The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 35.2

“If Lily wants to stay, she can stay forever,” Xu Qiu said, touching the young fox’s head.

Lily then turned to Jin Xingxing and said in a compassionate tone, “Did you hear? The principal won’t abandon me. Lily doesn’t need a mother. You can leave now.”

The cub’s world is simple and straightforward, and the logic is clear and easy to understand.

Lily misses her mother back then, and now she doesn’t want this mother who is late.

The large fox, Jin Xingxing couldn’t believe it when she heard such a response.

She had mentally prepared herself to be rejected by the kindergarten, and she had already decided to have a tug of war here and there.

Even if she loses her dignity, she has to find a means to take Lily away, but Jin Xingxing had no idea that Lily would refuse to leave with her.

Under the emotion, Jin Xingxing suddenly turned into a big fox.

She said in the language of a fox: “Lily, I’m your mother.”

The vertical pupils of the huge fox are the same as Lily’s, and they are similarly ruby-colored. Their scarlet was crimson as vivid as a flame, not the gloomy color of the two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong.

The flame appears to be wet from the rain now, and it appears to be terribly sad.

The small fox twisted in the arms of Xu Qiu.

In Xu Qiu’s ear, the small bat murmured.

[Lily is really awkward]

[Lily said in her heart that she wanted to go down now]

“Go,” Xu Qiu said, as she looked at the little fox and lightly patted the young girl’s tail.

Lily must make the final decision. Xu Qiu had no intention of preventing Lily from reaching her mother.

The world of cubs is frequently black and white, but the world of adults has too much sadness.

The principal promised this, so the little fox jumped down and buried his head in the large fox’s fur.

Ah, this smell appears to be the one Lily remembers as a child.

The big fox gently licked the young fox and then explained everything to her slowly.

“Mom didn’t intend to abandon you on purpose.”

At that time, three years ago, Jin Xingxing herself was a young girl who had just come of age. Because of an unprepared accident, she conceived a cub in the spring.

Jin Xingxing was unaware of the identity of the father fox. She was fully ruled by her period at that moment, and all she wanted was a cub.

The fox’s father is a very handsome big fox, and he is also of the same race.

Unlike most people on the planet where she now works, Jin Xingxing, a mountain girl, gave birth to her child in the most primitive way possible, in the poor, backward, and harsh environment of the Iceberg Snowfield.

But she didn’t expect that Lily had a special ability.

There are extremely few people in this world that have supernatural abilities.

Lily couldn’t eat or sleep well as a cub, and because of her condition, she caught fire and burned down Jin Xingxing’s house.

She can’t expect a cub who doesn’t understand anything to be entirely in control of her body’s strength.

To Jin Xingxing, a poor girl from the deep mountains, a cub with incredible destructive ability was like a tragedy that fell from the sky.

Jin Xingxing will be unable to relocate Lily to a more prosperous location if she burns down all of her belongings. Even if Jin Xingxing sells herself, she can’t afford it.

Jin Xingxing’s mother was also ill at the time, and a huge burden was placed on her, making her feel very tough and unsure of what to do.

Lily’s mouth was already shriveled when she heard this, “So you sold Lily! To the abominable bad guy!”

Mom is really annoying. Since she has already sold her, what are you doing here to find her? ! Do you want to sell her again?

She doesn’t need Jin Xingxing, the evil mother, now that she has the principal.

“No, it’s not like that. Mom didn’t want to sell you!”

Jin Xingxing desperately shook her head in defense, but the little fox jumped back into Xu Qiu’s arms.

The big fox’s voice was full of weeping: “It’s because… because mom’s mother was also sick at the time. Mom can’t take care of you.”

She didn’t have any money or power, so she couldn’t help the small fox at all.

More importantly, once the young fox’s skills are revealed, she will be unable to defend herself.

It was because Lily was ill at first that she took her for an injection, and as a result, the information from the hospital was handed over, and someone came to collect her.

“If you keep this child, it will not survive, and it will hurt your family. We will compensate you generously and educate her on how to handle her powers.”

In front of those powerful people, she is so weak.

But if Lily stayed, the entire family would be in a terrible situation, and then she would be dragged to death by this child, and the entire family would be destroyed.

So she could agree to participate in the experiment. She turned over the child in exchange for a large sum of money.

The staff at the research institute put in place extremely rigorous processes to ensure that the cubs were not abused and that they were provided delicious food.

It’s just a regular blood draw, which is also for the needs of the experiment.

Children dislike injections, but Jin Xingxing, who was born in poverty, believes that if she can eat occasionally and her stomach is comfortable, she would rather get injections.

As for other means, it is just to teach the cubs to control their abilities.

After all, there aren’t many people who have superpowers. According to the situation checked by the people in the research institute, Lily is a little fox with a genetic defect.

This could be due to the fact that it was born in a primitive manner rather than being genetically selected and cultivated in a cold way.

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