The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 35.3

This could be due to the fact that it was born in a primitive manner rather than being genetically selected and cultivated in a cold way.

If she doesn’t know how to control it, she will endanger the entire society.

For a day and a night, Jin Xingxing remained silent as she followed the group of individuals to this “kindergarten.” She made a difficult decision after seeing Bai Sa, Hua Lan, and other cubs living here.

Everything went well. Jin Xingxing’s mother was finally saved, and the family had enough money to build a new home.

Jin Xingxing entered the entertainment industry with her good looks. The other party only gave her one chance, and she seized this opportunity and became an instant hit.

She was not consumed by vanity during this time, and she never forgot that she still had a daughter.

Jin Xingxing’s original decision was to be worthy of her parents and herself, but Lily was the only one who was sorry.

So Jin Xing now has a lot of money, personal ties, and the skills and bravery to settle down as an adult.

She only wanted to make amends with Lily. The child’s pain can be healed with time now that he or she is still young.

The little fox was silent for a while, and then said, “You do it for mother’s mother.”

“Yes.” The large fox nodded. “Mom’s mother is also a very good person! Mom didn’t mean to do it.”

“I forgive you.” The little fox said seriously.

The big fox sobbed with joy.

In exchange, the little fox also licked the large fox’s fur.

But Lily said, “I can’t go with you.”

Lily used her paw to point at the collar around her neck.

“Lily can’t go out.”

She could understand how difficult it was for her mother. She was not thrown away because she was not liked.

But now it’s not easy to understand Lily’s mother now.

Shouldn’t she be punished for abandoning her mother for this?

Xu Qiu stated: “When she leaves the kindergarten, the collar around her neck will receive an electric shock. The farther you go, the worse the situation will be.”

She had only considered if Lily wanted to or not and had almost forgotten about it.

If the system’s energy is sufficient, Lily should be able to go, but 008 does not have that ability right now.

The big fox suddenly widened her eyes.

Xu Qiu patted Lily and motioned for her to go back first: “You go back to do your homework first, and I will call you out to eat later.”

When Lily went, she took out Lily’s composition and offered it to the large fox.

While waiting for the huge fox to cry, Xu Qiu continued, somewhat coldly: “Lily, and the others had been starving for a long time when I arrived. She might have died of starvation if I hadn’t arrived in time.”

The big fox said, in disbelief: “They said they would take good care of her.”

“You don’t care so much about yourself. How do you expect others to care about your children?” Xu Qiu remarked sarcastically.

Jin Xingxing remained silent after Xu Qiu’s accusation.

Regarding the kindergarten, Xu Qiu couldn’t explain it clearly to Jin Xingxing before.

In brief, she is now the kindergarten’s childcare worker and principal, a person in authority who has no communication with the former one.

Xu Qiu asked, “Can’t you just leave it alone like that? You abruptly left the child and reappeared.”

How much harm will a second abandonment cause the cub?

Jin Xingxing covered her face and shook her head, saying, “I won’t.”

“But Lily will be electrocuted if she goes out,” she says, “so you have to force her to go?” she asks.

“Is there any way I can untie the collar? I’ll think of something.”

Jin Xingxing’s gaze was fixed.

The small bats said that what Jin Xingxing was thinking and what she said were the same. Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh of relief.

The big fox can still be saved since she is a good mother. “If you really want to make amends, stay.”

If it doesn’t work, stay and prove yourself. After leaving, if the big fox will give up Lily once more for the sake of her career, her family, and others.

Xu Qiu would never let Lily follow her in that circumstance.

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