Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 24


The air in the room had become frighteningly cold.

“You’re gay, your whole family is gay.” Fu Shiqin immediately defended his brother.

He Chi looked at Gu Weiwei’s door and said quietly to Fu Shiqin.

“He can do it to such a young child. Your brother is too beastly.”

Fu Hanzheng took a step forward and said a few words before leaving.

“Fu would withdraw the funding for the new research tomorrow.”

He Chi chased him after learning that he couldn’t give him the money he needed to conduct the clinical study.

“President Fu, I have something to say. I’m just too surprised. That little girl is pure and lovely. You are a match made in heaven. You are too discerning…”

Fu Shiqin walked behind, observing He Chi’s appearance of abandoning his moral principles and fawning over his brother. He was both speechless and amused.

In reality, before his brother’s affair with Mu Weiwei, he was just as skeptical as He Chi.

After all, a man in his late thirties who isn’t married, dating, or close to women is simply… too abnormal.

Last time, Mu Weiwei recognized the fake painting and also helped with the matter with Ming Zongyuan, making Fu Company complete the cooperation with the Wilson family. This matter made him change his view of her a lot.

Since Mu Weiwei isn’t really so hot-eyed, he doesn’t object to her continuing to pursue his brother.

The loud noise outside the house had gone away, and Gu Weiwei’s tight nerves had fully relaxed. She sat on the carpet, hugging her knees, and cried uncontrollably.

She’s been looking for news from Country A lately.

The Gu family did not hold a funeral for her, and no one expressed condolences for her death.

No one in the outside world knew that Gu Weiwei was dead.

Gu Siting and her mother, whom she most loves and relies on, are now caring for Ling Yan.

Ling Yan survived after digging out her heart.

She thought that even if she went back and stood in front of them now, no one would believe that she was Gu Weiwei.

She will never be able to return to the house to which she was once attached to…

The man who previously held her in his arms and adored her didn’t care for her as much as she imagined.

She cried for a while before raising her hand to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

God brought her back to life so that she would not have to hide in a faraway place as a poor person who can only grieve and lament.

Ling Yan, we will see each other soon…

She changed her clothing and went to Luo Qianqian’s house to tutor her and Ji Cheng’s piano lessons, as she always did.

In the afternoon, on the way home, Zhou Linna called her.

“Do you still want to take back your junk, Mu Weiwei?”

“Where is it?”

She was also planning to return to Li’s house to retrieve the items she had stolen the previous two days, but Zhou Linna found her first.

“The address will be sent to you. If you don’t arrive at six o’clock, I will throw it away.”

After ending her conversation, Zhou Linna hung up the phone.

A text message arrived a few moments later.

The address is neither Li’s nor Zhou’s home, but a five-star hotel.

She took a taxi to the hotel and noticed Zhou Linna sitting in the hotel lobby area from a distance.

She was wearing a new season dress and carrying a pink DIOR handbag, making her look like a lady’s daughter.

“Where’s the stuff?”

“The room upstairs. Fetch it yourself,” Zhou Linna said as she stood up and proceeded to the elevator.

Gu Weiwei followed Mu Weiwei upstairs and into a top-floor suite, where she noticed Mu Weiwei’s suitcase.

“We used to argue, and returning the items to you today is my peace request.” Zhou Linna said as she poured two glasses of champagne over her.

“Drinking this glass of champagne will wipe out everything we did before.”

Gu Weiwei raised her head and sipped from the cup.

“May I use the restroom?”

Zhou Linna pointed in the direction and saw her walk into the bathroom with a sinister sneer on her lips.

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