Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 20


Gu Weiwei raised her head in astonishment, wondering if the benefit meant he wanted to give her something.

“Grandma Fu asked me to go.”

Madam Fu provided her with a place to live as well as pocket money.

She didn’t like taking advantage of people, so she asked Madam Fu if she could persuade Ming Zongyuan.

Fu Hanzheng: “Even though Grandma wanted you to go, you were a huge help. The Fu family can satisfy you as long as you don’t ask too much.”

Gu Weiwei reasoned that if he wanted to give her something, why would she refuse?

She should just take advantage of it. After all, she’s really poor now.

Fu Shiqin has just returned from the pharmacy. He filled the porridge and sat down while hearing the two of them talking.

What else does Gu Weiwei want? It’s not that hard to guess, so he directly said.

“Do you still need to ask? Of course, she wants you to marry her.”

Gu Weiwei glared at him fiercely,

This big moron, she doesn’t have such wicked thoughts.

Fu Shiqin didn’t glance at her at all, instead focusing his gaze on Fu Hanzheng.

“It’s not the first time anyway. Your old cow eats young grass 1 just takes advantage of it…”

His brother has an abnormal cleanliness obsession with women, and he suspects that any woman within one meter could pollute the air he breathes.

He’d never understood it before. He had found so many beauties for him, and he was completely uninterested. Why did he sleep with the hot-eyed Mu Weiwei?

Now it seems that his brother has a brilliant eye, and he has long known that she is a beautiful person.

Fu Hanzheng cast a light glance at Gu Weiwei as if wondering if she was serious about making such a request.

“Just give me the money. For the chess book, grandpa bought it for between 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. That’s enough for me.”

Mu Weiwei was the one who was plotting against him, but she is now Gu Weiwei.

She had no interest in him and wished to avoid seeing him.

Fu Hanzheng nodded. “Tomorrow Xu Qian will send it over.”

Gu Weiwei was secretly relieved, seeing that the porridge in his bowl was finished, she said politely.

“Would you like… another bowl?”

“Yeah.” Fu Hanzheng responded quietly.

Gu Weiwei’s lips twitched; he was far from reserved.

She went to serve him another bowl and waited until Fu Hanzheng finished eating and returned to the study room.

She’s still hungry, so she went to make instant noodles, and Fu Shiqin brazenly asked for another bowl.

“Are you stupid? Is my brother worth 50,000 or 60,000 yuan?”

Gu Weiwei hummed as she cooked noodles.

“Didn’t you tell me to stay away from your brother before?”

“Who made you look so hot back then? If you were so beautiful earlier, I wouldn’t stop you.”

Fu Shiqin examined her from head to toe. With such a high face value, her makeup can be so scary, which is really amazing.

Gu Weiwei: “…”

This world only looks at faces!

Fu Shiqin helped bring the noodles to the table and asked while eating.

“You asked for my brother in a different way earlier, but now that you have such an excellent opportunity, why don’t you ask him to marry you?”

Gu Weiwei took a sip of the soup and made an analogy.

“It’s like something that looks very delicious. When I haven’t eaten it, I think it must be very delicious, but when I have eaten it, it’s not really delicious…”

Fu Shiqin’s eyes blinked: “So… my brother didn’t taste delicious?”

The two were still talking when Fu Hanzheng from the study room came out, and the atmosphere instantly became extremely embarrassing.

Gu Weiwei was surprised for two seconds before quickly explaining.

“I didn’t mean that. I didn’t mean you weren’t delicious…”

Fu Hanzheng took the medicine while quietly pouring water.

Then he glanced over and asked her. “Is it delicious?”

“…” Gu Weiwei petrified.

She just uses a metaphor. Why is it dirtier?

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  1. Old cow eats young grass (idiom) = a romance where the man is significantly older than the woman.

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