Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 22


“Who’s showering so early in the morning?” Gu Weiwei argued fiercely.

“My brother always takes a shower before leaving the house in the morning. Didn’t you go to see it?” Fu Shiqin grinned.

“…” Gu Weiwei was rendered speechless.

Mu Weiwei really went to peek at Fu Hanzheng taking a bath, but she didn’t do it on purpose now, and she couldn’t tell it.

The doorbell rang. When Fu Shiqin went to open the door, he saw it was Xu Qian who had arrived with clothing and breakfast.

Fu Shiqin rested his hand on Xu Qian’s shoulder and motioned to Gu Weiwei.

“Old Xu, guess who is she?”

Xu Qian gave him a fool’s glance and greeted Gu Weiwei with a nod.

“Long time no see, Miss Mu.”

“Dang, I didn’t recognize her. How did you know?” Fu Shiqin was not persuaded.

Xu Qian didn’t respond and went straight to Fu Hanzheng to deliver clothes.

After a while, Fu Hanzheng came out of the room.

The silver-gray tie is meticulously tied in a handmade blue business suit, and the suit cufflinks are luxurious and delicate, emitting a sense of abstinence from head to toe.

He glanced at Xu Qian. “Did you bring it?”

Xu Qian hurriedly took a card from his suit pocket and handed it over.

“I have already asked Mr. Ming, that half of the Go book is now worth 300,000 yuan, so I put 300,000 yuan in it.”

Fu Hanzheng picked it up and placed it in front of her.

“This is the price of the Go book after the rise in value, your reward.”

Gu Weiwei accepted the card and said sincerely.

“Thank you, and… I really didn’t mean it just now!”

She awoke, having forgotten that he and Fu Shiqin had shared a bed the night before.

“Got it.” Fu Hanzheng remained calm.

“Understood, you didn’t mean to sneak a peek, okay?”

Fu Shiqin ate a steamed dumpling and switched on the television to catch up on the morning news.

“…” Gu Weiwei was stunned to death.

These two people’s expressions indicated that they didn’t believe a word she said.

Mu Weiwei used to be obsessed with Fu Hanzheng’s attractiveness, but she can’t tell them she’s no longer Mu Weiwei.

As a result, she must carry these pots.

Xu Qian saw her embarrassment, so he made a sound out of the siege.

“Miss Mu, could you help me with the cutlery?”

Gu Weiwei turned her head and went into the kitchen to get the bowl and spoon. As soon as she came out, she saw a news broadcast on TV.

“The internationally renowned actress has been out of action for several years because of a heart attack. Fans have been praying for her. A few days ago, the actress Ling Yan successfully received a heart transplant. She was released from the hospital yesterday and was met by a large crowd. Hundreds of security personnel were despatched by the Gu Group to keep order. Gu Siting, the president of the Gu Group, and the wife of the Gu Group’s chairman arrived at St. Paul’s Hospital to greet actress Ling Yan as she was being discharged…”

“Gu Siting must be having an affair with this Ling…”

Fu Shiqin ate while gritting his teeth and muttering.

Gu Siting’s image only appeared on the screen for a few seconds, but his gestures revealed an attractive gentleman.

Those eyes that had always been drawn to her were now drawn to Ling Yan, who was sitting in a wheelchair…

Her heart that was dug out was now in her body.

She couldn’t stop shaking her fingers as she watched the scene on the TV, and the bowl in her grasp fell with a “boom” and broke on the ground.

That day, she recalled in her ears what he had said.

Arrange the surgery and remove it.

This sentence destroyed her last hope of survival.

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