Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 7


Chapter 7

When Ming Zongyuan first saw that the painting was a fake, he couldn’t help but notice the girl dragging her suitcase.

“The little girl has excellent vision. Although this is fake, it is very similar. I might not have recognized it for some time if I hadn’t seen the original piece.”

“It just happened to be a coincidence.” Gu Weiwei smiled lightly.

It just so happened that she had seen the real work.

“Ruya, you’re just too careless. How could something so important go wrong? If Weiwei did not discover the painting was a fake in time, it would be delivered to the Wilsons the next day. How badly do you want to embarrass Fu Group?”

“I… I wasn’t expecting it. The dealer repeatedly assured me it is authentic…”

Meng Ruya apologized, but her expression was contrite.

Fu Hanzheng cast a glance at his assistant, Xu Qian, and said, “Contact a lawyer, find a dealer, and an auction house to recover the losses. Don’t let anyone do your job next time.”

This was said to both Xu Qian and Meng Ruya.

“Yes, boss, I’ll go right away.” Xu Qian gave a nod.

Originally, he was supposed to buy the painting himself, but Meng Ruya approached him and said she would do it instead.

He was also busy at that time, believing that because she had a good relationship with the Fu family and studied art, she would be able to do it.

If Mu Weiwei had not made such a fuss and discovered that the painting was a fake, the consequences would have been unimaginable if it had been sent out tomorrow.

“Brother, let me go with Ruya. Didn’t Xu Qian need to host the afternoon meeting?” Fu Shiqin said proactively.

According to the current bet, now that the painting has been proven to be a fake, he must call Mu Weiwei ‘Dad’.

So he needs to flee first.

Meng Ruya fixed her gaze on Gu Weiwei, who stood next to her. She originally intended to teach her a lesson and force her to leave Tianshui Villa.

As a result, rather than making her unfortunate, she smashed her own foot instead.

Fu Hanzheng poured a cup of tea for Ming Zongyuan. “There’s an emergency, Ming Lao, we need a picture by Pauline, I wonder… if you can give up your one?”

The Wilsons are fans of Pauline’s paintings, but they are in a hurry right now. He’s afraid he won’t be able to find the original Pauline.

Mr. Ming has many collections in his possession; if he is willing to give up one, they will be able to deal with this emergency.

“I’m not going to give one. These are my treasured souls, and no matter how much you pay for them, I will not sell them.”

Ming Zongyuan heard that he was targeting his own collections, and he would leave without drinking tea.

Fu Hanzheng realized he couldn’t persuade Ming Zongyuan to sell for a while, so he stopped asking questions.

“Xu Qian, send Ming Lao.”

After witnessing Ming Zongyuan leave, Fu Hanzheng gazed at Gu Weiwei with his brow furrowed slightly.

“You’re not wrong about the painting, but you can’t stay here.”

“Understood. I’ll leave right now and never appear in front of you again.”

Gu Weiwei bowed and swore to assure.

Fu Hanzheng checked the time, said good-by to Madam Fu, and hurried to work at the company.

Gu Weiwei arrived at the Jinxiu Apartments near Mu Weiwei School with the help of Madam Fu.

“This place is always empty. are welcome to stay here for the time being. Hanzheng has recently become angry. Don’t disturb him anymore.”

“Okay.” Gu Weiwei agreed.

She will not bother Fu Hanzheng again, not only now, but in the future.

“Although you went a little too far this time, you did a nice job.” Old lady Fu didn’t forget to offer her an encouraging look before she went after she finished speaking.

Gu Weiwei’s mouth twitched, “…”

Nice job?

Did she mean that she forced Fu Hanzheng to sleep and did it beautifully?

Is your grandchild aware that you are defrauding him so much?

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