The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 35.1

“Ah, did I just cause you pain?” For a moment, the small fox was frightened as she gazed at the young woman, whose tears continued to pour down.

She struggled for a while, but she couldn’t get free, and she didn’t dare move her claws immediately.

The woman in front of her is so beautiful that even when she is crying, she looks stunning. Lily will feel guilty if she inadvertently damages her face.

Xu Qiu stood motionless on the podium, watching. Lily’s tearful eyes glanced innocently at Xu Qiu, and she defended herself angrily: “Principal, I didn’t mean to!”

When she arrived, she was in control! She would undoubtedly jump into Xu Qiu’s arms and wouldn’t harm her.

Only the ghost knows why this person holding her keeps crying.

She could easily jump out of Xu Qiu’s arms, but she was hesitant not to. But the lady holding her was now so powerful that Lily couldn’t break free at all!

By the way, is this that, “touching porcelain”?!

In fact, the small fox likes good-looking people, but when she discovered that the other party was touching porcelain, the little fox’s cheeks puffed up with anger.

Her fox fur is going to be wet with tears from this pitter-patter 1!

“Okay, Ms. Jin Xingxing, didn’t you notice Lily being held in an uncomfortable position?”

Xu Qiu eventually spoke after half a minute of silence.

“I’m sorry, did mother injure you just now?” The woman, who had been reminded, said as she looked down at the young fox.

When Jin Xingxing saw Lily, the fiery red small fox in front of her eyes, she was certain. This was her daughter because Lily resembled her when she was a child.

This is her daughter, a chunk of flesh that popped out of her belly.

This lively little fox is well taken care of. Her hair is shiny and her eyes are huge and bright, vividly reflecting her face. Bloodline is a great thing, and Jin Xingxing feels it burning like a flame.

The words she spoke frightened the little fox. Jin Xingxing jumped out of the opponent’s arms and hurried to Xu Qiu’s side after letting go.

“Principal, hug,” the young fox said as she extended her paws to Xu Qiu.

At this time, Lily felt the courage and strength to be hugged by Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu knelt down and carefully cradled the small fox in her arms.

The tail of the flaming red small fox was rounded up. She put her claws away, covered her face with her paws, buried her head in the tail, and her entire body rounded into a round, fiery red hairball.

Lily felt a little better after smelling the principal’s scent.

Her paws opened a slit, and she quietly gazed at the woman standing in the distance.

Lily used to miss her mother very much, recalling how warm her mother’s arms were, complete with a big fluffy tail and sweet milk.

If someone asks Lily’s mother what she looks like, she won’t remember for a long time.

“Principal, is she my mother?” she said, raising her face to Xu Qiu.

Lily clearly trusted Xu Qiu, who was super nice to her more than a stranger.

The woman’s tears had dried up, and she couldn’t stop them from falling even harder.

Lily glanced at this woman with disdain. Adults must be courageous. She said nothing, and this strange adult continued to wail.

“Look, principal, she cried all by herself, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Jin Xingxing wiped her tears with her sleeve, and her voice sounded hoarse and low, in line with her appearance: “Yes, you are right, it’s my fault, and it has nothing to do with Lily. “

Lily’s favorability for this woman grew a little after learning that she accepted all of her flaws on her own.

“We have to do another inspection. If there is no accident, she should be your mom,” Xu Qiu says as she strokes the small fox’s huge tail, very skillfully sliding her fingers along with the fur.

When Lily heard this, she instantly let go of her claws, her hairy little head popped out at once, and the cub asked in a milky voice: “Since she is Lily’s mother, what happened in the past? Why didn’t I see her coming?”

Lily now resembles the demon in fairy tales who has been imprisoned in a bottle. The devil said in the first 100 years that if he was released, he would grant that person a wish, but no one released the devil.

The devil declared in the second of 100 years that if someone released him at this time, he would grant that person’s two wishes.

After waiting and waiting so long, in the third of 100 years, the devil swore that if anybody let him out at this time, he would eat the person, and now the bottle has become the devil’s house, releasing him from the bottle is disturbing the devil’s peace.

Lily is adorable; of course, she is not a devil. She couldn’t live as long as the devil for three hundred years as a small fox.

But she was looking forward to seeing her mother when she was a year old. Lily missed her mother, even when she was two years old. Just over a month ago, Lily was still waiting for her mother to fall from the sky and take her away like a legendary hero.

However, Xu Qiu came first, and she fulfilled all Lily’s expectations of her mother.

Gentle, gorgeous, and knowledgeable, she will prepare a lot of food for the cubs.

After being in kindergarten for so long, Lily doesn’t really need her mother anymore. She has a principal.

Lily got nervous as she considered this.

She held Xu Qiu’s clothes tightly with her claws, then looked at Xu Qiu without moving her eyes: “President, principal, will you no longer want Lily anymore?”

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