The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 32.2

Jing Yuan reclined back on the sofa; his head tilted to stare at Jiang Shining.

“Why do you always hit me instead of him?”

“When have I ever hit you?” Jiang Shi Ning said inexplicably.

Jing Yuan: ……

What was that hit just now?

Not to mention that in his last life, he was almost caught in the act due to an impulse when he was a boy, and Jiang Shining’s people fetched him back in a hurry, and after he returned, he was beaten by her for ten lashes!

Does this no longer count?

So depressed, but can’t talk back.

Jiang Shining couldn’t help but sigh when he saw his expression.

As the saying goes, one monkey takes one leash. She has so many children, and each child’s personality is different.

Jing Xuan is gentle and obedient, Jiang Shi Ning is naturally gentle with him because he can listen to what she says.

The two daughters are very thoughtful, sweet little cottons. They are less difficult to control than sons. Of course, they are also gentle with one another.

Chen Tanliang is also highly obedient. He has a good attitude and values efficiency and results. As a result, whenever Jiang Shining interacted with him, she had to argue with him and explain things to him like an adult since childhood. He would comply once he understood. If he didn’t agree with her, he would express his thoughts to her in detail. It’s not a matter of principle if he doesn’t want to. Jiang Shining will comply with his wishes.

Jing Yuan, on the other hand, this individual was too injured by the world when he was young, so he did not trust anyone, like a small beast with newly developed fangs, sensitive and gloomy, and with his own strong opinion. Under normal conditions, he is quite intelligent and can grasp Jiang Shining’s statements, but if he loses his mind, no one can stop him—there is no way. He once became so enraged with vengeance that he nearly killed a powerful pregnant imperial concubine. Even after he was saved, he refused to repent, and she was unable to reason with him.

You could expect that Jing Yuan will rush to the place where the emperor lives next time he gets mad again – which is also how he originally died at the end of the book.

But then he matured and calmed down, and Jiang Shining never hit him again.

To summarise, Jiang Shining only ever hit Jing Yuan at those times.

“Because you are the big brother.” Jiang Shi Ning sighed. Her own son still had to be coaxed. She said, “You’re the eldest son, right?”

Previously, the eldest son’s obligation was to support the entire family.

Jing Yuan said nothing, but he definitely agreed with Jiang Shining.

He constantly convinced himself that he was the eldest son and that his obligations were different.

Thinking in this manner improved his mood.

However ……

“That’s not going to work.” Jing Yuan locked his gaze on her. “I want to be your sole eldest son, no matter how many sons you have,” he said.

This statement is a bit over the top.

Jiang Shi Ning immediately covered her waist. She said wearily, “No, I’m already too old for that. I’m unable to take part in your personal issues. You can make your own decision later. I’ll go take a break first.”

“…… Mum, you’re only 23 years old!!!”

The author has something to say about it:

Jiang Shining: Mom is already more than a hundred years old, so don’t come to trouble mom anymore, okay?

Today’s big brother is also struggling for the title of big brother.

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