Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 18


Fu Shiqin, who was off work, has been stuck on the road for about an hour due to a car accident.

He heard Fu Hanzheng’s cough in the back seat, and he looked at his brother through the rearview mirror, who was still working although sick.

“Brother, you can nap for a while. It seems like we won’t be able to leave here after a while.”

Fu Hanzheng glanced at his watch and said, “Turn around in front and go to Jinxiu Apartment. “

“Okay. “

Fu Shiqin drove ahead for a bit before turning onto another road.

Then he directly went to the Jinxiu Apartment, which was close to the company.

When Fu’s real estate was constructing a residential neighborhood in the past, they specifically designated an area and built an apartment to keep it.

When Fu Hanzheng was busy in the company and it was too late to return to the Tianshui Villa, he would come here to rest.

Fu Shiyi comes back and lives here too.

Fu Shiqin drove into the neighborhood and looked up at the building.

“Ah, it seems that third brother is also here…”

Fu Hanzheng sighed and closed the document while frowning in discomfort.

“Is there any medicine in the car?”

Fu Shiqin parked the car and nagged while looking for medicine.

“There is medicine, but you can’t drink it after you’ve had a glass of wine.”

“I told you to get some rest earlier. Now that you’ve recovered, you’re suffering from a cold and a stomach problem again. If you get appendicitis again, you’ll be taken to He Chi’s operating table.”

His big brother, a workaholic, has been running like a robot for two days without sleeping because he has been busy discussing the details of cooperation with the Wilson Group recently.

He conducted a meeting and then proceeded to a reception after the signing in the afternoon.

What began as a simple cold has now progressed into a more serious illness, with stomach issues following suit.

“You go up first. I didn’t find it. I’ll let the third brother purchase it later.”

Fu Hanzheng clamped his fist to his lips and coughed twice before exiting the car and making his way to the elevator.

Fu Shiqin trotted to catch up, grabbing his briefcase and laptop.

As soon as he went upstairs and got out of the elevator, he walked out in front and entered the door password.

“Third brother, didn’t you say you wouldn’t return after three months of filming?”

When he opened the door and entered, he did not see his twin brother, Fu Shiyi.

Instead, a girl in pink pajamas and slippers who had just gotten out of the shower was wiping her hair.

The girl’s facial characteristics are exquisitely delicate and lovely, and her beautiful little face is flushed after a bath, making her look charming.

Fu Shiqin couldn’t disguise his surprise, but the female celebrity who had an affair with the third brother just a few days before was not the same person.

Gu Weiwei stared blankly at Fu Shiqin, who had entered unexpectedly, and then at Fu Hanzheng, who had entered behind him.

Why did the two of them come here?

Fu Shiqin walked through the door with a dry smile that was full of envy and hatred.

“Third brother is really annoying. He didn’t say a word when he brought someone back.”

It’s good to be in the entertainment industry. The girl he brought back is as beautiful as a fairy.

It seems to look a little familiar.

Gu Weiwei: “…”

Is this secondhand blind?

Fu Hanzheng gave her a sidelong glance before quietly walking through the door and into the study room.

Fu Shiqin was busy looking for Fu Shiyi all over the room, and he made a phone call after not finding anyone.

“Where did you get such a gorgeous beauty, third brother? You have no idea how badly Mu Weiwei poisoned my eyes for a day in our house recently. Despite having a small chest, she wears low-cut clothes, and her false eyelashes are so long that they can be used as fans…”

“What are you talking about, second brother? Fu Shiyi’s unhappy voice came from the phone. What gorgeous beauty? I still have a night show in the middle of the night. Hang up!”

Fu Shiqin gazed curiously at the hung-up phone. Is there a night show?

The third brother didn’t come back, so where did the beauty in this room come from?

Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth silently as she listened to his rant about herself.

“Second Young Master, you seem to… still owe me the honor of calling me dad?”

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