Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 9


Fu Hanzheng accompanied the Wilsons as guests to Ming Zongyuan’s residence the next afternoon.

Ming Zongyuan is the Chinese art world’s master. He and the Wilsons are both fans of Paulina’s paintings, which makes the group talk highly enjoyable.

Ming Zongyuan not only gave the Wilsons Pauline’s paintings but also invited them to Ming’s house for afternoon tea.

Mrs. Wilson praised the Ming family’s desserts, and before leaving, she made sure to get one to take back to the hotel to savor.

Mr. Wilson spoke in accented Chinese until the sky darkened before getting into the car.

“Mr. Fu, you’ve given us far too many surprises today. I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation.”

“I’m looking forward to working with you.” Fu Hanzheng gave a gentle smile.

“Today’s dessert is also quite tasty. My wife likes it a lot.”

Mr. Wilson said as he shook hands with Fu Hanzheng.

“In that case, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Fu Hanzheng shook hands with the other party before watching them get into the car and drive away.

Fu Shiqin had a distressed expression on his face as he gazed at the half of the cake that Assistant Wilson had taken away. Because he has a sweet tooth, this cake was also his favorite.

He was ready to complete his preparations and wanted to return to the Ming family to indulge himself.

As a result, Mrs. Wilson robbed him of his food, and he was heartbroken.

When Meng Ruya watched the Wilsons’ car driving away, she smiled.

“Given what Mr. Wilson just said, this collaboration should be a success.”

“Is it worth the paintings and food they get if it doesn’t work?” Fu Shiqin laughed.

The Wilsons were obligated to sign the contract.

They got their favorite paintings and enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea. Is it justifiable not to agree?

“You have a good arrangement today,” Fu Hanzheng said, looking sideways at Meng Ruya.

“The fault starts with me. I’m simply making up for it,” Meng Ruya chuckled softly.

“You’ve been worrying for the previous two days, so you can take some time off.” Fu Hanzheng stated this.

The two parties are meeting to discuss cooperation, and the public relations department has nothing to intervene.

“Let’s discuss it after the official signing. Mrs. Wilson finds it more convenient to contact me this way.”

Today’s incident helped her make a good impression on Fu Hanzheng. Of course, it is necessary to take advantage of opportunities to advance their relationship.

Madam Fu likes her, and as long as her relationship with Fu Hanzheng goes further, Mrs. Fu’s position belongs to her.

Because of that idiot Mu Weiwei discovered that the artwork was a fake, she persuaded Mr. Ming to arrange today’s afternoon tea, which made Fu Hanzheng and the rest of the company admire her.

“That’s all right. Have you prepared something for Mr. Ming?” Fu Hanzheng asked, nodding and looking sideways at Fu Shiqin.

“It’s been prepared.”

Fu Shiqin took the antiques from the car and followed his brother. He thanked Ming Lao from afar after entering Ming’s house.

A group of visitors came upon an elderly man who was feeding the fish in his Chinese-style garden.

“Ming Lao, I am grateful for today’s affairs. Please accept this as my thank you.”

“The couple’s attitude has changed dramatically after seeing your painting and tasting your dessert.”

Fu Shiqin was ecstatic. This collaboration is linked to whether the Fu Group can establish a firm foothold in the market of country S, which is extremely important to them.

Ming Zongyuan wiped his hands after finishing feeding the fish and said.

“I don’t need your thank you gift anymore. That Mu girl has already offered me a present as a thank you. She also delivered the cake. You should thank her if you wish to express your gratitude.”

Fu Hanzheng’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Do you mean Mu Weiwei?”

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