Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 6


Gu Weiwei pulled her suitcase to the front of the door and followed Fu Shiqin downstairs.

Downstairs, an elderly man in his sixties was conversing with Fu Hanzheng.

“Lao Ming [efn note] Lao mean old man. [/efn note], I believe Assistant Xu has already explained why he has asked you to come here. Please determine whether this Pauline’s is authentic or a fake.”

“Pauline’s painting?” Ming Zongyuan was taken aback.

“Now there are a few paintings of him outside. How can you discover them?” he said, taking out his reading glasses.

“It was taken by an underground auction house. You are an expert on Pauline’s paintings, so please come and have a look,” Fu Hanzheng said, pointing to the painting on the table.

Ming Zongyuan stood up and walked to the table. He realized it was Pauline’s painting, and when he inspected, his face crumbled.

“How are things going? Is it genuine?” Fu Shiqin couldn’t wait to approach and inquire.

Ming Zongyuan removed his glasses and turned to look dissatisfiedly at Fu Shiqin and the others.

” You young people, are you purposefully inviting me here to make me happy?”

“Ming Lao means that this picture… is a fake?” Fu Hanzheng asked, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Fu Shiqin didn’t believe it, so he approached the painting, grabbed Ming Zongyuan, and inquired.

“Take a closer look, Ming Lao, or I’ll bring you a magnifying glass. This painting cost tens of millions of dollars to acquire. How could it be a fake?”

“How about ten million?” Ming Zongyuan didn’t even bother looking at it from a distance, as if it might dirty his eyes.

“Who has a mental condition and spends tens of millions of dollars on a forgery?”

Meng Ruya panickedly gazed at Fu Hanzheng.

“Ming Lao, if you take a closer look, you can tell this painting is a forgery. It’s really too hasty.”

This painting was taken by her, and she would be held accountable if it was a fake.

In the end, rather than making Mu Weiwei unlucky, it made her successful.

Ming Zongyuan sighed and waved his hand impatiently.

“I don’t have to look closely. I’ve seen so many of Pauline’s paintings that I can tell if they’re authentic or fake just by looking at them.”

“Furthermore, one of my painting friend’s favorite collections is the real painting. I’ve seen them in their houses with my own eyes, and they’re not poor people who would sell their paintings.”

He admired Pauline’s work, and when he saw these fakes, he lost his face on the spot.

Fu Shiqin kept his words to himself as he waited for Ming Zongyuan to identify the painting as authentic so that he could scold Gu Weiwei.

But, because the painting was a fake, he had to hold back.

And Meng Ruya, who spent tens of millions of dollars to buy back the fake paintings, is refusing to say anything else at this time.

Fu Hanzheng raised his eyes and glanced at Gu Weiwei as she came downstairs. His eyes were a little dark and unpredictable.

“How did you discover that this painting is a fake, Weiwei?” Madam Fu asked curiously.

Madam Fu knew well that she had never learned to paint. That individual dared to put this copy up for auction, but she had no idea how many people had been deceived. How could she tell it was a fake at first glance?

“My mother used to like oil paintings and would frequently take me to see international art exhibitions. I had seen other Pauline’s paintings, and they were all different, so I assumed it was a fake.” Gu Weiwei briefly explained.

The truth is that the real “Rose” was secretly purchased by the Gu family eight years ago and has been hanging in the Gu family’s living room ever since.

Gu’s mother admired Pauline’s paintings. Most of Pauline’s paintings were collected at home. Ming Zongyuan was invited to Gu’s residence as a painting buddy and saw the original painting firsthand.

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