Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 4


Fu Shiqin was so enraged when he heard this that he exploded on the spot.

“We spent tens of millions of dollars to buy that painting, Mu Weiwei. It is related to our major collaboration with the Wilson Group. What is the point of pouring coffee on the painting?”

Fu Hanzheng didn’t lose his composure like Fu Shiqin, but his eyes had already turned frigid.

“Is there any way to fix it?”

“I have already sent it to the cultural relics restoration expert as quickly as possible, and they just called and said…it can’t be fixed, and Mr. Wilson will come to the imperial capital tomorrow,” Meng Ruya shook her head sadly. Now, he and his wife like this painting very much. What should I do now?”

Gu Weiwei stared at Meng Ruya, who was speaking calmly, and the corners of her lips were raised in mockery.

She remembered that the painting had been placed in the back seat of the car, and she asked Mu Weiwei to help her hold the painting.

She also bought Mu Weiwei a cup of coffee.

And the coffee had been spilled on the painting as a result of her abrupt braking, and now… it was all Mu Weiwei’s fault.

This woman is really… so scheming.

When Mu Weiwei arrived at Fu’s house, she approached her as if she were a close sister.

Mu Weiwei was young and was deceived by Meng Ruya.

Meng Ruya told Mu Weiwei that Fu Hanzheng prefers mature and gorgeous women. Despite her youth and beauty, she dresses up to appear as an adult and acts like a nightclub escort girl every day.

She went to move from east and west and destroyed the ancient vase of the Fu family after hearing that she could change the Feng Shui of the Fu family and that it would be advantageous to her marriage with Fu Hanzheng.

Mu Weiwei gradually became the object of the Fu family’s contempt step by step.

Mu Weiwei was too young and lacked the intelligence to comprehend this woman’s scheming.

But she’s Gu Weiwei, and she’s not stupid. Meng Ruya was not helping her from beginning to end, but instead wanted her to be despised by Fu Hanzheng and the rest of the Fu family, and eventually kicked out.

Fu Hanzheng glanced at the silent girl with profound flecks of rage in his eyes.

“Mu Weiwei, regardless of other matters, you must give us a satisfactory explanation of this matter.”

“Weiwei, that painting… You really destroy it?” Old lady Fu asked, looking at Gu Weiwei, who had been silent.

“Well, I spilled the coffee,” Gu Weiwei said honestly.

Although that was not Mu Weiwei’s original intention, the coffee did slip from her hand.

Old lady Fu sighed with disappointment. Fu Hanzheng was already enraged by what happened last night. After seeing her grandmother’s look, he decided not to pursue it. So he simply asked Weiwei to go.

But this time it was related to the company. It took several months for the Fu Group and the Wilson Group to agree to meet in China and discuss collaboration matters.

Because the couple admired Pauline’s work so much, they made considerable efforts to purchase a painting for the Wilsons.

Mu Weiwei’s cup of coffee has now damaged this hard-won picture.

“Have someone bring the painting back,” Fu Hanzheng said to Meng Ruya.

Meng Ruya instantly went to make a phone call, and the ruined famous painting was presented in front of Gu Weiwei within an hour.

“You have two choices now,” Fu Hanzheng said coldly, “One is to restore this artwork as it was, and the other is to find a painting by Pauline.”

Gu Weiwei’s mischievous eyes blinked.

“Does a third choice exist?”

Fu Hanzheng’s eyes, which could freeze the bone, stared at her.

“Or you can pay the price.”

“Eldest young master, Weiwei did not do it intentionally. There are not many paintings left by Pauline. It took us several months to locate such a pair. Where should we look now?” Meng Ruya stood up and continued to say good things about her and plead for her.

“Ruya, please stop talking for her. Just wait for the prison meal if she can’t give us a decent answer.” Fu Shiqin snorted coldly.

Meng Ruya cast a glance at Fu Hanzheng’s icy and stern expression, and an unseen smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Mu Weiwei should leave the Fu family at this moment.

Why did she live in a place where she couldn’t live?

Gu Weiwei was unfazed by these people and focused her attention on the oil painting in front of her.

“Actually, you should thank me instead.”

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