Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 5


“Thank you?” Fu Shiqin was angry.

“You want us to thank you for destroying a great painting worth ten of millions of dollars? Is there something wrong with my brain, or with your brain?”

She damaged a famous picture worth tens of millions of dollars and then asked them to thank her?

“Of course, there’s something wrong with your brain.” Gu Weiwei cast a sidelong glance at him.


Gu Weiwei examined the oil painting. The picture was part of the famed European painter Pauline’s rose garden series in the nineteenth century. The roses depicted in the painting were delicate and lovely. Unfortunately, because the coffee soaked through the canvas, the entire picture has lost its original elegance and artistic conception.

“If you’re willing to spend tens of millions of dollars on a fake, does it mean there’s something wrong with your brain?”

“Fake?!” Fu Shiqin was speechless when he heard her powerful comments.

“You have no knowledge of painting and have not studied art. Do you know the difference between a genuine painting and a fake?”

Meng Ruya responded instantly, “This painting was auctioned off in a public auction, and it was appraised by professionals. It can’t be a fake.”

She discovered this painting and stepped forward to purchase it.

Now Mu Weiwei said that she spent tens of millions to buy a fake painting, and even dared to tell such a lie in order to escape the crime.

The frost between Fu Hanzheng’s brows grew stronger. “You said it’s fake. It’s better to have a perfect explanation.”

Gu Weiwei stared at him, explaining her findings word by word.

” Most of Pauline’s paintings use a light stroke, resulting in a transparent or translucent image that is dynamic. This is not Pauline’s artwork, despite its close resemblance.”

“I’ve been studying painting for so long. How come I didn’t notice what you said?” Meng Ruya inquired with a light smile on her face.

Gu Weiwei just stated this with a smile.

“If you still don’t believe it, ask Mr. Ming Zongyuan for identification. He is the head of the China Art Association and a specialist on Pauline’s paintings. He should be able to discern whether this painting is authentic or fake based on his vision.”

“Oh, you will not give up until you reach a dead end.”

Fu Shiqin sneered. He had never seen such a shameless person.

When she lives in Fu’s house, he has no objections.

But she usually harasses his brother; they also dismiss her as young and inexperienced and do not hold her accountable. Nevertheless, in this case, she is clearly wrong, and she is still arguing here.    

Old lady Fu cast a glance towards Fu Hanzheng.

“Even if you really want to blame her, you must be persuasive. Let Ming Zongyuan come and authenticate the painting’s authenticity on the spot.”

Fu Shiqin coldly snorted, “Okay, I’ll ask Mr. Ming to do the appraisal. The appraisal findings will be available after some time. I’ll wait to hear what else you have to say.”

“If it’s real, I’d sell you my blood and kidneys to you.” Gu Weiwei smirked viciously when she finished speaking. “But what if it’s a fake?”

“If it’s a fake, I’m going to call you Dad.” Fu Shiqin laughed.

“Okay, but don’t forget about your bet.” Gu Weiwei stood up and addressed Madam Fu.

“Grandma Fu, I’d like to pack my belongings first.”

Madam Fu gave a nod. If something like this happens, Hanzheng will never let her live here again, whether the painting is real or fake.

Gu Weiwei went upstairs to pack Mu Weiwei’s belongings, then sat silently upstairs by herself, contemplating her next steps.

Fu Shiqin ran upstairs and knocked on the door after a while.

“Mu Weiwei, Mr. Ming has already arrived. It’s too late to hide now.”

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