The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 36

“I’m not returning.”

The agent remained on the spaceship, ate snacks, and eventually waited for Jin Xingxing to transmit a communication, but all he got was awful news that he couldn’t accept.

“I think you’re insane.”

The communicator’s screen clearly displayed the woman’s attractive face. Jin Xingxing should cry miserably today. The gorgeous fox’s eyes were swollen from crying, and her eye sockets were still somewhat red, yet even with her eyes destroyed like this, she was still incredibly fascinating.

She was born to be a star, and even if something awful happened to her, it would not detract from her looks.

“No, it’s obvious when someone tries to hurt you, and it’s not like you weren’t trampled on when you first made your debut.”

The things that broke out this time are supposed to be full of dark materials, but as long as they operate properly, things can be easily smoothed out.

It’s not some nasty scandal in which she slept with a money-maker, cheated on married people, and slept with that ugly old man.

“I have already considered it clearly,” Jin Xingxing says calmly in the video. “I’d like to stay, but you’re free to leave. I’ll make a video to inform the fans that I’m leaving the circle for the time being.”

She is not a girl idol; she is an actress. Instead of selling her own characters, she relies on her work to survive.

Of course, she sold her dreams as well, but she wasn’t lying too much at this point. Her ambition is to shine on stage and become a powerful and box-office actress.

She can make money, and she can make a lot of money because the box office sells well and is well-liked. Then she can buy a large house and provide a suitable environment for her fox baby.

She, Jin Xingxing, is such a vulgar woman.

When the agent heard this, his immediate instinct was to stop the communication, then race to the kindergarten and call out Jin Xingxing’s name.

The agent was then blocked. “Jin Xingxing, I think you’re too kidding!” he snarled as he patted the door panel. “Come on over to me! If you have the ability to speak out, you can’t go back. Then you have the ability to come out. Are you a tortoise with a shrinking head? Don’t you want to be a role model for your children?!”

The door was banged, and the door’s protection system was activated, causing a blue electric current to jump through it.

The emotionally drained agent was shocked and collapsed outdoors with a thump.

[Hee hee hee!]

When the unfortunate agent appeared, 008 was overjoyed, and the entrance it created was finally used.

Jin Xingxing’s lovely face eventually came in front of the agent when he awoke.

Her puffy eyes have faded somewhat at this point, and she appears even more pitiful.

“I’ve already thought about it thoroughly. Help me take care of the house after you return. I’m still so young that if I ever get the chance to return, I’ll look for you as an agent.”

In secret, Xu Qiu signed a general employment contract with Jin Xingxing and employed the big fox to take classes.

There are so many courses, and she is finding it difficult to be the only teacher.

She will have more time to organize the kindergarten and build the Barren Star now that she has a helper!

“Third brother, thank you very much for taking care of me over the last few years,” Jin Xingxing stated.

Even though this agent is not particularly attractive, his heart is nevertheless quite compassionate.

“You’re a nice person.”

The agent blah blah blah again: “OK, don’t send me a nice card. Your fox cub has been found, and she doesn’t want to go? Don’t make the mistake of raising cubs for others in vain.”

Jin Xingxing’s eyes brightened up when he mentioned her cub because she had made up her mind and signed a new contract with the principal: “It’s absolutely impossible to admit wrong. My Lily looks exactly the same as when I was a child.”

She waves at her: “Lily.”

The young fox, who had been playing on the horizontal bar, rolled over and sat firmly on it. Lily motioned with her paws.

The real mother looked relieved. “Look at how lively and cute this child is.”

She was nevertheless incredibly fortunate that, thanks to Xu Qiu, her child was not starved to death and is still being cared for.

Agent: He can’t see anything since it’s all hairy.

For people of other races, the prototypes of different races of foxes appear to be identical, and they can only discern the difference between two foxes by the size, color, and brightness of their fur.

“It’s quite like you,” he said, touching his nose.

“You go first, and maybe in a few years I’ll come see you with Lily.”

She put money into a lot of things, and even if she quit acting, the money would keep coming in like a snowball.

It’s best not to take Lily back at this point. Those pursuing her in the media and paparazzi can’t afford to pay such a hefty price to go to this Barren Star. She can take care of Lily until she matures, and time will always compensate for her mistakes.

“Then I’ll help you bring the items you brought over here.”

She would have brought more good things if she had known it would be this way.

The living conditions appear to be very difficult, and no one appears to be selling clothes or food.

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Jin Xingxing didn’t say anything to refuse this time.

She appeared to be smiling joyfully, with that kind of inner calm and delight.

Jin Xingxing was never happier when she won the big prize and made a lot of money in the past.

The agent remained silent. No matter whether Jin Xingxing would regret it in the future, she would definitely not regret her current choice.

Do cubs really have such magical powers?

The agent is a typical business maniac, yet while he was Jin Xing’s agent, he always believed she worked more than him.

When he sees Jin Xingxing looking at her daughter’s watery eyes, he yearns for a child of his own.

“Then I’m leaving. You take good care of yourself. When you’re a mother, you have to be mature.”

The agent felt a little sentimental in his heart, but the situation was set, and he had no choice but to stop the loss in time and go back early and find new seedlings to cultivate well.

“That ugly uncle is finally going. Lily, why is your uncle so ugly when your mother is so beautiful?”

Two identical little bats came to a halt next to the little fox. As today’s participants, Ding Ding and Dong Dong took care of the little fox’s business.

“That’s right, it’s too ugly.”

The young fox gave it a serious look before responding, “I don’t know. It’s because he’s not my uncle.”

The agent intends to return to Jin Xingxing and clarify a few words regarding the account. When the agent heard this, he fell down with anger: he had just heard all the words of these cubs!

How can these cubs have any magical power? They are simply devils.

“It’s time to eat.”

After completing Jin Xingxing’s contract, Xu Qiu began preparing the food in the kitchen.

The big fox Jin Xingxing is not qualified to enter the kitchen since the source of the ingredients is more difficult to explain.

Originally, the kindergarten had a few students, and there was an extra gold star for her to prepare more ingredients.

The arrival of Jin Xingxing is indeed a good thing for kindergartens.

Because she triggered the corresponding side quests like the previous robot assistants or expanding the kindergarten.

[Let’s upgrade the side quest: The host’s long-term employee +1, the dormitory is insufficient, let’s upgrade the dormitory. Mission requirements: robot 12 (12/12) gold coins 10000, real currency can be exchanged for gold coins have been opened, the ratio is 10:1]

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