself from touching it.

“Dad, if you let me hold it for a while, maybe a small amount of your fairy energy would increase my piano skills, and then I’ll be able to pass the exam.”

“We want to learn the piano with you,” Luo Qianqian directly explained the purpose.

Her piano skills are better than their music teachers and maybe only a few master teachers match her. Right now, they need a strong teacher.

“Are you going to pay tuition?” Gu Weiwei pondered for a moment.

She now relies solely on the funds left to her by Grandma Fu. Because she does not intend to rely on the Fu family for financial support in the future, she must find a means to make money on her own.

“Okay, it’s calculated based on the tuition of the piano school on the market,” Luo Qianqian simply agreed.

“But…” Ji Cheng blinked pityingly and asked, “We have an art test coming up next month. Can we begin class today? Dad, I badly need your help!”

“Can you change the name?” Gu Weiwei’s mouth twitched.

“Then I’ll call you Great God.” Ji Cheng patted his chest and said, “You can call me Chengzi and just call her Qianqian. “

“Let’s go to my place. My parents are not at home at the moment. They traveled abroad.”

Luo Qianqian turned around and led the way after she finished speaking.

Gu Weiwei followed them to Luo Qianqian’s house. Because Luo Qianqian’s father was a composer, all types of music were readily available in the house, making it very convenient for them to take a class here.

Ji Cheng played the piano twice, and when Mu Weiwei pointed out the error, she planted her head on the piano and said reluctantly.

“Zhou Linna wins the championship, but the teacher is rushing for various interviews, and the record company wants to support her. Why is it so difficult for me to even take the grade test?”

Luo Qianqian poured the juice into each of their glasses.

“Because of Longsheng Group, all the teachers, record companies, and interviewed media do this. Who let her aunt be the president’s wife, as well as Li Xiner, a lately popular little flower’s cousin?”

Gu Weiwei sipped her juice quietly. Since Mu Weiwei had just recently returned to Yingcheng High School after being involved in a car accident, no one realized she was the real Longsheng Group’s eldest daughter.

On the contrary, after Li Jiacheng and Zhou Meiqin married, everyone in the school knew that Li Xiangxiang was the Longsheng Group’s daughter, and Zhou Linna was the niece of the Longsheng Group’s president’s wife. That is why they took such good care of them.

But no one knew that Mu Weiwei’s grandpa, Mu Longsheng was the one who created the Longsheng Group, not Li Jiacheng and Zhou Meiqin.

Ji Cheng sat cross-legged, holding a food plate and asked curiously.

“Great God, what school are you going to go to? Will you also take the piano exam?”

Gu Weiwei shook her head. “I’m going to go to the Film Academy.”

She came to school today to get Mu Weiwei’s certificate in order to apply to the Imperial Film Academy.

“Film Academy?” Luo Qianqian couldn’t understand, and asked, “If you take the piano exam, you can become a first-line pianist in China in a few years with your talent. Why do you want to study film?”

“That’s right, great god. You are so talented in music. Running to study acting is simply a waste of life, and God’s law will not tolerate it!” Ji Cheng added quickly.

“I’d like to learn something new.” Gu Weiwei laughed.

Ling Yan previously appeared in a Gu film that grossed about $10 billion globally, received multiple awards, and became an international first-line actress.

She must be in the same industry as her if she wants to drag her down from the altar.

Furthermore, she will only be able to reach her goal in the shortest amount of time if she enters the entertainment industry.

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