The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 32.1

When Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan returned home in the evening, Jiang Shining noticed a gloomy atmosphere flowing between them.

“What’s the matter with you two?” Jiang Shining asked curiously.

Jing Xuan took off his suit, changed his shoes, and walked over. He reached out and wrapped his arm around Jiang Shining’s shoulders, resting his head on hers.

“Jing Yuan hit me.” He complained wrongfully.

Jing Yuan felt Jiang Shining’s eyes shift—he chuckled as he stared at Jing Xuan, who was leaning on his mother like a big baby.

“Repeat what you said this afternoon, Jing Xuan.” Jing Yuan gave a gloomy smile. “I promise I’m not going to hit you again.”

“Look, Mother! He’s scaring me again! He just hit me in my company. Are you angry?” Jing Xuan responded immediately.

“Did you not fight back?” Jing Yuan raised his eyebrows, sensing that Jing Xuan’s performance in front of Jiang Shining was becoming more and more like that of a scoundrel and him.

“What’s the problem?” Jiang Shining is also helpless.

Jing Xuan vowed not to speak, and Jing Yuan then told her a little about what had happened this afternoon. He originally wanted Jiang Shining to do justice, but after he finished speaking, he saw his beloved mother smiling and gloating.

Jing Yuan:….

Jing Yuan: “…… mom, are you not going to scold him?”

“What can be said about this? Anyway, you’re both my boys, so who’s older and who’s younger doesn’t really matter.” Jiang Shining positively said, “You two are on your own when it comes to negotiating. Only one condition: no fighting!”

She hummed a melody and went up to the second level to see Guoguo after saying these things.

The mood in the living room was frozen as the two brothers looked at each other.

Jing Yuan then grabbed the clothes hanging on the clothes rack and ran after Jing Xuan. He jumped over on the sofa like parkour while Jing Xuan began to escape and hide almost at the same time.

“Didn’t you say you weren’t going to hit me?” Jing Xuan asked this while skilfully avoiding him in the living room.

“I’ll think about it if you stop.” Jing Yuan stated solemnly.

They dashed around the living room before returning to the sofa by the coffee table. Jing Xuan has nowhere to flee to. He immediately pulled up the cushion on the sofa to block the attack, and the next second, Jing Yuan’s clothes hung down.

When Jing Xuan saw this, his wrist shook, and he almost dropped the cushion. Jing Xuan shrieked, “You really hit hard ah!” as he felt the force of the push across the pillow.

“You did not dodge it?” Jing Yuan burst out laughing. “Because we’re heading to the island, let’s get some practice. Let me evaluate if your skills have deteriorated since you became a boss.”

Jing Xuan’s skill is naturally superior to that of the average person, yet no matter how exaggerated he is, he can’t beat Jing Yuan—he couldn’t beat him in his previous existence, either. Jing Yuan went abroad to be the boss of the underworld in this life and grew up in actual combat. And how can a good citizen like him, who does well in the city beat him?

“Jing Yuan, I think you’re just annoyed and angry.” Jing Xuan responded angrily, “You can’t change this reality, no matter how upset you are. I’m one year older than you.”

Jing Yuan gave a sinister smile. There was nowhere for Jing Xuan to run to when he collapsed on the sofa. He rested one hand on the back of the sofa while leaning down and gently stroked Jing Xuan’s hair.

Jing Xuan felt the cold sensation of a lamb being licked by a wolf at that moment.

Jing Yuan chuckled cruelly while softly stroking his head, “So what if I’m a year younger than you? Do you dare call me little brother?”

Jing Xuan:….

To be more specific, the two of them are still identical to typical brothers. In that world, there is more respect for rules. Furthermore, his eldest brother resembles his father. Isn’t it that Jing Yuan, who had just become the new emperor, took care of him as a brother and a father?


Really suffocating.

He never imagined he wouldn’t be able to turn when he was born seven years later, but he was bullied even when he was born a year earlier.

Jing Yuan knew Jing Xuan was thinking of doing something awful again the moment his gaze turned.

Not waiting for the threat to stop, Jing Xuan raised his voice and said, “Jing Yuan is bullying again!”

Hearing the disturbance below, Jiang Shining upstairs struggled to keep the curious Guoguo at bay.

Jiang Shining’s temples began to ache, so she walked down the stairs and saw Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan wrestling together. Although their battle was more akin to a playful cat tussle, the entire living room was a mess.

Jiang Shining couldn’t help but speak up as she saw the two fights and slide back onto the sofa.

  “I said ……”


The sofa then rolled over backward, belly up, throwing the two young men onto the carpet.

The two men loosened each other’s collars and raised their heads, just in time to catch Jiang Shining’s gloomy gaze.

…… It’s over.

Because they had been ‘rewarded,’ the two people could only begin to lower their heads to complete the cleaning.

Jiang Shining stood nearby, hands on her waist, supervising the work. She had always wondered how they could love to fight more than they had in their last lives.

Is it because they are so close in age that they enjoy getting into fights?

“Jing Yuan, you should give way to Jing Xuan. At least it’s your brother and he can’t beat you…”

“No, I’m not his brother.” Jing Yuan sneered.

Jing Yuan’s kingly indifference aura had only been spreading for a few seconds when he was violently kicked in the leg.

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