Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 25


When Gu Weiwei returned from the bathroom, the road was already shaky, and she stumbled onto the sofa while leaning against the wall, unable to stand up.

“What did you put… in that glass of wine?”

“It’s just something to make you obedient.” Zhou Linna closed the door to another room in the suite after she finished speaking.

“Auntie, it’s done.”

A well-dressed middle-aged woman in haute couture clothes exited the room, looking down at Gu Weiwei, who was slumped on the sofa.

Gu Weiwei recognized her. She was the junior who murdered Mu Weiwei’s mother.

Recently, she married Li Jiacheng’s and also Zhou Linna’s aunt.

“You… what do you want to do?”

Zhou Meiqin sat down and spoke earnestly.

“Don’t be afraid. We’re not out to harm you. We just found out you’re homeless now. You’re having trouble getting around, and you can’t even attend school…”

“I’m homeless, and it’s all because of you.” Gu Weiwei scowled.

Zhou Meiqin might not have been able to attend university if it hadn’t been for the Mu family’s long-term support.

Not to mention studying overseas, she also became a Longsheng Group’s executive.

But she was dissatisfied with all of this and collaborated with Li Jiacheng to gradually take control of the company.

She and Li Jiacheng felt no remorse after Mu Yao’s death. They soon married, moved in together, and took over the Mu family’s property.

Now, she ran to her and pretended to be kind.

“You do not know what good and bad are. Auntie wishes for you to have a brighter future. After all, Wang Dong from Tiansheng Media is not someone people can just follow him.”

Zhou Linna gazed at her with disdain. She had already injured her at school. She almost couldn’t get off the stage, and she have endured this for a long time.

Her aunt just helped her cousin become popular, and she now has the option to participate in the yearly blockbuster investment by Tiansheng Media. Yi An, a well-known director who has recently been nominated for international honors, is the director.

Even though her relative is now famous, she lacks film resources.

If she can participate in this film, the resources and coffee position will be greatly increased, and winning best actress will not be a problem.

Furthermore, Tiansheng and Longsheng have recently negotiated a big collaboration, with Wang Dong playing an important role.

Wang Dong had a crush on her cousin, but now that the cousin had a promising future, how could she sacrifice herself to accompany Wang Dong, an old pervert?

So they sent Mu Weiwei’s photo, and Wang Dong was quite pleased and asked to see her today.

That’s why she helps her aunt by calling Mu Weiwei here.

She will not be at the mercy of Wang Dong for a while now that she has had the glass of wine with drugs added.

Sending Mu Weiwei, can swap such a good movie for her cousin, as well as Longsheng’s valuable collaboration.

More importantly, it has the potential to remove this stumbling obstacle for her.

After all, with her piano abilities that day, she will be able to accompany her to the Imperial Music School in the future, and she will be pressed everywhere.

Furthermore, even if Lu Shao likes her again after she became Wang Dong’s plaything, he cannot have a broken shoe that has been played with.

As a result, giving Mu Weiwei to Wang Dong is beneficial to both of them, so why not do it?

Zhou Meiqin looked at the time. Wang Dong should come soon, so she urged.

“There’s nothing to do here. Linna, you can go back first.”

Zhou Linna nodded, took her bag, and made her way out the door. She didn’t forget to sneer at Gu Weiwei before leaving.

“Mu Weiwei, you should be a good toy for others to play with in the future, or you’ll be dazzled by your attractive face, right?”

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