Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 8


The new apartment is far less luxurious than the Tianshui Villa.

However, the decorating is exquisite, and all of life’s necessities are available.

Gu Weiwei cleaned the room, packed her belongings, and couldn’t wait to shower.

She took off her extremely mature and out-of-date makeup and changed into a basic T-shirt and trousers.

Mu Weiwei, eighteen, was brimming with collagen.

Her skin is as delicate and lovely as porcelain, her brows are as exquisite and beautiful, and the corners of her lips are as pink as cherry blossoms, with a pure beauty that only a unique girl can possess.

With such a naturally attractive face, she took Meng Ruya’s advice and became a garish, old-fashioned nightclub escort girl.

What is the size of the hole in Mu Weiwei’s brain?

She couldn’t bear straightening her long, wavy hair after a day of relaxation at her new house, so she went to buy some daily clothing and supplies.

Madam Fu called shortly after she returned to the flat, asking her to meet Ming Zongyuan, whom she had met last time, and ask for his help.

The headquarters of the Fu Group.

Vice President Fu Shiqin sent the Wilsons back to the hotel. He was furious when he returned to the company.

“Why is it so difficult to serve these two couples? We’ve already made the biggest concessions. What else do they want?”

The Wilsons came to China yesterday, but the meeting lasted two days, and the agreement was not finalized.

This is a corporation worth ten billion dollars, and it is also tied to the Fu Group’s expansion in the S country.

If it fails, the loss is too large.

“Doesn’t it still work with the Ming Lao?” Fu Hanzheng frowned.

Mrs. Wilson had inquired about Pauline’s paintings the day before, which appeared to be the key to cooperation.

Fu Shiqin sighed angrily and stated flatly.

“That elderly man stinks like a stone. I almost knelt and called him Grandpa. How come he didn’t agree to give up a painting?”

It’s just a painting, and he does not know why everyone wants to see it and is battling to get a chance to see it.

“Get ready to order some tea,” Fu Hanzheng said, pinching his brows. “I’ll go there myself tomorrow.”

The Fu Group has been planning this collaboration with the Wilson Group for a long time, and there must be no issues.

“I think, even if you call him father, he won’t give it to us.” Fu Shiqin sighed.

Meng Ruya went to the 19th floor with a haggard look and was overjoyed, just as the two of them were getting worried.

“I’ve already persuaded Ming Lao, President Fu.”

“Really?” Fu Shiqin excitedly stood up.

“Ming Lao agreed to sell a painting of Pauline and invited the Wilsons to visit his secret collection at his estate,” Meng Ruya grinned and nodded.

“It’s scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. You may go back and rest,” Fu Hanzheng said while nodding.

Meng Ruya’s makeup looked a little haggard, and her dark circles appeared, most likely because of her time with Ming Lao.

“I’ll be there tomorrow. Mrs. Wilson must have a female join you while you talk about business.”

Fu Hanzheng paused for a moment before responding.

“Go back to sleep today, and we’ll trouble you tomorrow.”

Meng Ruya grinned and exited the president’s office.

Fu Shiqin whispered curiously as he touched his chin.

“How in the world did she move that old man? We obviously explained this to the old man, but he refused.”

He had also visited Ming’s house several times in the previous two days, and his mouth was tired. Ming Zongyuan, on the other hand, remained silent and let him paint a picture.

Ruya deserves the position of public relations manager because she can deal with difficult people.

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