Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 3


She had to calm down and accept what had happened after a long time.

She took a shower, despite the continuous urgings of those outside.

Mu Weiwei’s pile of clothes had a lot of clothing with exposed waist and chest. She chose a beige dress with only bare shoulders and put it on.

Meng Ruya stood behind her, jealously looking at the marks on her body.

“Did you really… have s*x with the eldest young master, Weiwei?”

Gu Weiwei looked at Meng Ruya’s expression in the mirror.

“It should be.”

She didn’t want to be in a relationship with Fu Hanzheng if possible.

Meng Ruya noticed she had changed her clothes, turned around, and put on a friendly smile again.

“Let’s go, Madam Fu and the others are already waiting downstairs.”

Even if she climbed onto Fu Hanzheng’s bed, she had to leave Fu’s house today.

Gu Weiwei smiled and followed Meng Ruya downstairs to respond to the Fu family’s questions.

Two people were sitting in the downstairs living room. Madam Fu was an elderly lady with white hair. After seeing her, she sighed with disappointment.

Fu Shiqin, Fu Hanzheng’s second brother, was the young man who had just woken her up upstairs.

Fu Shiqin has a twin brother, Fu Shiyi, who is not with them now.

Fu Hanzheng, who had a relationship with her the night before, was the final one.

His face is extremely handsome, and his eyebrows are picturesque.

He sat in a suit and leather shoes, with his whole body showing the cold and arrogant aura of a famous nobleman.

Apart from Mu Weiwei’s memory, the reason she knew it so well was because the Fu family is the Gu family’s mortal enemy, and the Gu family has been tracking the Fu family’s information from time to time.

She stood in front of the three of them, feeling as though she were being judged by the three courts.

Fu Shiqin was the first to scold her in a hurry.

“Grandma is thinking of your grandfather’s life-saving grace to grandpa. Because you are homeless, you are taken in at Fu’s house and given food and shelter. You’re still not satisfied and want to marry my brother to become Mrs. Fu. It’s really too frivolous.”

“Don’t assume you can alter change with what happened last night, Mu Weiwei.”        


He just couldn’t figure it out. His brother refused to see her before, and a man who hasn’t been interested in women for over 20 years actually touched Mu Weiwei last night.

No matter how hungry he is, he shouldn’t eat food of this poor quality, right?

Gu Weiwei was rendered speechless, even though she had done nothing wrong, but who had made her Mu Weiwei now?

She clearly suffered significant losses because of what happened last night, and it appears that she has sullied Fu Hanzheng.

Meng Ruya saw Gu Weiwei’s silence and gently intervened on her behalf.

“Second Young Master, something bad happened to Weiwei’s family, not because she deliberately did it.”

“If she didn’t deliberately do it, why didn’t she stop harassing the elder brother after she arrived at Fu’s house? She even ruined Dad’s antiques…”

Fu Shiqin vehemently denounced Mu Weiwei’s various immoral activities since she arrived at Fu’s house, and it was clear that he couldn’t take it any longer.

Gu Weiwei simply watched the floor and stayed silent, not saying anything.

Fu Hanzheng glanced at his watch and said to Madam Fu.

“You will take care of her before I return. Otherwise, I will have someone take care of her in person.”

Gu Weiwei shrank her neck in terror at the terrible atmosphere emanating from his words.

Meng Ruya answered the phone as Fu Hanzheng was about to leave for the company and abruptly stopped the two with a heavy expression.

“Eldest young master, there’s a problem with the “Rose” we bought for Mr. Wilson.”

“What’s wrong?” Fu Hanzheng asked, his face darkening.

“Assistant Xu had things to do previously, so I took the painting back,” Meng Ruya said, his face flushed. “On the way… I stopped to pick up Weiwei and she had accidentally spilled coffee on the painting in the car…”

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